Death Stranding 2: What to Expect from this Strange Sequel

Death Stranding 2 will follow in the disorientated footsteps of its predecessor ‘Death Stranding’ – a new IP from Hideo Kojima. The Death Stranding franchise is a strange and wonderful ‘walking simulator’ pulling in delivery mechanics and alien phenomena for the player to delve into. From what we can see as of right now, Death Stranding 2 will follow this thoroughly and explore more in detail a story that was starting to sprout.

Death Stranding 2

Release Date

Kojima Productions is yet to release a date on which we can play Death Stranding 2 and is estimated to release anywhere from 2024 onwards.


As of Death Stranding, the sequel is only confirmed for PlayStation as of right now (PS5).

Death Stranding was given a PC port a year later so the sequel may start on both platforms from day zero.

Death Stranding 2


A 4-minute teaser trailer was revealed at the Game Awards in 2022 but was strictly a no-gameplay trailer. Kojima hinted at revealing more information later but for the audience to pick out details for themselves in the meantime.


Should we have connected?

The story will follow on from the end of the first game and will see the consequences of the decisions made. Sam Porter will now be significantly aged.

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Other things you might want to know:

Is there a release date for Death Stranding 2?

Could be from 2024 onwards.

Will they make a Death Stranding 2?

Yes, Death Stranding 2 is confirmed on its way.

Why is Sam old in Death Stranding 2?

Sam’s Aging Could Be the Result of His Status as a Repatriate.

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