Fighting for the Future: The Top Post Apocalyptic Games on Xbox One

Drowning yourself in the dystopian stories through novels and films is a great escape. Getting immersed in the interactive nature of post-apocalyptic games, however, is a great experience at an entirely different level. You’re there to play your part in the fictional realm and impact the narrative itself. If novels and films can only allow you to be an observer, games will drag you directly into the imaginary worlds. But not every game is created equal. Some of them are exciting and memorable, while others are outright frustrating or just plain terrible. Among the best post apocalyptic games, on Xbox One you should play at least once are as follows.

Metro Exodus

Even before you finish the game, you’ll come to realize how Metro Exodus has given you a splendid and atmospheric yet equally deadly radioactive wasteland where you will embark on a journey eastward from Moscow to find a new home in post-nuclear Russia. The adventure resembles and actually feels like an open-world game despite being very much a traditional shooter.

You can craft your own weapons using scavenged materials or use a special armament, either a crossbow or pneumatic ball-bearing air gun. Of course, you still have the traditional line-up of the traditional line-up of pistols, shotguns, SMGs, and rifles. That said, ammunition is scarce at best and there’s no automatic health regeneration. Scarcity of resources somehow forces you to exercise thoughtful gameplay, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Metro Exodus is more than just an arduous journey to find a new home; it’s also about how the quest takes you to unexpected destinations.

Atom RPG

Developed by an indie studio, Atom Team, the aptly named Atom RPG sets you as a military cadet in the late 1980s USSR where a nuclear holocaust has just happened. The story offers nothing groundbreaking; you must go through the wasteland to find some survivors, more specifically the whereabouts of a military search party that seemed to have gone missing without a trace. You’ll be informed where to go and that’s about all the information you can get. The rest of the story depends on how you handle the journey.

As with all other RPGs, there’s a certain degree of freedom to the way to build a character. You have a series of points to be distributed to basic parameters such as endurance, dexterity, strength, etc. There will be side missions along the investigation, in which you need to talk to NPCs, craft weapons, and struggle for survival. It is a game where limited-use items like magnifying glass and cigarettes can improve your craftsmanship skills. And you certainly need them because the fights are brutal. Atom RPG surprisingly offers a respectable amount of depth, a punishing gameplay, and without a doubt a rewarding experience.

Far Cry 6

Not unexpectedly, you find yourself in an open world adventure to overthrow a mad dictator. This “world” is a place called Yara, modeled primarily after Cuba. The narrative is also fairly predictable with some tragic deaths and betrayals interrupted by enjoyable gunplay. It might take you a few hours until you can stockpile enough armaments and ammunition to feel ready for whatever the game has in store, but then again, stealth takedowns sometimes can be more effective than throwing Molotov cocktails all around.55

Of course, it also has side quests for when you’re tired of wreaking havoc everywhere. The cooperative multiplayer mode is still here as well. All that you know and love about Far Cry remains pretty much intact in the sixth main installment of the series. It’s every little thing made a little better, and that delivers a noticeable impact on the overall gameplay.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Here are just three of many things that make Remnant: From the Ashes stand out from the crowd. First, the randomized progression system. Even if you’ve completed the first play through, there is no guarantee that the second time is as predictable as you might think. Monsters and bosses appear in no particular order. Second, there are frequent difficulty spikes thanks to the randomized flow. Things get even more punishing because the game is a little too stingy with loot. Third, each zone is neither too large nor too small that it prevents you from getting lost without making you think that the entire adventure is linear gameplay.

If you don’t mind getting killed repeatedly during fights against tough bosses, the only thing that bothers you probably is the post-apocalyptic story itself. Earth has been destroyed by an evil power known as the Root. As long as you can get over that generic backstory, Remnant: From the Ashes will give you 20 hours of good fun, especially when you play co-op.

Doom Eternal

To some extent, Doom Eternal has lost much of the novelty, but only because there are more than a dozen Doom games before it. The futuristic combat style and intense gameplay still pack relentless intense punches. If you liked the 2016 reboot release, you may adore the Eternal.

It’s faster and bloodier, with a lot of options to fine tune your demon-killing spree. You’ll also come across collectibles and bump into hidden battle grounds to keep things from being overly repetitive. Pretty much everyone is hellbent on making you suffer. This is hyper-aggressive, chaos, and artistry mixed.

We think the scenarios in many post-apocalyptic games can sound either over-the-top or outright commonplace. Some people may argue that they play games for the stories, but most agree that narrative and plot progression are only secondary elements. Foremost, you’re here to jump right into the action, solve mysteries, and earn some trophies. Any post-apocalyptic game will do, so long as you enjoy it.

Can you add some notable mentions to the list? Are there actually any post-apocalyptic Resident Evil games? We’d love to hear from you.

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