19 Bingeworthy Sci-Fi TV Shows Available on Prime Video Right Now

With TV and movie streaming at your fingertips, you can now binge-watch everything old and new. But it is another question whether or not the hours spent are well-worth your while. After going through your favorite sci-fi movie selection, you’ll probably want to tap into these bingeworthy sci-fi TV shows available on Amazon Prime Video right now.


Bingeworthy Sci-Fi TV Shows: humans

For a series titled “Humans,” it gives a lot of room for a robot to be the star of the show. It is the story of a family who purchases an artificial intelligence to assist with their daily lives. An honest bond soon develops between the youngest daughter and a robot called Anita. The relationship draws everyone into a mystery of the robot’s origin.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

Bingeworthy Sci-Fi TV Shows: electric dreams

As the name suggests, the anthology series is based on the works of Philip K. Dick. Better still, each episode actually does the source material justice with vibrant and polished storylines. Some episodes are better than others, but that is pretty much expected from every anthology. The storytelling setup is similar to that of Black Mirror. 

The Man in the High Castle

Bingeworthy Sci-Fi TV Shows: the man in the high castle

There is a clever combination of narratives in The Man in the High Castle. It follows characters living in a parallel universe where the Axis powers were victors of World War II. In an alternate reality, Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan reign supreme. One day a newsreel footage shows up depicting a world where the Allied Forces won the war. It is also based on a novel by Philip K. Dick. 


Bingeworthy Sci-Fi TV Shows: counterpart

A major highlight of Counterpart is that J. K. Simmons plays two characters; one is his real-world personality and life as a dejected low-level office worker for the United Nations agency in Berlin, and another is a better version of himself from another world. The tense plots and gripping narrative only get better with the peerless performance from Simmons. 

Tales from the Loop

Bingeworthy Sci-Fi TV Shows: tales from the loop

At a glance, Tales from the Loop appears like just another show about strange things in a small town. Take a second look and the series will reveal a complex layer of interconnected nuances as the characters explore the themes of aging, loneliness, and relationship. Not only is the series visually pleasing, but the whole premise of how technology affects human life is thought-provoking too.

Paper Girls

Bingeworthy Sci-Fi TV Shows: paper girls

Some say Paper Girls look a lot like Stranger Things. It is set in a nostalgic 1980s America, full of teenagers riding their bicycles. Despite the superficial similarities, the former has proven that it doesn’t need the latter to shine. At the center of the plot are four teenage girls, standing their ground amidst an on-going time-travel conflict. 

Night Sky

Bingeworthy Sci-Fi TV Shows: night sky

There is only one season of Night Sky, partly because it never really reached the level of sci-fi that everyone expected it to be. Its biggest selling point is the heartwarming story of an old couple who try their best to make sense of a portal to another world. The surprising drama of the unlikely protagonists might just keep you coming back.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Bingeworthy Sci-Fi TV Shows: strange new worlds

It does not seem like the world will ever have enough of Star Trek to go round. Events in Star Trek: Strange New World are set in a decade before The Original Series. The premise is pretty much the same as any other in the franchise where the crew of USS Enterprise takes on a bold adventure to uncharted territories. 

Outer Range

At the Abbot family ranch, a land dispute leads to a murder. The disputed piece of land has a mysterious bottomless pit, where Royal and Perry dump the dead body of Trevor. It is a black hole that connects the past, present, and future.  


This sci-fi horror series revolves around mysterious occurrences in a small town. The disappearance of a family is one of them. However, the family is only lost, not gone. In fact, they find themselves in a series of nightmares involving murderous neighbors and terrifying creatures. 

The Man Who Fell to Earth

In an unlikely dynamic, an alien makes its way to Earth to seek help from another alien who came here first in 1976. The latter was originally portrayed by David Bowie, and now Bill Nighy continues the role. Each episode makes a reference to one of Bowie’s songs. You don’t need to watch the film or any of the previous material to enjoy the series. 

The Expanse

A series best described as sci-fi space western, The Expanse is set in a future world where humans have colonized the entire Solar System. When a conspiracy triggers a cold war between the superpowers, a group of antiheroes suddenly finds themselves involved in the conflict. 

The Feed

Set in a futuristic London, the characters in The Feed can stream their lives on a constant basis without having to touch a button on their phone. As you probably have guessed, the series explores the idea of how technology can bring disastrous effects to the users. 

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

A staple of classic sci-fi, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is among the best sci-fi movies on Amazon Prime. Now the series is also available on the platform, with the premise is the same as the movie. The TV series, unfortunately, only has six episodes.


A young woman suddenly has the ability to manipulate time after barely surviving a car crash. Her late father, who was killed, now wants her to investigate the murder case. The premise might not sound promising, but it has some very deep materials to please even hardcore sci-fi fans.


The series follows the life and time of Mark Grayson, a 17-year-old trainee on his way to become a superhero like his father, the Omni-Man. Beware, it is not a kid-friendly carton as each episode offers an intense action sequence with some blood-spatters all around. 

The Tick

Yet another superhero series, The Tick is exactly what it says. The hero is a bulletproof man who wears a tick suit in blue. He even has a sidekick named Arthur, who wears a moth suit. At least the supervillain has a scary name: The Terror. It is part action, and more part comedy. 

Orphan Black

There is no list of binge-worthy sci-fi series without mentioning Orphan Black. Featuring a full-blown acting mastery and brilliant theme of human cloning, it probably is the smartest show of them all. Every character is meticulously crafted and intelligently scripted so you will find yourself actually caring about them. 

Star Trek: Picard

There is another Star Trek on Amazon Prime. It is a continuation of The Next Generation focusing on Captain Picard as he deals with the destruction of Romulus and the death of Data. In the upcoming third season, the series promises to bring back the familiar cast into a reunion.

We love binge watching the best sci-fi TV shows, and Amazon Prime is loaded with them. I’m going to watch Paper Girls next. What Prime sci-fi show will you binge on next? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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