Black Mirror Season 5: Fighting, Hostages And Pop Stars

After the success of both Season 3 and Season 4, Black Mirror Season 5 had a lot to follow. From the get-go, the lack of episodes this season was a cause for concern due to only bolstering 3 episodes. Although it includes some decent episodes full of intense moments and suspense, it also contains one of the lowest-rated episodes in the series. Here is a deeper dive into the episodes of Black Mirror Season 5!


Black Mirror Season 5

Striking Vipers

Danny and Karl, long-time friends, reunite to celebrate Danny’s birthday. Karl gives Danny a new virtual reality video game called “Striking Vipers X,” an advanced version of a classic fighting game they used to play together. As they play the game, they discover a hidden feature that allows them to control characters in the game with their minds. This leads to a passionate and intense virtual relationship between Karl and Danny’s in-game characters, Roxette and Lance. As they continue to explore their virtual connection, it starts affecting their real-life relationships and raises questions about identity, desire, and the boundaries of human sexuality. The episode delves into themes of technology’s impact on human relationships and the complexities of virtual reality experiences.

Black Mirror Season 5


Chris, a deeply troubled man, takes a Smithereen employee named Jaden hostage. He demands to speak with the company’s elusive CEO, Billy Bauer. Throughout the hostage situation, the media and authorities struggle to understand Chris’s motives, and a negotiation specialist named Detective Clayton is brought in to handle the situation. As the hostage situation unfolds, it becomes clear that Chris has a personal connection to the Smithereen social media platform, and his actions stem from a tragic event in his life. The episode delves into themes of technology addiction, social media’s influence on mental health, and the power dynamics between corporations and their users.

Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

In a near-future world, a teenage girl named Rachel idolizes pop star Ashley O, whose consciousness is transferred into a robot doll named “Ashley Too.” The doll is designed to be Rachel’s companion and confidante. However, the real Ashley O struggles with her image and creative control under the management of her aunt. As Rachel bonds with Ashley Too, they uncover a dark secret about the real Ashley’s life and career. The episode explores the implications of AI companions, the commodification of artists, and the quest for authenticity and agency in the music industry.

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