Some of the Coolest and Most Insane Apocalypse Vehicles You’ve Ever Seen!

Doomsday cars are no longer mere gimmicks. Some automakers take the unique niche pretty seriously, and they are actually building some impressive zombie-resistant, looter-deterrent, and bulletproof vehicles for everyone with enough money to buy. Military vehicles probably are best for the job, but this list will feature neither battle tanks like M1 Abrams nor modified hot rods like Furiosa’s “The War Rig.” Instead, the focus is on ready-made apocalypse vehicles designed specifically to keep you alive through the end of human civilization.

Humvee and Hummer H1

Apocalypse Vehicles: humvee

Let’s start with an obvious choice: the Humvee. Aa an outright military vehicle made for war the Humvee is commercially available. The differences between the military and civilian versions are subtle, and mainly concern the amount of leather inside. Bear in mind that Humvee is not meant to be comfortable – they are built to give ample protection against anything outside.

You can even buy one directly from the military and get the raw practicality of the vehicle without anything to weigh it down; a giant radio and some canvas seats should be enough. It might not be street legal, but no one will care about it when the apocalypse is here. 

Parked side by side, the Hummer H1 and Humvee look different, but they are mechanically the same. Both are mounted on heavy-duty chassis and equipped with near identical brakes and powertrains. One of the distinguishing factors is the electronics. If the H1 comes with standard 12-volt electrical system, the military Humvee has a 24-volt system as standard. 

Civilian H1 is like most modern cars with air conditioning, power windows, and even CD players. There is enough room inside to keep your canned foods and guns. All the features make the vehicle heavy, but still nimble enough to get you through crumbled buildings and car wreckages. 


Apocalypse Vehicles: sherp

As long as the apocalypse doesn’t involve Godzilla or a monstrous squid with tentacles so large it can drown a full-size yacht, the Sherp is a reasonable choice. The main feature of a Sherp is an onboard system to inflate and deflate its large wheels on demand. It is technically an ATV in the truest sense of the term. The 43hp boxy car wears four massive 63-inch tires capable of not only climbing over boulders and ice, but also traveling on water. The minuscule amount of power means the vehicle is slow. Maximum speed is a little more than 24mph and it swims at a sluggish 3.7mph, but at least it will stop at nothing.

Ariel Nomad Tactical

Apocalypse Vehicles: ariel nomad tactical

When speed is of the utmost importance, for example if the zombies are nowhere near as lethargic as the movies suggest, the Ariel Nomad Tactical can get you from a state of panic to a place of safety in no time. It is small, and lightweight, but with barely any storage space inside. If you have to bring weapons, the only good way to do it is to mount them on the roll cage. The car is essentially an improved version of the Ariel Atom.

Considering the fact that the Ariel Atom is over-engineered already, the Nomad Tactical is better from every angle. It has a 300hp Honda K24 engine, which doesn’t sound like much until you realize the whole car only weighs around 1750-pound. Even if you have to drive through the sidewalks, stairs, alleys, aqueducts, or rooftops to get away from danger, the Nomad Tactical will do the job.

INKAS Riot Control Vehicle

Apocalypse Vehicles: inkas riot control

The very aptly named Riot Control Vehicle made by INKAS does everything it says on the tin. A riot is an inevitability during an apocalypse. People will panic and show all sorts of foolish behaviors. You can help maintain order from the comfort of the driver’s seat. In times when the crowd becomes too difficult to handle, and they keep coming from every direction, the 250-psi water cannon should be enough to pacify the masses.

If the crowd are getting serious with their guns, the RCV has a fire suppression system all around to keep you safe from the rain of bullets. Thanks to a giant shovel at the front, it shouldn’t be too difficult to breach metal fences, gates, logs, or anything else for that matter.

Paramount Marauder

In many respects, the Paramount Marauder is the heavyweight version of the Hummer H1. It is the road-legal tank that makes the Humvee look like a toy. Judging from its exterior looks alone, anyone can see the Marauder means business. The vehicle is massive, weighing about 15 tons and can carry an additional 3 tons of weight. It provides ample protection against ballistic attack, land mines, and IEDs.

There are 8 seats in the back, for a total capacity of 10 people. The Marauder does not feature leather dashboard or carbon fiber accent anywhere in the interior. Instead, what you get is a large assortment of knobs and buttons to fine tune the driving experience. 

Ghe-O Rescue

The city streets, interstates, and highways will not be safe following an apocalypse. Broken-down vehicles are all over the place, debris from damaged buildings clutters the roads, and perhaps some dead bodies will be scattered here and there. It is a good thing that the Ghe-O Rescue is engineered to tackle just about every difficult terrain imaginable. The vehicle makes for ideal transportation during disastrous events thanks to its waterproof engine, tracks on massive rear wheels, heavy-duty transmission, and lockable axles.

It has room for eleven people inside, electromagnetic protection, and can be equipped with a 620L water tank. There is even a ready-made accessory to attach pneumatic pillows to the wheels, so it floats on water. 

Bulletproof Rezvani Tank

Of all the apocalypse vehicles listed, here is the only one anyone will ever need. On the inside, the Bulletproof Rezvani Tank has everything you can expect from any six-figure luxury car. There are ultra-comfortable seats, a big screen infotainment system, buttons on the steering wheel, AC, panoramic roof., and an option to get a 1000hp Dodge Demon V8. One can say the interior is built to deliver the ultimate comfort. Meanwhile, the exterior tells a different story.

It might not be the most stylish car in the world, but it is safe for sure. Everything is bulletproof, including the body and glass panels. The ballistic armor is strong enough to withstand the impact of assault rifles and high caliber weapons. Rezvani is kind to give additional features, such as military-grade gas masks and run-flat tires. Other important details include thermal vision system, magnetic dead bolts, electrified door handles, and a smoke screen. It even has EMP protection in the event of a nuclear blast, so you can keep the radio playing your favorite tunes, assuming the stations are still around.

BMW X5 Protection VR6

There is barely any different between the BMW X5 and its VR6 variant as they are identical in terms of powertrain, exterior styling, and interior. BMW has managed to develop an armored shell that fits perfectly to the standard car. It would take real diligence to notice that the latter has a bulletproof body.

Reinforcements are done not only to the exterior panels, but also the windows, underbody, door joints, and cargo area. The armor can withstand blasts of a 15kg explosion from as close as 13 feet away. The windows might crack in some places, but they will remain in place and will not shatter. It also comes with run-flat tires and additional protection around the fuel tank. 

Caterham Brutus 750 Motorcycle

Perhaps an apocalypse forces you to travel through a dense jungle or a complex network of alleys to avoid bumping into desperate gangs. In such a case, you don’t need a massive car, but a lightweight vehicle that is nimble and fast enough to navigate the tricky route. You want a motorcycle, and the Caterham Brutus 750 is arguably the best.

Although every well-built motorcycle can theoretically help you escape the difficult situation, the Brutus is specifically designed to be a two-wheeled SUV. It comes with 750cc engine, trail tires, and an automatic transmission. You can also convert it into a full-blown snowmobile in just four hours.

We already have our fund started to buy our favorite apocalyptic vehicle, and it’s good to have choices. Which vehicle(s) do you think would be the best for you if the world ends? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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