Attack On Titan Final Season Part 2: Betrayal And Revenge

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 2 continues the fight between Marley and Paradis. With a new threat in terms of a whole new Country, Marley, the final Season promises to see Marley vs Paradis. Attack On Titan is an incredibly popular series in the community. And so, the reception for the fourth and final season was spectacular. Although not all questions are answered in Part 2, the fans are provided with amazing battles and new characters to delve into. Here is a recap of Attack On Titan Final Season Part 2!

Betrayal And Revenge

Episode 1: “Judgement”

Levi’s body is found by Hange and the Jaegerists who also discover Zeke’s body fully healed after emerging from a dying Pure Titan. Hange uses the situation to escape with Levi while Zeke explains to Floch how his wounds were treated by a girl in the Paths. Meanwhile, Marleyan soldiers arrive at Shiganshina. Gabi, Pieck, Colt, and Magath unite to prevent Eren and Zeke from making contact. Eren battles Reiner and Porco, but Magath’s new anti-Titan cannon incapacitates him, giving Reiner the upper hand. The Jaegerist soldiers suffer heavy losses. Onyankopon releases the imprisoned Survey Corps members and Nicolo and asks for their help to defeat the Warriors. Armin suggests that Eren may be lying, but there is no response.

Episode 2: “Sneak Attack”

The Survey Corps decides to help Eren, but Mikasa has doubts about his motives. Meanwhile, Eren continues his battle against Reiner and Porco. However, Zeke appears as the Beast Titan and attacks the Marleyan forces. The Survey Corps forces the Jaegerists to release Commandant Shadis and other prisoners. Commander Pyxis leads a group of soldiers who have drunk from the tainted wine to fight off the Marleyan forces. Falco confesses his feelings for Gabi, and Colt rushes them to Zeke to prevent him from screaming. The Cart Titan fakes her death, enabling Magath to shoot the Beast Titan with an anti-Titan cannon, wounding Zeke gravely. Reiner is urged to stop Eren from reaching Zeke.

Episode 3: “Two Brothers”

The battle between the Marleyans and the Paradis forces continues as Eren fights against Reiner and Porco while the Survey Corps, who have now joined Eren’s side, engage in a fight against the Jaegerists. Zeke also enters the fray as the Beast Titan and begins attacking the Marleyan forces, but is eventually incapacitated by a surprise attack from Magath. However, Zeke survives and uses his scream to turn all those who drank the tainted wine into Pure Titans, including Nile and Pyxis. Falco accidentally transforms into a Pure Titan and eats Porco, who had offered himself up to be eaten instead of Reiner.

Eren is ultimately decapitated by Gabi using Colt’s rifle, and his consciousness is transported to the Paths, where he meets an aged Zeke in chains. Zeke tries to convince Eren to follow his euthanization plan, but Eren resists and attempts to control the Founder Ymir’s soul. However, Zeke reveals that only those of royal blood can command Ymir, and he shackles Eren in another attempt to convince him to follow his plan.

Episode 4: “Memories of the Future”

In an attempt to convince Eren to follow his euthanization plan, Zeke uses the Paths to show him Grisha’s memories from birth to death. However, Eren reveals that Grisha had allowed him to find his own path in life and that he has preserved his freedom, unlike Zeke who is unable to move past their father’s dream. Zeke still believes that with the power of the Founding Titan, he can carry out the euthanization plan. They then arrive at the moment when Grisha confronts the Reiss family and reveal that the Attack Titan’s ability is that the host can see the memories of its future inheritors. Eren intervenes by using his memories of the future to communicate with Grisha, goading him into slaughtering the Reiss family, and causing the events of the past to play out as they were meant to.

After the event, Grisha breaks down and sees Zeke, telling him that it will be Eren’s plan that will come to pass. Grisha then expresses his regret to Zeke for not being a better father to him, visibly moving Zeke. When Grisha pleads with him to stop Eren, he’s suddenly knocked out of Grisha’s memories, and both are brought back to the Paths.

Episode 5: “From You, 2,000 Years Ago”

After returning from Grisha’s memories, Zeke discovers that Eren manipulated Grisha’s past to achieve his vision for the future. Zeke commands Ymir to execute the euthanization plan, but Eren breaks free and rushes after Ymir. A flashback to 2,000 years earlier reveals Ymir as a slave who becomes the first Titan after falling into a pool and being transformed by a parasitic entity. Fritz, the leader of Eldia, uses Ymir’s Founding Titan to expand the kingdom of Eldia and orders his daughters to eat Ymir’s body to pass on the Titan’s power.

Ymir’s soul is transported into the Paths, where she spends the next 2,000 years making Titans by hand. In the present, Eren offers Ymir the freedom to choose her future, and she sides with him. As a result, the Rumbling begins and the Wall Titans are released, causing chaos. Eren uses the Paths to announce his intention to exterminate all life beyond the island.

Episode 6: “Thaw”

Eren and the Wall Titans begin their attack on the world outside of Paradis while Reiner and Gabi search for Falco. Reiner is wounded and left behind while Gabi saves Kaya and mends the rift between her and the Braus family. Meanwhile, Armin, Mikasa, Jean, and Connie discuss Eren’s actions and the fate of an unconscious Falco. They later join forces with the remaining Jaegerists and Cadets to defeat the Pure Titans created by Zeke. The battle ends with all Pure Titans and Marleyan soldiers killed, although Louise is injured. Onyankopon and Yelena witness the Rumbling with confusion, while Floch returns with the intention to punish the Volunteers. Armin and Mikasa meet with Gabi, who pleads with them to convince Eren that not everyone outside the island has to die. Armin deduces that Eren commanded all Titan hardening be undone, implying that Annie’s crystal is now also undone.

Episode 7: “Sunset”

The aftermath of Eren’s Rumbling is felt in Trost District where people debate the cost of the devastation caused. Hitch finds Annie, now freed from her crystal, and helps her escape from the Military Police. Annie reveals that she no longer wants to fight and wishes to reunite with her adoptive father in Marley. In Liberio, the Eldians led by Mr Leonhart attempt to warn the Marleyan guards about the approaching Rumbling, but they refuse to listen, resulting in a fight. Meanwhile, the Jaegerists take over the island and Armin prepares to pursue Connie and Falco. Floch reveals that he’s always known about Eren’s plan and confronts the Volunteers, threatening them with death. Pieck and Magath discuss the Rumbling with Hange who appears with the injured Levi.

Episode 8: “Pride”

The last of the Wall Titans have disappeared into the distance, leaving the people of Trost District to argue about the devastation caused by Eren’s Rumbling. Hange and Levi escape from the Jaegerists and seek out allies, eventually finding Pieck and Magath. Meanwhile, Connie takes Falco to his Titan mother in Ragako village with the intention of eventually feeding him to her, but Armin and Gabi intervene. They all return to Shiganshina and meet up with Annie. She had left Hitch and wished to reunite with her adoptive father in Marley.

Mikasa recovers her scarf and refuses to join the Jaegerists. Yelena and Onyankopon are sentenced to death by Floch. However, Pieck’s Cart Titan appears and takes them to Hange, Levi, and Magath, who have formed an alliance. Jean’s signal prompts Mikasa and Connie’s group to leave with supplies, including Annie, Falco, and Gabi. They join forces with Reiner in their mission to save the world.

Episode 9: “Night of the End”

Jean dreams of a peaceful life with his family but is awoken by Hange’s proposal to team up with the Survey Corps and Marleyans to stop Eren. After initial hesitation, Jean agrees to join them. At the camp, Magath and the Survey Corps have a heated debate about who the real “devils” are. Annie challenges Mikasa on whether she can kill Eren. The group discusses the flying boat as an option to reach the Founding Titan, but Yelena reveals that she is a Marleyan, causing tension. Yelena forces Reiner, Annie, Armin, and Jean to confront their actions and Jean attacks Reiner. Gabi pleads for Jean’s help to save her family, and he eventually agrees. As they head towards the port, they discover that the Jaegerists have control and Kiyomi Azumabito has been taken hostage.

Episode 10: “Traitor”

Hange and Magath realize that they need the Azumabito engineers to repair the flying boat and prepare it for flight, but the Jaegerists have control of the port. Magath tortures Yelena to reveal Eren’s location, and she agrees to talk if they take her with them. Meanwhile, Armin and Connie announce to Floch that the Marleyans have escaped and they need the flying boat to pursue them. They find the boat ready to be destroyed, guarded by Samuel and Daz, who they eventually kill. Reiner and Annie arrive and begin attacking the Jaegerists. During the fight, Armin remembers Bertholdt’s words about the necessity of staining one’s hands with blood.

Episode 11: “Retrospective”

Hange’s group learns that the flying boat will take too long to repair, so Kiyomi suggests they use a ship to transport the boat to the Marleyan city of Odiha. Magath escorts Kiyomi and the engineers to the dock while Reiner and Annie protect them from the Jaegerists. Falco transforms into the Jaw Titan and fights alongside the group. Floch attempts to destroy the ship but is shot down by Gabi. Magath sacrifices himself with Shadis to destroy a captured Marleyan cruiser. The group sails off to Odiha, and Annie questions Mikasa about whether she can let Eren be killed to stop the Rumbling.

Episode 12: “The Dawn of Humanity”

Months before the attack on Liberio, the Scouts witness the persecution of the Subjects of Ymir and teamed up with the Subjects of Ymir Protection Group to forge peace. Eren questions Mikasa’s loyalty and they party with a family they rescue. Later, Eren secretly plans with Floch and Historia to stop the euthanasia plan and to protect his friends, while Mikasa ruminates on the choices made. In the present, the Global Alliance tries to stop Eren and the Rumbling but fails, and Eren declares his intention to destroy the world as the Colossal Titans arrive on the mainland.

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