13 Best Sci-fi Series on Netflix

The best sci-fi series on Netflix are here! If you are a fan of Sci-Fi TV shows but haven’t watched one in a while, then take a break and log into your Netflix account.

In case you’re not sure which sci-fi series on Netflix are worth binge-watching, we’re here to help you figure that out. Now all you need to do is grab a cold drink and sit back on a comfy couch. And catch up with some of the most popular sci-fi shows ever produced. For your convenience, we have chosen our top 13 shows for 2022 and ranked them, starting with #13.

Love the shows we picked? Hate them? Either way, tell us what you think about our choices. Your input could help us make our next list!

#13: Raising Dion

This show has two main characters, Dion and his mother, Nicole. Nicole discovers that Dion has super powers. He must come to understand and practice to learn how to use them. While Dion is the key interest in the series, Nicole’s character is faced with the many challenges of protecting her son, while being layered and given equal time to develop.

#12: Black Mirror

The best sci-fi series on Netflix include shows which will not only thrill you but will also scare you a little. Each episode of this show has a different gripping plot. And most of the stories are based on eerie concepts which may challenge your comfort levels. The main cast of the show includes Hannah John-Kamen, Daniel Lapaine and Michaela Coel.

#11: Away

There are plenty of sci-fi thriller sub-genres. But space travel is the one we think of most often when somebody says sci-fi. The Netflix series Away involves a character played by Hilary Swank who must leave her family on earth to go on a mission to Mars. The show is set in the future. And the series demonstrates what it’s like to be in a spaceship for an extended length of time. Leaving your family behind in an emergency, and traveling to an entirely different planet.

#10: All of Us Are Dead

Released in January 2022, this show has become a favorite of Sci-Fi lovers. Produced in Korea, All of Us Are Dead involves a group of students who are trying to fight off a zombie virus. It shows the courage and fight of the students who must deal with a zombie invasion and still come out of the school alive. With a huge worldwide fan following, this show mostly takes place at a high school when a zombie apocalypse happens. The outbreak is naturally caused by a failed science experiment (those damn scientists!), and the students are trapped without food and water. Even the government has cut them off! This coming-of-age zombie tale stars Yoon Chan-Young, Park Ji-hu, and Jeon Bae-soo.

#9: Love, Death & Robots

This is one of the top Netflix anime shows involving 26 episodes ranging from 6 to 18 minutes. What makes it unique is that every episode is created by a different team from different countries around the world. This 5-time Emmy award winner is produced by Blur Studio and gives us a mix of stories that sometimes go beyond sci-fi into the horror and fantasy realms.

#8: 4400

4400 is a sci-fi mystery drama made in America and developed by Ariana Jackson. A remake of the 2004 series, The 4400, this newer, sleeker show that premiered on The CW in fall of 2021 is about 4400 ordinary people who all disappeared within the last hundred years. From out of nowhere, they suddenly reappear looking not a day older and with no recollection of what happened to them. So, this show is a must-watch for Sci-Fi and mystery lovers. It takes place in the early 20th century. Until the story moves forward to a few decades later when the entire mystery is unfolded.

#7: Altered Carbon

Are you a sci-fi fan looking for something fresh? Try Altered Carbon, a cyberpunk TV series about the distant future (360 years!) Our consciousness can be digitized and transferred to different human bodies, male or female. Your body dies, but your digitized self can continue indefinitely if the digital form of “you” isn’t destroyed. The digital storage devices seem to be “alien” designed and can be placed inside both human and synthesized bodies. Joel Kinnaman stars in this progressive, R-rated show that completed only one season due to Covid-19 issues and costs. But it is one action-packed, thought provoking, satisfying season!

#6: Sense 8

Sense 8 is an action-packed, thrilling sci-fi Netflix series that involves eight strangers from around the world who find out they have a weird connection to each other. They are all “sensates,” which means they feel each other’s emotions and pick up their thoughts. The main cast of the show is Tina Desai, Bae Doona, and Jamie Clayton. Created for Netflix by the Wachowski siblings, Lana and Lily, along with J. Michael Straczynski, Sense 8 delves into sexuality, gender, and politics, and was filmed on location around the different represented home countries of the characters.

#5: Dark

Some of the best sci-fi series on Netflix will tickle your cerebral cortex, like Dark. Dark is a German time travel thriller that spans multiple decades and is a true mindbender. The complete story runs three seasons and involves four families with dark pasts that unfold when some kids in the town begin to disappear. Initially set in the 1980s and branded as the “German Stranger Things,” it’s a must-watch for all sci-fi viewers who love to think. Louis Hofmann and Julika Jenkins lead an excellent cast in a story that forces you to pay attention to details or be lost in the dark.

Best Sci-fi Series on Netflix: avatar

#4: Avatar: The Last Airbender

One of the most popular Netflix anime shows of all time, Avatar: The Last Airbender has become the obsession of an entire generation. It involves individuals who can telekinetically control either earth, air, fire, or water in a process known as “bending.” The show brings together the characters Sokka, his sister Katara, and a boy named Aang who was found inside an iceberg. Aang is the Avatar who is a reincarnated being and is able to control all four elements. His purpose is to create harmony and balance among all four nations, but of course, everything stands in his way. Check it out.

Best Sci-fi Series on Netflix: maniac

#3: Maniac

The story of Maniac is based upon a clinical drug trial where the participants must swallow certain pills to resolve their traumas. But due to a malfunction, this is not what happens. This Netflix original series deals with the challenges and hardships of mental health issues, but also involves seriously creative science fiction. The lead roles are played by the very talented Emma Stone and Jonah Hill.

Best Sci-fi Series on Netflix: the innocents

#2: The Innocents

When a couple of teen lovers run off to be together to escape the restraints of their parental types, June and Harry find themselves caught up in a dangerous and unexpected world. Harry finds out his true love, June, is no ordinary girl when she begins showing evidence of possessing some unusual powers. That’s when the real trouble begins! This supernatural sci-fi thriller will grip you by the heart and take you on an unexpected journey.

Best Sci-fi Series on Netflix: star trek

#1: Star Trek: The Next Generation

An American Sci-fi series originally produced by Gene Roddenberry, STTNG is still #1 on our list. Call us old fashioned (or just old) but anyone who’s fond of watching shows from the Star Trek franchise will probably rank this second sequel to the original series as their true number one. Now, more than 30 years after its release, fans all over the world can binge watch every season of one of the most streamed Netflix shows in history. The good news? No commercials, and you don’t have to wait a week to see the next show! Enjoy!

These are some of the best sci-fi TV shows to stream on Netflix which you can binge-watch in 2022. If you are a true Sci-Fi fan, we’re sure you’ll enjoy them. Are these also your favorite shows? Talk to us. Let us know what you think about our choices. Seriously, we’d love to hear from you.
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