Trek Geek Quiz—25 Questions about Star Trek: The Next Generation

Complete this Trek Geek Quiz—25 Questions about Star Trek: The Next Generation with perfect score, and you may declare yourself to officially be an ardent fan of the series. Difficulty runs from easy to tricky.

Questions about Star Trek TNG
  1. How long after the original “Star Trek” do the events of The Next Generation take place?
Roughly 100 years. You can almost tell from the advanced technologies (and special effects) featured in this second sequel.
  1. In what century does The Next Generation happen?

Events of the first episode in the series are set in the year 2364, so the 24th century. 

  1. When did Star Trek: The Next Generation first air?

The first episode aired on September 28, 1987. It ran until May 23, 1994.

  1. How many episodes are there?

There are 178 episodes spanning over seven seasons. The first season starts with a two-part episode “Encounter at Farpoint” (Episode 1 and 2). The seventh and final season also ends with a two-part episode “All Good Things” (Episode 177 and 178). 

  1. How long is each episode?

Every episode has a 44-minute runtime; add 16 minutes of commercial, then you have a full hour of the TV show.

  1. A main character of the original series appears in “Encounter at Farpoint.” Who is this character?

Admiral McCoy, whose appearance in the first ever episode of TNG establishes a link between the two series. Spock and Scotty also make appearances in later episodes.

  1. Everyone knows that the main starship in TNG is the USS Enterprise-D. What is the ship’s registry?

It is NCC-1701-D, the fifth starship of the United Federation of Planets to bear the name “Enterprise.” Throughout its service history, the Enterprise-D is the flagship of the Federation.

  1. How fast can Enterprise-D go?

Its maximum cruise velocity is Warp 6, or about 392 times faster than the speed of light. The ship can maintain such a fast-cruising speed without ruining its entire system. Flat out, Enterprise-D can reach Warp 9.5, which is over 1,500 times faster than speed of light. At Warp 9.3 the engine passes the red line.

  1. William Riker is the first officer of the Enterprise-D. What is his middle name?
Thomas. In “The Best of Both Worlds” (a two part-episode comprising the end of Season 3 and the beginning of Season 4), Riker takes command – effectively becomes the captain – of Enterprise-D and leads the mission to save the abducted Picard. He resumed his post as the First Officer after the mission. Riker declines many opportunities to be an active captain until the end of Star Trek: Nemesis in which he finally accepts the offer to command the USS Titan.
  1. What cybernetic organism antagonist is the Federation’s most lethal enemy?

The Borg, which according to Captain Piccard, is without mercy in their collective mind and driven only by the will to conquer. 

  1. What is the Borg’s primary objective?

The Borg’s collective mind is hardwired to achieve perfection by way of assimilation with other sentient species, including humans. The Borg’s idea of assimilation is predatory because the process restructures neural pathways of the assimilated individual to link their knowledge and technology to a single massive collective mind. As a result, the assimilated species become drones.

  1. What is the name of Captain Picard’s pet lionfish?

Livingston, named after supervising producer David Livingston. Patrick Stewart was not particularly fond of the idea of a fish tank in the series, especially aboard the Enterprise-D because he thought it contradicted the crew’s ethics.

  1. What race is from Planet Remus?

The Romulans, more specifically the slave labor caste (the Remans) of the race. 

  1. What other race is related to the Romulans?

Vulcans, as you can tell from their eyebrows and pointed ears.

  1. What character is portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg in TNG?
Guinan, named after Texas Guinan, a famous speakeasy club manager during Prohibition. Guinan (the character) is a bartender at Ten Forward.
  1. In what season and episode does the series reveal Guinan’s race and home planet?

The series never reveals anything about the matter. She once mentioned something about being referred to as “a race of listeners.” Beverly Crusher identifies Guinan’s race as El-Aurian in the 1994 film Star Trek Generations. Her home planet was destroyed by the Borg in the mid-23rd century.

  1. What is the reason behind Guinan’s hatred toward Q?

It was Q who brought the Borg to the Alpha Quadrant where Guinan’s home planet was located. The Borg assimilated the vast majority of the planet’s inhabitants. Few refugees made their escape to the Federation. She always considers Q responsible for the destruction of her planet.

  1. In what season and episode does Q first appear?

Season 1, episode “Encounter at Farpoint.” He is an antihero throughout the series, playing crucial role in the first and final episodes.

  1. Deanna Troi is only half human. What is her other half?
Betazoid, making her an excellent psychiatrist thanks to the natural ability to read emotions and thoughts.
  1. Who plays the mother of Beverly Crusher?

No one, as her mother never appears in the series. There are a few mothers in TNG such as Worf’s, Wesley’s, Deanna’s, and Geordie’s. Even Picard’s mother, who passed away in the 2310s, is sometimes shown as a character in his mind. 

  1. In what episodes does Lwaxana Troi appear?

Six episodes, including:

  • Haven: Lwaxana is there to attend Deanna’s wedding to Wyatt. The wedding never happens.
  • Manhunt: she is determined to find a new husband.
  • Menage a Troi: Deanna, Riker, and Lwaxana are kidnapped by the Ferengi.
  • Half a Life: she discovers the man she loves. But the man is required to commit suicide.
  • Cost of Living: she finds a way to cancel her wedding to Campio by appearing at the ceremony naked.
  • Dark Page: she falls into a coma and reveals that Deanna had a sister she never knew.
  1. Riker doesn’t always have beard. When does the facial hair first appear?
Second season, and some say it has something to do with the arrival of Doctor Pulaski.
  1. In what episodes of the first season does Captain Picard have to save Wesley Crusher?

There are two episodes. In “Justice” (Episode 8), Wesley breaks a greenhouse while playing catch on Planet Rubicun III, where the punishment for such a crime is lethal injection. In “When the Bough Breaks” (Episode 17), Wesley is taken hostage by the Aldeans on Planet Aldea. 

  1. The replicator is an amazing piece of imaginary technology that can produce fresh food and beverages. What is Captain Picard’s favorite beverage from the machine?

Like true Englishman, the captain likes to have his Earl Grey tea served hot. Captain Picard grew up in France.

  1. How does Moriarty’s hologram fool Data?

An easy (but correct) answer is that the simulation program is in fact designed to mislead Data’s superior senses. The holodeck projectors have been given advanced additional processing to make sure Data will not cast any doubt on its authentity. Furthermore, there has never been a reference to suggest whether Data is able to tell the difference between real-life organism and holograms. 

How did you do? Probably better than I did, lol. Perhaps you have quiz questions of your own you’d like to share with us. Please do! We’d love to hear from you.

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