Black Mirror Season 4: Space, Blackmail And Dark History

With the release of Black Mirror Season 4, we saw some of the highest ratings to date with various episodes being talked about indefinitely. Although it doesn’t include high-rated episodes like “White Christmas”, Season 4 includes big hitters like “USS Callister” and “Black Museum”: one of the highest-rated episodes from the whole series. Here’s a deeper look into the episodes of Black Mirror Season 4!


USS Callister

Robert Daly, a talented but socially awkward programmer, creates a virtual reality game based on his favourite TV show, “Space Fleet.” In the game, he is the captain of the USS Callister. He commands digital clones of his co-workers who mistreat him in the real world. These clones are unaware of their situation and fear Daly’s god-like control. When a new employee, Nanette, inadvertently gets trapped in the game, she allies with the other digital clones to find a way to escape and expose Daly’s dark fantasies. The episode explores themes of power, morality, and the consequences of unchecked virtual control.


After losing her daughter Sara for a brief moment, Marie signs up for a new parental monitoring service called Arkangel. The system allows her to track Sara’s location and monitor her biometrics. However, as Sara grows older, Marie’s surveillance becomes increasingly intrusive. She starts blocking unpleasant or harmful visuals in her daughter’s vision, leading to unintended consequences. As Sara becomes a teenager, the lack of exposure to life’s realities affects her emotional development, resulting in unforeseen challenges for both mother and daughter. “Arkangel” raises questions about the balance between parental protection and the impact of limiting a child’s experiences.


When Mia and Rob accidentally kill a cyclist while driving drunk, they decide to cover up the accident. Years later, Mia is a successful architect with a family, while Rob struggles with guilt and seeks to confess. Fearing the exposure of their crime, Mia takes extreme measures to protect her life. Meanwhile, a unique device that can access people’s memories comes into play when an investigator uses it to solve the hit-and-run case. As the investigator delves deeper into the case, the consequences of Mia’s actions become increasingly dire. “Crocodile” explores the theme of guilt, the fallibility of memory, and the lengths people will go to protect their secrets.

Hang the DJ

In a society where dating is dictated by a sophisticated algorithm, Frank and Amy participate in a highly controlled dating system known as “The System.” They are matched together for a limited time. They follow the algorithm’s orders, hoping to find their ultimate compatible match. Despite their intense connection, they are repeatedly separated and paired with other partners. The couple struggles to be together and rebels against the constraints of “The System.” The episode examines the complexities of modern relationships and the quest for true love in a technologically determined world.


In a bleak post-apocalyptic world, a woman named Bella and her companions searches for supplies in an abandoned warehouse. They encounter robotic guard dogs designed for military purposes, and one of the robots injures a group member. Bella desperately tries to escape the relentless pursuit of the robotic dogs, battling for survival in a desolate landscape. The episode presents a tense and suspenseful story with minimal dialogue and explores themes of survival, the dangers of unchecked technology, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Black Museum

Nish visits a seemingly abandoned roadside attraction called the Black Museum, run by the mysterious Rolo Haynes. As Nish explores the museum, Rolo shares three dark and interconnected stories involving controversial technology and its tragic consequences. These stories include a doctor who experiences the pain of others, a grieving mother who uses a device to communicate with her comatose daughter and a man who uploads his consciousness into his partner’s brain. As the tales unfold, Nish’s true intentions for visiting the museum are revealed. “Black Museum” is an anthology within an anthology, diving into the dark and morally complex world of technological advancements and human nature.

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What is the most disturbing Black Mirror episode?

Here are some of the most disturbing Black Mirror Episode:

  • Shut Up and Dance
  • The National Anthem
  • Playtest
  • White Bear

What was the point of Shut Up and Dance Black Mirror?

Shut Up And Dance is a clever twisting story about the lesser of two evils and the topic of blackmail and hackers. Although to some viewers the ending sent the whole story into a lack of necessity, instead it exclaims the horrors of the hacker world.

Why did Black Mirror get Cancelled?

Black Mirror was once cancelled due to production costs but has now recently released its sixth season.

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