23 Amazing Comics on the Star Wars Reading Comic List

Every title in this Star Wars reading comic list, either canon or legend, delivers a fascinating look at the established storyline beyond the films and TV series.

Star Wars Reading Comic List: dark empire

Star Wars: Dark Empire – Legends

Events of the Dark Empire are set in 10 ABY. By the time Dark Horse Comics launched the series in 1991, Star Wars as a franchise was on a decline. Dark Empire brought back an almost-forgotten trilogy and reignited the hope for fans that there would be more of Star Wars coming. Despite its non-canon categorization, Dark Empire is historically important for the franchise as a whole.

Star Wars Reading Comic List: darth vader

Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith – Canon

The story of Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith begins at the end of Revenge of the Sith and spans seven years to 12 BBY. It is a period of awakening and realization for Vader; the time for him to escape from his past and focus on hunting down Jedi. In the process, he abandons his humanity.

Star Wars Reading Comic List: purge

Star Wars: Purge – Legends

A month after Revenge of the Sith concludes, the timeline starts for Purge. Within the plot-line, the comic fills some gaps left by the prequel trilogy regarding Vader’s trajectory from pure innocence to absolute villainy. He is Anakin Skywalker after all, the Chosen One, the son of the Midi-Chlorians themselves, destined to bring order to the chaos. As Darth Vader, he is evidence to the contrary.

Star Wars Reading Comic List: marvel series

The Original Marvel Series – Canon

Between 1977 and 1986, Marvel released 107 issues of the original Star Wars comic series. In terms of historical significance, the original series sits even higher than Dark Empire. The art and color deliver a nostalgic value and one big retro kick to the chest.

Star Wars Reading Comic List: marvel's star wars

Marvel’s Star Wars (2015) – Canon

Starting in January 2015, Marvel reacquired the license from Lucasfilm Ltd. to be once again the main publisher of Star Wars comics. Some say the characterizations of Luke, Leia, and Han along with other main characters are quite shaky, but it does not diminish the classic feel to the series. The timeline is between A New Hope and The Empires Strikes Back.

Star Wars Reading Comic List: doctor aphra

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra (2016) – Canon

The comic focuses on the journey of rogue archaeologist Doctor Aphra, mostly about her misadventures on the galactic frontier. While the events of Doctor Aphra are concurrent to Marvel’s Star Wars (2015), the characters are in entirely different places. The story is meant as the darker version of the main heroes’ exploits.

Star Wars Reading Comic List: legacy

Star Wars: Legacy – Legends

Events in Star Wars: Legacy are set in 130 – 138 ABY; a bold move even by the franchise’s standard. The main protagonist is Cade, a rare Skywalker as he doesn’t fancy being a Jedi. He chooses the path of a bounty hunter instead.

Star Wars Reading Comic List: tales of the jedi

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi – Legends

Thousands of years before the “Rule of Two” and the Skywalker saga, two Jedi Knights Ulic Qel-Droma and Exar Kun swerve to the dark side and eventually become Dark Lords of the Sith. A band of heroes defeat them, but the spirit of Kun ends up resting on Yavin IV.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Legends

Going back long into the history of a galaxy so far away, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic takes a time travel to 3964 – 3963 BBY. It serves as a prequel to the video game of the same name and a sequel to Tales of the Jedi comic series. The story mainly revolves around a Jedi Padawan framed for murders by members of the Jedi Covenant. 

Star Wars Tales – Legends

Filled with one-shot stories throughout the timeline, Star Wars Tales makes for a unique entry into the franchise. Some of the stories are serious, such as Thank the Maker, in which Darth Vader discovers what’s left of C-3PO in the Cloud City; others are comedic, for examples Skippy the Jedi Droid where R5-D4 is the unsung hero of the Rebellion. 

Star Wars: Republic – Legends

The comic series hit store shelves in December 1998 as an introduction to the upcoming prequel trilogy. A large portion of the series focuses on events in the prequel trilogy not shown in the films. Star Wars: Republic becomes Clone Wars comics starting with Issue 49 as a continuation of Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

Star Wars: Rebellion – Legends

In the midst of numerous prequel comic series released during the early 2000s, Dark Horse Comics takes a shot at shifting the focus back on the original trilogy. Everything happens in the period between A New Hope and The Empires Strike Back. Darth Vader is driven mad by his own lack of investigative skills, while Luke Skywalker is reluctant to take on the new responsibilities as the leader of the resistance. 

Star Wars: Rebel Heist – Legends

There are only 4 issues of Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars: Rebel Heist. Each issue focuses on one classic hero including Han Solo (#1), Princess Leia (#2), Chewbacca (#3), and finally Luke Skywalker (#4). Timeline is from 0 – 3 ABY. 

Star Wars: Infinites – Legends

One thing that makes Star Wars: Infinites a true gem in the franchise is how it paints an alternate reality of the canon story. It is the original trilogy “re-imagined.” For example in Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader doesn’t die, and in fact he joins the Rebellion. Each episode of the original trilogy is made into 4 issues. 

Splinter of the Mind’s Eye – Legends

Based on the novel regarded as the beginning of Star Wars Expanded Universe, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye is the original storyline. It even features some characters The Empire Strikes Back doesn’t have. 

Heir to the Empire – Legends

Events of Heir to the Empire are set in 9 ABY. It is the beginning of a new threat in the form of Admiral Thrawn. Remnants of the Empire are back in unity under Thrawn, putting risk to the newly found peace in the galaxy after Return of the Jedi.

Shadows of the Empire – Legends

The main purpose of Shadow of the Empire is to fill the gaps between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. In the period of only one year, the comic series focuses on the search for Han Solo and the exploits of Boba Fett. 

Star Wars: Crimson Empire – Legends

The main Following the supposed death of Emperor Palpatine in Return of the Jedi, the Royal Guards are disbanded. One of them goes on to become a bounty hunter. 

Star Wars: Kanan – Canon

The comic series features two arcs: The Last Padawan and First Blood. Both focus on Kanan Jarrus, during the Order 66 and his involvement in the Clone Wars. Star Wars: Kanan chronicles how (and why) the Clone Wars survivor becomes one of the all-time Jedi greats. 

Star Wars: Princess Leia – Canon

Survivors of Aldeeran are scattered all across the galaxy. Star Wars: Princess Leia delivers an intriguing story about her attempts to pick up every last one of them. Leia is looking to save her fellow Aldeeranians, and at the same time the Empire is on a massive-scale hunt for the princess. 

Star Wars: Vader Down – Canon

There are few things Darth Vader fears. Jedi is never one of them. In Star Wars: Vader Down, the greatest villain in the history of everything is cut-off from the Imperial troopers and surrounded by the Rebel Alliance. He does not back down.

Star Wars: Poe Dameron – Canon

Every volume of Star Wars: Poe Dameron focuses on the eager-for-action Resistance pilot. The series 7th and final volume The Awakening brings his exploits back in line with the movies as he embarks on a journey to locate Luke Skywalker. His adventures eventually lead him to the opening scenes of The Force Awakens. 

Star Wars: Shattered Empire – Canon

No one knows what becomes of the Galactic Empire following the death of the Emperor. Star Wars: Shattered Empire explores the implications of the Battle of Endor. However, the main story doesn’t really focus on Luke or Leia, but on couple Shara Bey (a Rebel pilot) and Kes Dameron (Rebel sergeant). They are parents of Poe Dameron.

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More things you might want to know about.

What’s the difference between Star Wars Legend and Star Wars Canon?

According to Emma Parks at youtini.com Star Wars Legend is all the old content before April 25, 2014 and Star Wars Canon is all the new content after April 25, 2014. 4-25-14 is when Disney acquired Star Wars. That’s the simple yet understandable definition. The Star Wars Legend has been sealed and no new content can be added. There’s no official definition of what the Expanded Universe means in regards to the movies and TV shows. There is a Legend EU and a Canon EU. 

What are midi-chlorians?

They are microscopic life forms in the blood created by George Lucas. These cells are sensitive to the Force’s energy and they communicate with the Force. It’s a symbiotic relationship within the cell. According to reddit.com Yoda has 18,000 midi-chlorians per cell, Obi-Wan has 15,000 per cell, Palpatine has18,500 to 19,000, and Anakin has 20,000.

What are some interesting facts about Alderaan?

According to ranker.com here are 13 interesting facts about Alderaan and its survivors. 

  1. Alderaan was initially envisioned as the capital of the Galactic Empire.
  2. One of Alderaan’s major exports was wine.
  3. Leia was once supposed to be crowned queen of the surviving Alderaanians.
  4. Alderaan was located in the Galactic Core, making its destruction a huge deal.
  5. Bail Organa married into Alderaan’s royal family.
  6. After the Battle of Yavin, the Empire hunted down surviving Alderaanians.
  7. The planet’s royals had to undergo a series of trials before they became eligible to rule.
  8. After its destruction, the remaining asteroid field became known as the Alderaanian Graveyard.
  9. Alderaan was one of the oldest members of the Galactic Republic.
  10. Leia’s grandfather almost became Chancellor of the Republic.
  11. Alderaanians believed in pacificism.
  12. Alderaan was rich in resources and had a very diverse geography.
  13. The surface of Alderaan wasn’t introduced until Revenge of the Sith.

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