Black Mirror Season 6: Werewolves, Demons And Copycats

Black Mirror Season 6 is the most recent addition to the series, bringing a more complete series with episodes in collaboration with outside sources. This brings a new twist to the series and a fresh take on a Black mirror we could see in the future. Here’s a deeper look into the episodes of Black Mirror Season 6!


Joan is Awful

Joan, a tech mid-manager, discovers that her life is being broadcast on Streamberry, a streaming app, in a show titled “Joan Is Awful,” starring Salma Hayek. Her lawyer informs her that she consented to the use of her personal data in the app’s terms and conditions. Streamberry uses a quantum computer to create the show based on data from her personal devices. Upset with Hayek, Joan decides to act rebelliously by defecating in a church, which is captured in the show. Hayek visits her and reveals that she also unknowingly signed away more rights to Streamberry. Together, they plan to break into Streamberry’s offices to destroy the computer, only to discover they are in a simulated reality, and “Joan” is portrayed by actress Annie Murphy.

Nevertheless, Joan destroys the computer, returning reality to its original state. In the real world, Joan is a young coffee shop owner, and both Joan and Murphy face consequences for their actions with house arrest for breaking into Streamberry’s offices and damaging property.

Loch Henry

Film students Davis and Pia visit Davis’s mother, Janet, in the countryside town of Loch Henry. They learn about Iain Adair, a notorious serial killer, and decide to make a true crime documentary about him instead of their original film idea. While shooting the documentary, they discover VHS tapes stored by Janet, which actually contain footage of Adair’s crimes, revealing that he was an accomplice to Davis’s parents. Pia finds evidence of Janet’s involvement and tries to escape but tragically dies while crossing a river. Fearing exposure, Janet leaves a note for Davis and commits suicide. Years later, the documentary is released and becomes a success, bringing joy to the town but causing trauma to Davis. After the ceremony, Davis reads his mother’s suicide note again, which simply says, “For your film. Mum.”

Beyond the Sea

In an alternate-history 1969, astronauts Cliff and David are on a six-year deep space mission, using mechanical replicas of themselves on Earth to be with their families. Tragedy strikes when David’s family is murdered by a cult, leaving him traumatized and withdrawn. To help David recover, Cliff allows him to return to Earth using his replica body. However, David becomes infatuated with Cliff’s wife, Lana, who rejects his advances. When David lashes out at their son, Lana wants his visits to stop. Meanwhile, Cliff discovers David’s inappropriate drawings of Lana but denies any affair. They both argue that Cliff doesn’t value his family enough. Eventually, David takes drastic action, murdering Cliff’s family while he is on a spacewalk. When Cliff returns, David offers him a seat, suggesting a sinister intention behind his actions.

Mazey Day

In 2006, Bo, a paparazzi photographer in Los Angeles, drives a television actor to suicide by selling scandalous photos of him and his secret male lover to a magazine. Overcome with guilt, Bo decides to quit selling photos. However, she is offered $30,000 to capture photos of actress Mazey Day, who disappeared after a hit-and-run incident in the Czech Republic. They find Mazey at a remote “rehab” facility and discover she was bitten by a werewolf, hiding to protect others. As they invade her privacy, Mazey transforms into a werewolf and attacks them. She pleads for Bo to shoot her, but Bo encourages her to take her own life instead.

Demon 79

The story revolves around Nida, a sales assistant facing discrimination and racism at the department store where she works. In the store’s basement, she discovers a talisman that releases a demon-in-training named Gaap, who instructs her to kill three people to prevent a nuclear apocalypse. Although hesitant, she succumbs to Gaap’s coercion and kills a bystander and a guilty man. She then targets a far-right Conservative politician, Michael Smart, but the police catch her before she can carry out the act. In the interrogation room, Gaap convinces Nida to embrace damnation together, and she accepts. Meanwhile, nuclear missiles devastate the world.

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Will Black Mirror have a season 6?

Black Mirror Season 6 returned on June 15 with 5 new episodes.

Was Black Mirror Season 6 GOOD?

With some episodes having high ratings and the love Demon 79 has garnered, its safe to say that Black Mirror Season 6 was a fresh hit.

What is the most disturbing Black Mirror episode?

Here are some of the most disturbing Black Mirror Episode:

  • Shut Up and Dance
  • The National Anthem
  • Playtest
  • White Bear

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