13 Super-Cool Facts about Star Wars: The High Republic

The High Republic Era, a period of two centuries leading to The Phantom Menace, has never been fully explored, which is why fans expect many super-cool facts about Star Wars: The High Republic. Well, we’ve got the facts!

Star Wars: The High Republic

First Mention

Originally called Project Luminous, the High Republic Era was first mentioned in Dooku: Jedi Lost audiodrama in 2019. Few knew about it until the same topic came up again in The Rise of Kylo Ren comic book. It appeared for the first time in a flashback in The Lost Stories, Part 1, as part of Star Wars Adventures canon comic published in January 2020. Phase I of the narrative is covered in several short stories, comics, novels, audio, and web series published from December 2020 to August 2021. Phase II and III are coming soon.

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Star Wars: The High Republic: the great jedi rescue

For Everybody

The novels of The High Republic Era are aimed at different ages. In addition to adult and young-adult versions, there are also middle-grade and young reader books. It seems that Disney is trying to bring everybody onboard for the adventures. Since the events of the era are set before the prequel trilogy, readers will get to know a little bit of the origin story of all nine films without going through all the existing publications. 

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A Whole New Era

Some comics and novels (Canon) talk about the events decades before the Battle of Yavin (BBY). One can say The High Republic either expands the historical accounts or introduces a new era to the narrative. As previously stated, there are three phases of storytelling – Phase I has already concluded to cover the era. With a relatively narrow timeline to cover, the adventures are expected to be dense and the plot itself action-packed. 

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Star Wars: The High Republic


Disney initially wanted it as a publishing initiative for the expanded universe in February 2020. The main objective of the campaign was to create a cohesive narration chronicling major events in the galaxy in the period spanning 200 years before The Phantom Menace. It is a period when the Jedi Knights are in their golden age – a time of peace and justice. When a great disaster looms large, the guardians of space must intervene before the devastation becomes unstoppable. 

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Star Wars: The High Republic: old republic logo

Feel the Force

Just because the Jedi Knights are at the height of their success in bringing and maintaining peace, it does not mean they have unveiled the secrets of the Force. Some of them barely know about it or how to use it at all. The High Republic is an era where the Jedi order is still experimenting their way around the Force. What they lack in the ability to manipulate the Force, they make up for with teamwork and diversity of thoughts.

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Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Away

Going as far back as two centuries before Episode I, the galaxy during the High Republic Era is marked with prosperity. Jedi believe they have defeated and eliminated the Sith from existence; what was once a galaxy in unrest is now a glimpse of utopia. As always, it only means new challenges are not yet in sight and unexpected enemies are still in hiding. The plan to install a new space station, called Starlight Beacon, into the known farthest point in the galaxy is underway. 

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Star Wars: The High Republic: hyperspace

Unmapped Space 

The attempt to map and maintain effective “hyperspace lanes” is not yet completed. Droids save the data from the entire territory and determine the most effective lanes to prevent spaceships from colliding into each other. Unlike in the original trilogy where nearly all the galaxy has been mapped, pilots in the High Republic Era must really consider the possibility of errors or improper jumps from one lane to another. A crash in hyperspace inevitably sends potentially lethal debris at incomprehensible speed all around. A single crash might start a sequence of destruction that incapacitates the entire space travel infrastructure.

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Star Wars: The High Republic: the great disaster

Legacy Run

The High Republic Phase I – Light of the Jedi takes off with that kind of a disaster. A transport vessel known as Legacy Run crashes into another object in hyperspace. The debris flies all over the galaxy at a velocity close to the speed of light, making them high-powered projectiles with enough energy to conceivably take down multiple star systems. The great disaster (or emergence) forces millions to mobilize for their lives. Hyperspace lanes are temporarily disabled across the Outer Rim, so the Jedi may conduct a hyperspace crash investigation.  

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King Arthur in the Wild West

Jedi order in The High Republic has been likened to the Knights of the Round Table. At the same time, the galaxy in the era bears some resemblances to the Wild West. It is a strange but fascinating blend between Arthurian legend and old Westerns, with the backdrop of space and one of the world’s biggest film franchises. The unmapped lanes are in the frontiers, and the Jedi order is comprised of brilliant individuals with interpersonal conflicts. Expected staples like smugglers and bounty hunters are featured as well. 

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Star Wars: The High Republic: yoda

Yoda in the High Republic

Yoda was born in 896 BBY and became a Jedi Master at the age of 96. By the time of The High Republic, Yoda is 664 old; it also means he has been a Jedi Master for nearly 578 years when Legacy Run crashes. While there is no indication yet that the beloved character will appear in the new narrative, it would only make sense if Yoda has a role to play. Bear in mind, The High Republic was initially called Project Luminous, inspired by one Yoda’s memorable lines in The Empire Strikes Back.

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Under the presumption that the Sith are no more, someone else has to take the role as the villains in the High Republic Era. The duties fall to two groups of evil beings: the Nihil and the Drengir. The former is a band of monstrous pirates, comprised of various species; they’re brutal marauders from the Outer Rim. The latter is a sinister plant that lives only to rule the frontiers and spreads terrors from underground. 

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Star Wars: The High Republic: light of the jedi


The first novel of Phase I, The Light of the Jedi, reached the top of The New York Times Best Seller for hardcover fiction during the first week of release. It stayed on the list for four weeks. The middle-grade novel, A Test of Courage, was released on the same day and reached number two in the list for children’s hardcover books. The young-adult novel, Into the Dark, was also number one on release. The first issue of the comic book series sold more than 200,000 pre-orders. Marvel had to print the second, third, and fourth issues much sooner than anticipated.

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A Prequel

Phase I concludes with Claudia Gray’s The Fallen Star. Phase II is ready to launch, and it is surprising to know that it will be the prequel to the previous releases. Events in Phase II are set 150 years before The Light of the Jedi. No Canon novel or comic has ever ventured that far back in Star Wars timeline before.

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I’ll bet some of you know even more super cool facts about the Star Wars brand. Let us know about them, we’d love to hear from you.

Other things you may want to know.

What books are in The High Republic series?

This series has five books. The High Republic phase 2 begins in October, 2022. According to slashfilm.com the proper reading order is:

Light of the Jedi

The Great Jedi Rescue

Into the Dark

A Test of Courage

Marvel’s High Republic comic vol. 1

IDW’s High Republic Adventures comic vol. 1

IDW’s High Republic Adventures: The Monster of Temple Peak

The Rising Storm

Race to Crashpoint Tower

Showdown at the Fair

Marvel’s High Republic comic vol. 2

IDW’s High Republic Adventures comic vol. 2

Marvel’s Trail of Shadows comic

Out of the Shadows

The Edge of Balance

Marvel’s Eye of the Storm comic

The Fallen Star

Midnight Horizon

Mission to Disaster

Battle for Starlight

What’s the difference between the Old Republic and the High Republic?

According to screenrant.com The Old Republic existed thousands of years ago and the High Republic was only 200 years before the prequel trilogy. The High Republic’s Jedi presence made it a time where civilization flourished and everyone was at peace. 

How many Jedi Masters were there and how many Jedi Knights?

According to starwars.fandom.com during the years of the Galactic Republic there were twelve Jedi Masters that made up the Jedi High Council, with one holding the title of Grand Master. During the Star Wars Rebels episode there were approximately 10,000 Jedi Knights who defended the galaxy and fought for peace.