The Aliens Queen Mother: The Perfect Creature to End Our World

Although the theme of an extraterrestrial threat has been a staple of the sci-fi horror genre both in books and movies, very few can match the scare factor and suspense of the Alien film series. Since 1979, the series’ first three installments have pitched various groups of people against a monster of mysterious origin. The threat comes as a Xenomorph species, whereas the value of humanity is represented by a mix of futuristic working class, the military personnel, and prisoners. Of all the monsters featured in the films, the aliens’ Queen Mother is the most powerful of them all.

Xenomorph XX121

Aliens Queen Mother


The aliens are members of the Xenomorph XX121 species (often referred to simply as Xenomorphs). They are aggressive predatory extraterrestrial creatures whose sole purpose of existence is the propagation of their own species. Xenomorphs will try to eliminate any other life form they consider a threat to their survival. As parasitic creatures, they live inside living hosts during the early life cycle and ultimately kill the hosts. They can even copy some biological traits from hosts as a method of adaptation to the environment.

Perfect Species

Aliens Queen Mother


Most agree the species is biologically perfect. A Xenomorph takes only hours to grow from larval stage to adulthood. It is an intelligent species with a natural lizard-like ability to climb vertical surfaces and ceilings, a quick learner, and a master of camouflage. For its size, a Xenomorph is stronger and faster than anything seen on Earth. During a combat situation, almost every part of its body can be weaponized. In the unlikely event a Xenomorph gets hurt, it bleeds acid strong enough to penetrate aircraft-grade metal. That said, perfect does not mean completely invulnerable. It can be killed.

Ultimate Hunters


One of them is able to eliminate everyone on the Nostromo, except Ripley. Another is powerful enough to destroy an entire colony, leaving only (again) Ripley, a little girl, and a marine. Xenomorphs are effective killers; they have no need for money and can survive without food for a prolonged period. All they do is kill other species and multiply—two traits that make them the ultimate hunters. They don’t seem to care if any member of the species dies, but will just keep on killing.

Here Comes the Queen


The alien that wanders around the Nostromo is a superb built-for-the-kill creature. As formidable as that Xenomorph may seem, the soldier aliens are far from being the most powerful members of the species. The credit goes to the Queen Mother, also known as the Genetrix, Hive Mother, Supermother, or Uber-Queen. According to Ellen Ripley herself, the Queen Mother is “the queen of all queens, the driving force behind the whole goddamned species.” There can be many Queens and Empresses, but very few Queen Mothers. As the name suggests, they are the leaders and rarest members of the Xenomorph species.

Sensory Antenna

Aliens Queen Mother


Most Xenomorphs look the same apart from the size, as it depends on the hosts in which their eggs are implanted. However, a Queen Mother is notably distinguishable. As a start, her size is believed to be in the range of 16 meters long or over ten times the size of a Xenomorph egg. Like all members of the species, she has several armored carapaces on the head into which she can withdraw her face as a defensive technique. Besides providing protection, the carapaces also function as ultrasensitive antenna to detect biochemical and thermal signals.

Sophisticated Communication


Xenomorphs use the antenna to communicate with each other, although the exact method remains largely unknown. While the Queens can command their brood using audible language (which sounds more like screeches and speeches), it is said that Xenomorphs have developed a complex means of communication via ultrasound or pheromone. Only the Queen Mothers can use telepathy to infiltrate peoples’ minds, enter their dreams, and basically discover or extract information from human brain.

Resilient Skeletal Skin

Aliens Queen Mother


Other physical characteristics of a Queen Mother include four arms, six-digit hands, armored chest, spike-like dorsal tubes, and double-jointed hind legs. The third finger on each hand is far longer than all others, and the armored shell on the chest looks like another carapace. Thanks to the additional armor, a Queen Mother can sustain relentless gunfire for an extended time. Her exoskeleton is thick and strong, but it does not seem to withstand armor-piercing ammunition well.

Extreme Muscle Density


A typical Queen comes equipped with extreme muscle density and can tear apart synthetics (artificial human) barehanded. It is simply a bad idea to engage in a hand-to-hand combat with her. A Queen Mother is significantly larger and stronger than any lesser member of the species. She can destroy an M577 command post carrier using her talons in a matter of seconds.

Pure Survivor

Aliens Queen Mother


Some Xenomorph specimens are estimated to have lived for millennia. During cold times or in an extremely low-temperature environment, they are able to keep their metabolism rate down to a minimum as a method to extend the lifespan. Queen Mothers are sitting at the top of the Xenomorph hierarchy, rulers of a planet-size hive. Considering her physical strengths, telepathic abilities to control human mind, and relentless army of bulletproof monsters, even a single Aliens Queen Mother would make for the perfect creature to end our world as we know it. She will not stop until all of humanity perishes from the planet, but not before using every person as a living host for her offspring.There are few sci-fi enemies as sophisticated and deadly as the Xenomorphs in the Alien series. It makes us wonder, though, if these organisms use most of the people they capture as hosts for their embryos, then what do they eat? How do they grow without sustenance? How can they survive just by killing when they don’t appear to ingest the large amounts of flesh they would need in order to grow, move, and fight?

What do you think? Do our questions make sense? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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