How Many Seasons Of The Walking Dead Are There? A Run-through Of Survival

The Walking Dead details the survival of humanity after the outbreak of a virus. This virus infects the dead, creating a horde of zombies across the globe. There have now been 11 seasons of The Walking Dead. Each one consists of a lot of varied survivors and new enemies for the common group to overcome. For the majority of the series, we follow the main group led by the tough and resilient leader Rick Grimes. And although we see new characters come and go throughout the series, some main characters stick out the full 11 seasons. If you are asking yourself “How many seasons of the walking dead are there”, then find out here!

How Many Seasons Of The Walking Dead

Controversially, some seasons take on different paths in what settings it wants to use and the enemy types in play. The group sometimes faces large hordes of zombies. Another time, it might be another group of survivors with withering morals. Some big hitters such as The Governor and Negan have become some of the scariest foes out there for the group, becoming a bigger threat than the undead that walk the planet. This may be a concerning factor for some as with the introduction of humans becoming the real enemy, it naturally strays away from the zombies the series foundations grew from.

This is evident from the changes in zombies throughout the series. From the very beginning, the walkers were portrayed as fast, practical zombies who could climb over tanks and fences for instance. The more seasons that the survivors faced, the fewer zombies became an imminent threat. However with the introduction of “whisperers”, the roots of The Walking Dead were alive once again.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the series The Walking Dead!

Seasons Of Trauma

It’s safe to say that our characters do not have an easy time out in the world of TWD. Especially in the period of seasons 5 to 8 where events transpired within a time period of a few months. This may be surprising for some viewers considering how much trauma the characters go through.

Season 1 – From Coma To Hell

The series begins with Rick Grimes, a former sheriff deputy who wakes up from a coma. This was due to a shoot-out incident where Rick was injured. Due to his coma, the world he once knew was changed forever due to a global virus. Whilst stumbling through the undead sea of zombies, called “walkers” in the series, Rick meets a family duo. The father is called “Morgan” and takes in Rick filling him in on the world he woke up in. Although Morgan’s and Rick’s meeting was short, Morgan plays a major part later on in the series and sister series “Fear The Walking Dead”.

How Many Seasons Of The Walking Dead

Rick travels alone to Atlanta where he discovers a group of survivors including his lost wife (Lori) and son (Carl) and his former on-duty partner (Shane). Shane was at the incident which left Rick in a coma, and so the sight of Rick was shocking.

Although it seemed the group were safe, eventually they were attacked and had to flee. The group travelled to Atlanta in order to reach the Center for Disease Control (CDC) building. Upon meeting a sole scientist in the CDC building it turns out that there is no cure for the pandemic. This causes problems for the group eventually fleeing the capture of the scientist.

Season 2 – A Farm With A Dark Secret

The Second Season’s premise is to find Carol’s daughter (Sophie) who had gone missing whilst fleeing the attack from Season 1. Whilst finding Spohie, the group take refuge at a local farm run by Hershel. Even though this safe haven seems like a place to settle down, it is revealed that the farm store walkers in a run-down barn. These zombies included some of the farm friends and family members they didn’t want to kill fully. Even though the zombies were shut away, people in the group such as Shane had their doubts about safety. This increased tensions between the group and the farm members.

Tension grows even more intense when it is revealed that Shane and Lori have grown closer whilst Rick is in a coma. And so, the baby Lori is pregnant with may actually be Shane’s all along. Shane and Rick’s relationship diminishes with their points of view clashing. This led to the final climax where the two fight and Rick is forced to kill Shane in self-defence. This fighting attracted large hordes of Walkers, and so both the group and the farm members were forced to flee. In a turn of events, Andrea (one of the group members) was left at the farm to fend for herself.

How Many Seasons Of The Walking Dead

During the season, a new relationship was growing between Maggie and Glenn. Two characters who will play major parts in later seasons.

Season 3 – A Town Led By Deceit

This season follows the now-deserted group member: Andrea. Whilst surviving by herself, she is saved by Michonne, a katana-wielding woman who leads two chained Walkers with her. Eventually, the two stumble onto a new town called Woodbury.

How Many Seasons Of The Walking Dead

The remaining group members plus Hershel’s group stumble onto a large, deserted prison. This is where our characters make their home base. Whilst staying at the prison, Lori goes into labour. Unfortunately, Lori needed an emergency c-section which eventually killed her. This news was devastating for both Rick and Carl (Rick’s son) and forced Rick to take in Judith (Lori and Shane’s daughter).

Back at Woodbury, Andrea and Michonne meet the leader called The Governor. At first glance, it seems he is a charismatic character with strong ambitions for the town. Events that include keeping his zombified daughter, kidnapping and torturing Glenn and Maggie, and threatening the prison revealed the governor’s true self to major characters including Andrea.

Rick’s group launch a raid on Woodbury in which Andrea is killed by The Governor. The remaining Woodbury residents flee Woodbury and join the prison. At the end of season 3, it is unknown where the Governor escaped to, however, the violence does not end there.

Season 4 – A Governor Aftermath

Season 4 picks up with Rick and the group adjusting to life at the prison after the Governor’s attack. As they work to fortify their new home, they face new challenges, including a deadly flu outbreak and a vicious group of scavengers known as the “Claimers.” Meanwhile, Carol takes on a leadership role and forms a bond with Lizzie and Mika, two young girls who have also survived the apocalypse.

As the season progresses, the group becomes increasingly fractured and must deal with the threat of a new villain, the mysterious and dangerous “Terminus.” Along the way, they encounter new allies and enemies, face difficult moral dilemmas, and struggle to hold onto their humanity in a world where survival often means doing whatever it takes.

Season 5 – Cannibals And Wolves

Season 5 finds the survivors on a mission to find a cure for the deadly virus that has ravaged their community. After escaping from Terminus, the group sets out on a journey to Washington D.C., hoping to find a safe haven and the resources they need to fight back against the zombie threat.

Along the way, they encounter new allies, including the mysterious priest Gabriel and the tough survivor, Aaron, who leads them to a walled-off community called Alexandria. However, tensions arise as the group struggles to adjust to the community’s strict rules and faces new dangers from within and outside the walls.

The season also explores the group’s personal struggles and relationships, as Rick grapples with his own morality and leadership, and Carol continues to grapple with the guilt of her past actions. Additionally, the season introduces the villainous group, the Wolves, who pose a new threat to the group’s survival.

Season 6 – Negan’s Introduction

Season 6 continues the story of Rick and the survivors as they struggle to maintain their safety and humanity in the face of new threats and challenges. The season opens with the aftermath of a massive zombie herd that has overtaken Alexandria, leaving many residents dead and injured.

As the group works to rebuild and fortify their community, they face new threats from outside, including the villainous Negan and his brutal group, the Saviors. The season also explores the personal journeys of several characters, such as Morgan’s search for peace and the emotional aftermath of Glenn and Maggie’s pregnancy.

Season 7 – A Bat Called Lucille

Season 7 of The Walking Dead picks up with the survivors facing the brutal consequences of Negan’s actions. With several beloved characters killed off in the season premiere, the group is left reeling and struggling to find a way forward in the face of Negan’s iron-fisted rule.

As the season progresses, the group faces new challenges, including the introduction of the mysterious Kingdom and its leader, Ezekiel, and the dangerous scavenger group, the Scavengers. The season also delves deeper into struggles and relationships. This includes Rick and Michonne growing closer, and Carol struggling with her desire for isolation.

Season 8 – Rallying Against A Common Enemy

Season 8 picks up where the previous season left off, with Rick and the survivors waging an all-out war against Negan and the Saviors. The season is filled with intense action, including epic battles and explosive confrontations, as the group fights for their freedom and the future of their communities.

As the season progresses, the survivors face new challenges and unexpected twists, including the introduction of the enigmatic Jadis and the mysterious helicopter that she and her group possess. The season also explores the personal journeys of several characters, including Rick’s quest for revenge and Maggie’s struggle to balance leadership with personal grief.

Season 9 – A Massive Timeskip

Season 9 marks a new chapter in the series, as the survivors attempt to rebuild and establish a new society in the wake of the war with the Saviors. Set several years after the events of the previous season, the season explores themes of community, civilization, and legacy.

As the group works to establish new alliances and rebuild their world, they face new threats from the Whisperers, a mysterious group of survivors who wear the skin of the dead to blend in and survive among the walkers. The season also delves deeper into the personal journeys of several characters, including Michonne’s struggle to balance her duties as a leader with her own emotional needs.

Season 10 – The Whisperers

Season 10 sees the survivors facing their most formidable foe yet – the Whisperers. With Alpha and her followers posing a grave threat to the communities, the season is filled with intense action and suspense, as the group struggles to maintain their alliances and protect their people.

Alongside the conflict with the Whisperers, the season also explores the personal journeys of several characters, including Carol’s battle with her inner demons and Daryl’s search for a sense of purpose. The season also introduces new characters, including the mysterious Princess and the scarred survivor, Dante.

Season 11 – Commonwealth

Season 11 marks the final chapter in the long-running series, as the survivors face their greatest challenge yet – the Commonwealth. With a new group threatening their way of life, the season is filled with intense action and emotional turmoil, as the group struggles to navigate this new world and protect their people.

As the season progresses, the survivors face new threats, both from outside and within their own communities. They also grapple with personal struggles. This includes the fallout from past traumas and the search for a sense of purpose in a world overrun by the undead.

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Other things you might want to know.

Is there season 12 of Walking Dead?

Season 11 will be the final season of the series The Walking Dead. However several spin-off series have been announced progressing the universe further on.

Where can I watch season 12 of The Walking Dead?

Season 12 is a no-show, however, you can watch the final season on places such as Netflix and AMC+.

Has The Walking Dead finished?

With the final season finally being released, TWD ends with its 11th season (with 24 episodes).

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