60 Seconds! A Survival Post Apocalyptic Game Where a Bomb Drops Every 60 Seconds

“60 Seconds!” is an indie survival adventure game developed by Robot Gentleman, released in May 2015. The game combines dark humour with strategic decision-making, presenting players with a unique and intense experience of managing a family during a nuclear apocalypse. Here are the details and information about the game:


“60 Seconds!” is set in a suburban neighborhood during the Cold War era, moments before and after a nuclear bomb is dropped. The game captures the tension and urgency of a sudden disaster, focusing on the survival of a typical American family.

60 Seconds! - dark comedy atomic adventure of scavenge and survival from Robot Gentleman


The gameplay in “60 Seconds!” is divided into two distinct phases: the scavenging phase and the survival phase.

Scavenging Phase

  • Time-Limited Gathering: At the start of the game, players control Ted, the family father, who has only 60 seconds to gather as many supplies and family members as possible before the bomb hits. This includes food, water, first aid kits, tools, and other useful items.
  • House Exploration: The player’s house is cluttered with items, and Ted must quickly navigate through the rooms, deciding what to grab and who to save. The frantic pace and limited time add a layer of strategy and stress.

Survival Phase

  • Bunker Management: After the bomb falls, the game shifts to the family’s fallout shelter. Players must manage resources and make critical decisions to keep the family alive while waiting for rescue.
  • Resource Allocation: Players need to ration food and water, ensuring that the supplies last as long as possible. The well-being of each family member must be monitored, as neglecting their needs can lead to sickness or death.
  • Random Events: Each day presents new random events and choices. Players might encounter raiders, sickness, or opportunities to trade. Decisions made in response to these events can drastically affect the family’s chances of survival.
  • Expeditions: To find additional supplies, players can send family members out into the radioactive wasteland. These expeditions are risky but necessary for long-term survival.


The primary objective in “60 Seconds!” is to keep the family alive until rescue arrives or another form of resolution occurs. Success depends on how well players manage resources, make decisions, and react to random events.

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  • Multiple Endings: The game has numerous possible endings based on the player’s decisions and the family’s survival. Endings can range from rescue by the military to the family’s demise.
  • Replayability: The procedural generation of events and the house layout, combined with multiple endings, gives the game high replay value. Each playthrough offers a different experience.
  • Dark Humor: The game is known for its darkly comedic tone, with humorous descriptions and quirky characters adding levity to the grim situation.
  • Challenging Decisions: Players face morally complex and challenging decisions, such as choosing which family member to send on dangerous missions or how to deal with strangers at the door.


“60 Seconds!” received positive feedback for its unique concept, engaging gameplay, and dark humor. Players and critics appreciated the blend of time-pressured scavenging and strategic survival management. Some noted the repetitive nature of events, but overall, it was praised for its originality and entertainment value.

Legacy and Spin-offs

The success of “60 Seconds!” led to the development of a remastered version titled “60 Seconds! Reatomized,” released in July 2019. This version features improved graphics, new content, additional endings, and enhanced gameplay mechanics. The game also inspired a sequel, “60 Parsecs!,” which takes the same core mechanics into a space-themed setting, offering a fresh twist on the original concept.

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Other things you might want to know:

Where can I play 60 Seconds for free?


What is 60 Seconds available on?

Windows, Nintendo Switch, Play Station, Xbox, Android, iOS.

Can I play 60 Seconds on mobile?

Yes, the game is playable on android and iOS.

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