Bird Box Cast: The Characters Amongst The Chaos

The 2018 blockbuster from director Susanne Bier contains a hefty cast of big names in the industry. Many careers were already set in motion before the release of Bird Box, so the movie became a stepping stone for the ongoing path. Find out all about the Bird Box cast, a cast including big names like Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson, here!

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Sandra Bullock – Malorie

Sandra Bullock is one of the biggest names to come out of Bird Box. Starring as the main character “Malorie”, her performance carried the movie in places which felt redundant and was a great addition to the Bird Box Cast.

Bullock began her career in the 80s with minor roles in both films and television respectively. She began gaining notoriety for films such as “Speed” (1994) and “While You Were Sleeping” (1995). She has received the Academy Award for Best Actress and has been named one of Time magazine’s most influential People in the world for her response to natural disasters

Most recently, she has starred in major films such as; “Gravity” (2013), “Ocean’s 8” (2018), “The Unforgivable” (2021), and the most recent hit “Bullet Train” (2022).

Bird Box Cast

Sarah Paulson – Jessica

Sarah Paulson stars as Jessica, the sister to Malorie who died early on in the movie. Although Jessica was a minor role with a lack of screen time, her notoriety didn’t shy away from doing wonders for film marketing.

Paulson began her career in the 90s but only garnered traction with her numerous roles in the hit tv series “American Horror Story”.

She also starred in movies and TV shows including “12 Years A Slave”, “Carol” and “Ratched”. This resulted in Paulson winning numerous awards such as an Emmy and Golden Globe.

Bird Box Cast

Trevante Rhodes – Tom

Trevante Rhodes plays the character Tom, a love interest of Malorie’s and a member of the safe house. Eventually, Tom joins Malorie and the Kids on the journey to Rick’s Sanctuary.

Rhodes’s breakout role was the Award-winning film “Moonlight” (2016). In addition to this, he has starred in films such as “The Predator” (2018) and TV shows such as “Westworld” (2020).

Although Rhodes is less well-known than the prior actors (subjectively), he has been commended for his on-screen presence and his performances in dramatic roles.

Bird Box Cast

John Malkovich – Douglas

John Malkovich plays the character Douglas, a movie stand-alone character who acts as a common voice for the people in the safe house.

Malkovich began his career in the 80s and has received critical acclaim for roles in movies such as “Dangerous Liaisons”, “Being John Malkovich” and “In the Line of Fire,” among others. In addition to his acting career, he has also directed several films and produced numerous projects. He is known for his distinctive voice, intense performances, and versatility as an actor.

Bird Box Cast

Danielle Macdonald – Olympia

Daniele Macdonald plays the character Olympia, a late arrival to the safe house which births the character “Girl” which Malorie keeps care of after Olympia’s death.

She gained critical acclaim for her breakthrough role as Patti in the indie film “Patti Cake$” (2017). Since then, she has appeared in several notable projects, including the Netflix film “Dumplin'” (2018) and the HBO series “Unbelievable” (2019). Macdonald is also known for her role in “Skin” (2018), as well as her recurring role in the TV series “American Horror Story: Apocalypse” (2018).

Machine Gun Kelly – Felix

Machine Gun Kelly plays the minor character Felix who is a resident in the safe house.

MGK is known for his music career and has released several successful albums, including “Lace Up,” “General Admission,” and “Tickets to My Downfall,” which marked a departure from his rap roots and embraced a more pop-punk sound.

Kelly has also pursued acting, appearing in films such as “Beyond the Lights” and “The Dirt,” a biopic about the band Motley Crue. He has been known for his publicized feuds with other musicians, including Eminem and G-Eazy, and for his high-profile relationships, including with actress Megan Fox.

Rosa Salazar – Lucy

Rosa Salazar plays the character Lucy, a minor character who resides in the safe house.

Salazar began her career as a performer in New York City, eventually moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting. She has since appeared in a number of popular movies and TV shows, including “Alita: Battle Angel,” and “Man Seeking Woman.”

She is also known for her voice acting work, including her role as the title character in the animated series “Undone.”

Julian Edwards – Boy/Tom

Julian Edwards plays the role of “Boy” also named “Tom” at the end of the film. He is the son of Malorie and joins her on the journey to the sanctuary.

Although only a child actor, evidently his roles in “Bird Box” has become a catalyst for the path in front of him.

He has also starred in other major films such as “Ready Player One”.

Vivien Lyra Blair – Girl/Olympia

Vivien Lyra Blair plays the character of “Girl” who is also named “Olympia” later on in the film. She is the daughter of Olympia and is taken in by Malorie after Olympia’s death. She joins Malorie on the journey to the sanctuary.

Blair began her acting career in 2018 with a small role in the TV series “Waco”. In “The Wilds,” Blair plays “Gretchen Klein,” one of the teenage girls stranded on a deserted island.

She has received critical acclaim for her performance in the series. Blair continues to act and is considered a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Tom Hollander – Gary

Tom Hollander plays the character Gary, a crazed fanatic who causes major problems for the safe house.

Hollander began his acting career in the early 1990s and has since become a well-known character actor. He has been nominated for several awards, including a Tony Award for his performance in the play “Travesties” (2018) and a BAFTA TV Award for his role in “The Night Manager.” In addition to acting, Hollander is also a writer and has written several screenplays and stage plays. Evidently, he was a great addition to the Bird Box Cast.

He is best known for his roles in films such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” (2006-2007), “Pride & Prejudice” (2005), and “Bohemian Rhapsody” (2018), as well as TV shows such as “The Night Manager” (2016) and “Doctor Thorne” (2016).

BD Wong – Greg

BD Wong plays the character Greg, a minor resident of the safe house, which was actually his former home.

Wong began his acting career on Broadway and later transitioned to film and television, becoming a familiar face in popular shows such as “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “Oz”, and “Mr Robot”. He is also recognized for his roles in films such as “Jurassic Park”, “The Freshman”, and “Father of the Bride”. In addition to acting, Wong is a talented singer and has released several albums.

He has been recognized for his work with a Tony Award, an Emmy Award, and a Drama Desk Award.

Pruitt Taylor Vince – Rick

Pruitt Taylor Vince plays the character Rick, the sanctuary owner at the end of the film Malorie and the kids enter.

He has appeared in numerous films, including “Mississippi Burning,” “The Legend of 1900,” and “Identity,” and has also made guest appearances on popular TV shows such as “The Walking Dead” and “The Mentalist.” In addition to his acting work, Vince is also a musician and has played in several bands over the years. Overall, Pruitt Taylor Vince is a respected and talented actor with a long and varied career in the entertainment industry.

How about you? Who’s your favourite Bird Box cast member? Who would you add to the Bird Box Cast? We’d love to hear from you.

Other things you might want to know about:

What is the monster in Bird Box?

Although never seen, the monsters are described as “beautiful” higher beings which bring people to pure insanity paired with suicidal tendencies.  Both the book and movie chose different directions for the intent of the monsters, however, they both are powerful and menacing even when you don’t see them.

Why did Netflix remove Bird Box?

In the opening scenes of the movie, we can see panic all over the globe, however, cut footage actually showed footage of the 2013 train crash in the town of Lac-Mégantic in Quebec, Canada.  Canada officials urged that the scene would be taken down, so the scenes were cut after constant refusal from Netflix.

Is there going to be a Bird Box 2?

There will be a sequel movie starring Sandra Bullock as Malorie again and there will also be a spin off series set in the same narrative without Malorie.