16 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix Guaranteed to Give You Nightmares

While the undead have been on the screen since the 1930s, the following zombie movies on Netflix can still give you nightmares for many nights to come. Isn’t it great?

Day of the Dead: Bloodline

There have been more than half a dozen movies in Romero’s Night of the Living Dead franchise. Day of the Dead: Bloodline is the second remake of the 1985 original movie. Although not as celebrated as the movie it is based on, Bloodline doesn’t stray too far from the time-tested recipe of suspenseful plotline and the threat of hungry, creepy undead.


Oh Joon-Woo, a South Korean hardcore gamer living in a Seoul apartment complex, finds himself trapped in a city ravaged by undead cannibals. He doesn’t have much in terms of supplies or weaponry to prepare for a good defense, but he is safe if he keeps the door locked. When it becomes clear that everything can only take a turn for the worse, his desire to reconnect to the living grows stronger. 

Doom: Annihilation

A fairly straightforward approach to the zombie genre, Doom: Annihilation quickly escalates from a run-of-the-mill military investigation in an offline base into a restless action against evil. There is no time to waste; the film takes you right into the middle of the thrilling sequences featuring a horde of zombies along with imps and demons. The film knows what it wants to do, and leaves little room for small talk.

The Ravenous

Quebec’s ingrained impression of spookiness helps The Ravenous set the mood right for a chilling adventure. That said, the film has much more to offer than just a zombie-shooting routine and explicit neck-ripping scenes. It comes with good storytelling – something that most zombie movies fail to deliver – and a respectable approach to characterization. Some viewers may actually think they’re watching a young adult indie drama at many points through the film. The origin of the zombie outbreak is not the main issue. A calamity has already happened. The sane survivors only have to deal with every unexpected outcome of the disaster.

Army of the Dead

With the endless hordes of zombies in a ruined city, blazing guns, explosions, and people dressed in military-style outfits, Army of the Dead almost looks like an excluded take of World War Z. However, there isn’t much of a twisting plotline or characterization. The film is a simplistic style-over-function presentation of the zombie genre and a good thrilling scare overall. 


Based on an surprisingly touching short film by Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke, who also are the directors of the full length feature, Cargo delivers a simple, plausible, and attention-grabbing storyline in which a father tries to save his infant daughter from a zombie attack. As the father has been infected and slowly turning into an undead, he must decide what to do before his time as a human runs out.


Ada, the bride of an upcoming planned marriage, doesn’t love her bridegroom, Omar. Instead, she loves a construction worker named Souleiman, who has just left the country due to unpaid work on a tower in Dakar. At the night of the wedding ceremony, the couple’s bed is set on fire. Souleiman is believed to be the perpetrator. The film seamlessly dips from a love story into supernatural territory. Although it is not a zombie film in the strictest sense of the word, the mystery rides the line of the genre comfortably enough to earn a spot on the list.

Ashin of the North

A prequel film to the Kingdom series, Ashin of the North gives the backstory to the origin of a mysterious plant that inflicts all sorts of calamity to every corner of the region. One of the most terrifying tragedies is a widespread resurrection of the dead. The film stands pretty much on its own, so it doesn’t really matter if you haven’t watched the original series.

Soul Thieves (Ladronas de Almas)

Events in Soul Thieves are set during the Mexican Independence movement. A group of sisters run and organize a compound in which freedom fighters are believed to be hiding. When a group of Spanish looters takes refuge in the ranch, they learn that zombies are the sisters’ real power. It is an outright B-movie; there is not going to be a fancy visual effect or realistic flesh-eating sequence, but it delivers just the right old-school zombie vibe.

Valley of the Dead

There are some zombie films set against the backdrop of wartime era, and Valley of the Dead is one that settles itself during the Spanish Civil War. A group of opposing soldiers is willing to set aside their differences when they discover a common enemy: mindless cannibalistic zombies created by the Nazi. Things quickly escalate into a full-blown biting and action sequence. 

Zombie Movies on Netflix: izla


The story takes an exciting start with some bloggers trying to discover the mystery of a mythical island. The bloggers ask two brothers to join the trip, and that’s when the scary secrets begin to unravel. Once they set foot on the island, everyone knows they are not alone. It is a forbidden island for a very good reason: it is inhabited by zombies. 

Zombie Movies on Netflix: it comes at night

It Comes at Night

Two families, stuck in the same place, are struggling to maintain their sanity amidst a zombie outbreak. All the interpersonal conflicts among the individuals are as dense as the terror from the undead outside the supposedly safe shelter. Thanks to the impressive sound design and smart utilization of minimal lighting, the sense of horror intensifies as quickly as the monster within arises.  

Zombie Movies on Netflix: vendetta

Resident Evil: Vendetta

When it comes to both horror and action, CG-animation is just as effective as the live-action format. Resident Evil: Vendetta makes an excellent case for that. Inspired by decades-old widely popular game franchise, the film brings to the screen fan-favorite characters and excessively-designed monsters in an action-packed admirable abomination. 

Zombie Movies on Netflix: pandemic


A lethal pathogen, that transforms people into insatiable cannibals, has already wiped out the population of New York City. There is still a tiny bit of hope in Los Angeles, where Dr. Lauren Chase is tasked with providing support for the pathogen-immune survivors. Zombies are not explicitly featured on screen, but the film bears a striking resemblance to the theme and narration of Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later, and The Walking Dead.

Zombie Movies on Netflix: train to busan

Train to Busan

Workaholic father takes his young daughter to visit her mother in Busan. The last person to enter the train before the journey is a teenage girl with unnaturally enlarged veins, presumably from some sort of deadly infection. Once the girl takes her first victim in an unmistakable zombie-style attack, the train turns into a perfect confinement for madness and mayhem.

Zombie Movies on Netflix: welcome to racoon city

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

In this iteration of Resident Evil, some well-known characters are back in Raccoon City and witness the moment when the deadly zombie virus infects its first victims. Claire, Chris, Jill, and Leon are together to give fans of the franchise, both the film and game, a good blast of the past. Welcome to Raccoon City is an unpretentious approach to zombie horror action with some entertaining battle sequences against the undead.

Zombie Movies on Netflix: resident evil

Resident Evil

Netflix loves Resident Evil. When other popular titles have come and gone to and from the streaming service, Resident Evil has always been a mainstay. The first installment of the series, aptly titled Resident Evil, was released two decades ago. It tells the story of Alice in her efforts to take down any person infected with T-virus in a facility run by the Umbrella Corporation.

Do zombie nightmares still haunt you from some random or popular cannibalistic movie you watched? Us too. Let us know which zombie movie you think is most frightening. We’d love to hear from you.

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  • All of Us Are Dead. Creators: Joo Dong-geun, Chun Sung-il.
  • Daybreak. Created by: Brad Peyton, Aron Eli Coleite.
  • iZombie. Created by: Rob Thomas, Diane Ruggiero-Wright.
  • Kingdom. Created by: Kim Eun-hee, Kim Seong-hun.
  • Santa Clarita Diet.
  • Army of the Dead.
  • The Walking Dead.
  • #Alive.

2. What are the top ten deadliest zombie movies/shows?

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  9. ZOMBIE 2.

3. What are fast zombies called?

Hyper Zombies: These zombies are “new borns” and they tend to sprint fast towards their prey, they’re stronger and a bit faster than the common zombies.

Curtesy of Types of Zombies | Zombiepedia – Fandom