The Walking Dead Season 1: When A World Turns Infected

The Walking Dead series takes on a post-apocalyptic setting of zombies and destroyed humanity. The series takes on many themes such as; leadership, and morality. Additionally, it tackles the idea of a world without substance and societal constraints. Evidently, this has become a favourite for many fans as the series has been going on for 11 seasons now. Added to these seasons are various side series and the ever-popular “Fear The Walking Dead”. Although The Walking Dead has had its ups and downs, it’s safe to say that Season 1 was the strong foundation the series needed.

WARNING: This article contains spoiler for Season 1 of the Walking Dead.

Episode 1 – Days Gone Bye

The Series awakes such as the character we follow alongside with. Rick Grimes was a former Sheriff’s Deputy who was injured in a roadside shootout before the outbreak. This left him in a coma throughout the start of the outbreak and so he was extremely lucky to survive.

Rick wakes up in a deserted hospital surrounded by dead bodies stack upon each other. Whilst confused, Rick decides to search for his wife and son he left behind whilst going into a coma.

Whilst out on his search for his family, Rick stumbles onto a family duo; Morgan Jones and his son Duane. Morgan is a lot more experienced in the world Rick has woken up in and explains the situation at hand. Zombies also known as walkers have a bite which can turn any survivor into one. This opening starts the pattern of survival in the series. Morgan knows about this bite due to his wife falling to the same incident. Harrowingly enough, the wife patrols the house they are locked in, a constant reminder of the cruel world they live in.
The Walking Dead Season 1

Rick takes Morgan and Duane to the Sheriff’s department to stock up on weaponry. This is essential to Rick’s goal: heading to Atlanta to reach the CDC which has rumoured to be working on a cure. While on his route to Atlanta, Rick picks up a horse for travel and this defines the start of the journey into the Walking Dead.

Finally, we are shown a glimpse of a small group of survivors including Lori and Carl; Rick’s wife and son. They are also joined by Shane, Rick’s former partner as a Sheriff’s deputy and the person who was with him when Rick was injured. It is revealed that Lori and Shane have grown closer due to Lori believing Rick is long gone.

Episode 2 – Guts

Rick reaches Atlanta and is met by a large horde of Walkers. Interestingly, this is the only time we see walkers that are fast-moving and can climb objects. Rick is saved by a man named Glenn. Glenn leads Rick to another group of survivors: Andrea, Jacqui, Merle Dixon, Morales and T-Dog.

After a scuffle between Merle and T-Dog, Rick is formed to handcuff Merle to the building’s rooftop. Rick decides to make a plan where the group would have to smear themselves with Walker guts to blend in with the horde. This was a successful endeavour with the use of car sounds.

The Walking Dead Season 1

In the final moments, T-Dog drops the handcuff keys down a drain forcing him to leave Merle stranded on his own.

Episode 3 – Tell It To The Frogs

Rick is informed that Merle has a brother called Daryl back at the camp the group set up, and that he will get extremely angry about the abandonment.

The group reunites with family members and so does Rick, shocked that his family are alive and well. Carl says that Lori told him Rick had died, however, this was a plausible reaction to the world change. Rick and Lori vow to begin their marriage once again. It is revealed that Shane was the one that told Lori that Rick died, a sly lie to grow closer to Lori.

Merle’s brother Daryl returns from a hunting expedition to find Merle not back with the group. Daryl attacks Rick and Shane after learning about Merle. To make it up, Rick decides to head back for him with Daryl, Glenn and T-Dog. Shane disagree with the plan, saying it would put the whole group in danger.

The Walking Dead Season 1

Two new group members are introduced, the couple: Carol and Ed. Ed argues with Carol and slaps her. This leads Shane to intervene and beat Ed to the ground.

Back in Atlanta, the rescue group locates where Merle was left. However, Merle is not there except for a severed hand beside a hacksaw.

Episode 4 – Vatos

The rescue group hunts down Merle following a staggered trail of blood. It is decided that they will receive some guns before continuing the search. Whilst retrieving the guns, Glenn is taken hostage by two men. However, it turns out they were just protecting elderly survivors in a nursing home. The group discovers that their vehicle is missing, a likely culprit being Merle himself.

Back at the camp, a camp member named Jim is seen digging various holes in the ground. He said that he dreamt about it last night denoting his concern for the group’s survival; digging graves in response.

Whilst stepping into Dale’s RV, Amy is bitten by an unknown walker revealing a horde of zombies ready to attack the camp. The rescue group makes it back in time to hold off the order, however, Amy and Ed are killed and Jim was bitten.

Episode 5 – Wildfire

After Jim’s injury is revealed, Rick decides the group go to the CDC for a cure. Yet again, Shane disagrees with Rick’s opinion and says they should go to the Army Base in Fort Benning. Whilst in the woods, Shane aims his gun at Rick due to their disagreements but lowers it before Rick can see. However, Dale had been watching all the time monitoring Shane’s every move.

Shane decides to support Rick’s plan however some members like Morales decide to divert away from the plan. The RV breaks down whilst en route to the CDC and so Jim is left behind at his own request.

In the CDC building, Dr Edwin Jenner performs an experiment on a sample called “TS-19”, however after an accident, the sample is destroyed. As the camp’s RV arrives at the CDC, Jenner is waiting patiently for their next move.

Episode 6 – TS-19

Upon several pleas, Jenner reluctantly lets the camp in. The laboratory has luxury facilities and the camp are provided with lots of food and drink. (A pattern of good events always leads to an even worse situation in The Walking Dead).

A drunk Shane confronts Lori about their relationship forcing himself on Lori. In self-defence, Lori scratches Shane making him cower away shocked by his own actions.

The next day Jenner shows the camp brain scans of TS-19 (his wife) who allowed her progression to becoming a walker to be recorded. It is revealed he has lost contact with any other facilities and the CDC generators are running out of fuel. When the generators run empty, the building with self-destruct as a decontamination protocol.

Tension runs high when Jenner exclaims that he won’t let the group leave even if the self-destruct protocol starts. However, after Rick and the group begging, he lets them flee seconds before the explosion. One group member, Jacqui, stays behind due to being scared of becoming a walker and so the CDC blows up with Jacqui and Jenner still inside. Saddened by the events that just occurred, the group soldier on forwards into season 2.

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Other things you might want to know.

Is Walking Dead season 1 GOOD?

Season 1 of the Walking Dead is one of the highest fan favourite seasons for the show. Many fans say some of the early seasons are the best episodes the Walking Dead can offer. Although the budget was low for the season, the narrative and action paints a amazing story.

How old was Rick Grimes in season 1?

Although it is never stated, Rick Grimes was approximately 30 years old as of The Walking Dead Season 1.

When did Netflix lose The Walking Dead?

Netflix US will lose all 11 seasons of the Walking Dead on January 6th, 2027.

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