The 100 Cast: Who Are They? What Character Did They Play? Where Are They Now? What Are Their Next Projects?

CW’s The 100 series revolves around a group of 100 problematic space-born teenagers sent back to Earth as a form of punishment. Their sole purpose is to experiment firsthand how (in)hospitable the Earth has become after a nuclear apocalypse nearly a century ago. During their tenure to establish a new society and to practice self-governing, the teenagers have their struggles, joys, betrayals, love, deaths, and wars. Check out The 100 cast now!

The 100 Cast:

The series concludes with the 16th episode of the 7th season, or the 100th episode overall. Just because a series has come to an end does not mean The 100 cast members will disappear from the screen for good as well. A number of the actors are already busy working on various projects, and some have appeared (as different characters, of course) on other popular shows and films.

Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin

The 100 Cast: eliza taylor

Carrying the heaviest burden of leadership among the 100 teenagers is Clarke Griffin, portrayed by Eliza Taylor. During her journey on Earth and tenure as leader, time and time again she has to deal with difficult situations that force her to make high stakes decisions. The consequences and repercussions of her every action never fail to haunt her kind soul.

After the CW’s The 100, the Australian actress returned to her homeland. Taylor has appeared in at least five films since 2012, and now is working on “It Only Takes a Night,” an upcoming feature in which she is the executive producer and plays character Ruby Allen. 

Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake

The 100 Cast: octavia blake

The Ark is the space station where survivors of the nuclear apocalypse took refuge. Life on the Ark is harsh; resources are getting scarce and every family is only allowed to have one child. Octavia Blake, portrayed by Marie Avgeropoulos, is the second child of the Blake family, which makes her very existence a violation of the law. She ends up being imprisoned and part of the 100 teenagers sent to Earth. For her character, the series is a journey toward personal redemption.

Avgeropoulos began filming Jiu Jitsu, where she was cast as Myra, in 2019. She played alongside Nicholas Cage in the film. Her next big project is Butterfly in the Typewriter, currently in pre-production. Avgeropoulos will be featured in a prominent role as Jean Ann Jollett, alongside Nick Offerman and Susan Sarandon. 

Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes

The 100 Cast: lindsey morgan

Some would argue that Raven Reyes’ presence in the entire series makes the most sense. For teenagers originating from a technology-ridden space station, living on a planet deprived of modern gadgets and automations can be challenging to say the least. Raven Reyes, portrayed by Lindsey Morgan, is the mechanical engineer at the forefront of a constant battle to make sure everyone has access to clean water and that the Earth doesn’t fall into another nuclear disaster. 

Morgan has been blessed with a growing fan base since her days as The 100 cast member, and made appearances in the last two of the Skyline film series, Beyond Skyline and Skylines. In the CW’s Ranger – a reboot of Walker Texas Ranger – Morgan played Micki Ramirez, the partner of the legendary Texas Ranger, in the first two seasons of the show. Just a few weeks after leaving the show for personal reasons, Morgan seems to have nurtured some interest in coming back. 

Paige Turco as Abigail Griffin

The 100 Cast: paige turco

The mother of Clarke, Dr. Abigail Griffin is a strong proponent of the idea that Earth has once again become habitable for human species. Abigail cannot help but report to the space station’s authorities that her husband has been spreading the message that the Ark is dying. The decision leads to her own family being banished from the Ark; her husband is sent into the vacuum of space to die, and her daughter to the supposedly uninhabitable Earth. 

Turco is a veteran actor with a long resume starting in 1987 with her role as Dinah Chamberlain in Guiding Light. Her portfolio is filled with plenty of guest appearances on popular series like Damages, The Good Wife, and Persons of Interest, among others. She is a versatile actor, so it is only likely that she makes a comeback to the screen sooner than later.

Christopher Larkin as Monty Green

Arrested and banished to Earth for the crime of making illegal substances on the space station, Monty Green’s persona is a force of nature. Thanks to his background in agricultural science, the group of delinquent teenagers can enjoy the benefit of his algae farm. Green, portrayed by Christopher Larkin, is constantly disturbed by guilt over his mother’s death.

Following his 53 episodes in The 100, Larkin has been quite busy with several film and music projects. He is in Netflix’s Tales of the City as Jonathan “Raven” Winter and has released a solo album titled The Happiest Album Ever Made under the pseudonym Carry Hatchet.

Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane

One of the most complicated characters in the series, Marcus Kane is among the party responsible for sending the teenagers to Earth. When the Ark eventually descends to the planet, he is the first chancellor. Portrayed brilliantly by Henry Ian Cusick, the character undergoes drastic development from an antagonist to a role model whose guidance is invaluable to humanity’s survival.

Ian Cusick has been hopping from one TV series to another for decades. Since 2017 to 2022, he has been in the main roles of The Passage and MacGyver, as well as recurring roles in Inhumans and Big Sky. The 55-year-old actor is featured in The Wind & the Reckoning (2022) as McCabe and will be in the upcoming drama film Jamojaya.

Isaiah Washington as Thelonious Jaha

Few people on The Ark are as influential as Thelonious Jaha, the self-righteous chancellor with a plan to cull the population of the space station by sending the teenagers to Earth. Much like Kane, the journey of Jaha starts on the antagonistic side of the story before it makes a drastic shift in the opposite direction (sort of). 

Taking the role as Jaha is Isaiah Washington, best known for his performance in Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Preston Burke. His latest project is Corsicana, a fictionalized account of Bass Reeves, which received a limited released in August 2022. Isiah Washington plays Bass Reeves, and is the film’s director, co-writer, and co-producer.

We were sorry to see The 100 end, but it’s exciting to see the actors moving on with their careers. We liked Marie Avgeropoulos best because her character underwent the greatest evolutionary change from the innocent child living under the floor to a vicious and fearless warrior.

Which character was your favorite? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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Other things you might want to know about. 

Will there be a season eight?

Rumors have it the One Hundred continuation is being discussed. Fans are upset that the show ended on the 100th episode. There was talk of a season 8 with a whole different set of characters, which fans were also not happy about. They also weren’t satisfied with the ending. There is some talk of a new season being flashbacks and it being a prequel.

Now they are saying that the prequel season 8 has not been picked up by the CW and at this time the show remains canceled. The article further states that season 8 of The 100 may never happen but there’s always a chance. 

Other articles are showing a release date of November 4, 2023. It is showing 16 episodes and the dates. The date for this article was 2 years ago. It still remains confusing. Go to for this article called The 100 Season 8.

Go to  and read the article “The 100 Season 8 Release Date OFFICIALLY Confirmed by Bharat Nalluri? Truth BEHIND RUMOUR! by Austin Smith. This article appears confusing but is hopeful that a season 8 may have a chance. 

What are the titles of The 100 book series by Kass Morgan?

  • The 100 – Book 1 (2013)
  • Day 21 – Book 2 (2014)
  • Homecoming – Book 3 (2014)
  • Rebellion – Book 4 (2015)

You can buy these as a boxed set on Amazon. 

15 Secrets Behind The 100

According to here are 15 secrets about the show The 100.

  • Ricky Whittle’s feud with the showrunner.
  • Lexa’s death sparked a huge controversy amount fans.
  • Steve Talley was fired after fans discovered his offensive Twitter account.
  • The show’s viewership has dropped since Lexa’s death.
  • Why Isaiah Washington was fired from his other major gig.
  • Wells is a main character in the books.
  • Marie Avgeropoulos is older than she looks.
  • Raven was meant to be killed off during season 1.
  • Richard Harmon (Murphy) wanted the role of Bellamy Blake.
  • The CW wanted the show to be even darker.
  • Raven was supposed to be Finn’s mother.
  • The show was picked up before the first book was published.
  • Real World star Jordan Wiseley auditioned for Roan.
  • Eliza Taylor never actually auditioned for the role of Clarke.
  • Henry Ian Cusick was sued for harassment in 2009.

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