Black Mirror Season 1: A Series Worringly Close To Reality

Black Mirror is an experimental Sci-fi series which delves into different stories revolving around technology and the world around us. Black Mirror Season 1 was testing the waters with a 3 episode season to see the response a series like Black Mirror could garner. Although the season has one of the most disliked Black Mirror episodes to date, the season spurred on a further 5 seasons with new stories to delve into. Find out all about Black Mirror Season 1 here!


The National Anthem

IMDb Rating 7.6

When a beloved British princess is kidnapped, the kidnapper demands an outrageous ransom. Prime Minister, Michael Callow, must engage in a sexual act with a pig on live television to secure her release. The public is shocked by the demand, and the government faces a moral dilemma. As the deadline approaches, the Prime Minister must decide whether to go through with the act to save the princess or risk her life by refusing. The episode explores the power of social media, public opinion, and the extreme measures people are willing to take in the face of a crisis.

Fifteen Million Merits

IMDb Rating 8.0

In a dystopian future, people live in small cells and spend their days pedalling stationary bikes to generate energy. They earn “merits,” a form of currency, for their efforts. Bing, a disillusioned man, saves up his merits to skip ads and escapes the monotonous routine. He meets Abi, a woman with a beautiful singing voice. Bing encourages her to participate in a talent show called “Hot Shot” to escape their bleak existence. However, Abi’s dream quickly turns into a nightmare when she is forced into the pornographic industry. Bing, fueled by anger and despair, decides to use his own merits to make a powerful statement against the oppressive system.

The Entire History of You

IMDb Rating 8.5

In a world where people have memory implants called “Grains,” Liam, a lawyer, becomes obsessed with the idea that his wife, Ffion, had an affair with an old friend named Jonas. Consumed by jealousy, Liam continuously replays his memories to find evidence of infidelity. The strain on their relationship intensifies as Liam’s suspicion grows. Ffion denies the accusations, but Liam becomes increasingly convinced of her betrayal. The episode delves into the dangers of obsessively reliving memories and the erosion of trust in a relationship. Whilst technology allows people to revisit their past experiences.

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Other things you might want to know:

What is the most disturbing Black Mirror episode?

Here are some of the most disturbing Black Mirror Episode:

  • Shut Up and Dance
  • The National Anthem
  • Playtest
  • White Bear

Is Black Mirror Season 1 good?

Although Season 1 is just the tip of the iceberg for the series, Season 1 delves into serious issues that our reality delves into each day. If you like Sci-fi and horror, Season 1 is for you!

What the heck is Black Mirror about?

The series is inspired by The Twilight Zone and uses the themes of technology and media to comment on contemporary social issues.

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