Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3: An Hour-Long Epic Leaving You Wanting More

Anyone who is caught up with the show “Attack On Titan” understands the long wait for the final season, and the even longer wait for the final season’s final episodes.  With a total of 28 episodes spread between two parts for the final season, there was still more content to cover.  On March 4th 2023, Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3 was released, an hour-long special named “The Final Chapters (Part One)”.  It journeys through two chapters and documents the devastation of Eren Jaeger’s attack plan against the world.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3

A Plot Full Of Devils

As stated, this special consists of two chapters: Chapter 1 – The Rumbling and Chapter 2- Sinners.  The first chapters directly follow the ending of Part 2, events in which the Jaegerists and the main group battle out to capture the flying boat, a vehicle they could use to reach Eren’s titan.  In the final moments, we see Eren’s Founding titan, in which Eren declares war on the mainland.

Chapter 1 – The Rumbling

The opening scenes show the devastation of the Rumbling.  A young boy called Ramzi, who the scouts met and had dinner with in Part 2, is seen foraging in the forest.  Upon seeing people running away, they take witness to the wall of Colossal titans charging from all directions.  Flashbacks of Ramzi and Eren show Eren’s remorseful acceptance of his future actions and pleads his paltriness to Ramzi.  The townspeople, Ramzi and other family members of the main characters are crushed underneath the steaming wall of titans.
The imagery of the disasters leaves no details unseen, the populous are crushed, buildings are left to nothing and the countryside is now a toxic yellow in the wake of the hot steam.  Eren’s founding titan is then revealed to be an enormous skeleton-like titan with a hanging demon-looking head, the largest titan to date.  In a key scene, it’s shown that Eren believes at this moment, he is finally free, even if it’s not with his friends he wanted to be free with all those years ago.
The main scouts/warriors group are now on course to Odiha, an island area which would not be hit by the rumbling yet.  The aim is to get the flying boat up and running so they can reach Eren. Annie decides to stay on the boat with Falco and Gabi as she believes her dad is dead and she wants to spend the rest of her short life in peace.

Floch, a Jaegerist who was thought to be dead, had been holding onto the boat for the entire journey, surviving for enough time to shoot a few holes into the fuel canister, halting the fix job of the flying boat.  Floch was then killed by Mikasa, but the damage had already been done.

With terrible timing, the rumbling is coming, trembling on the floor and visible titans emerging through the smoke.  In order to be able to get the flying boat up and running in time, there needed to be a diversion.  Hange, the commander of the scouts, decided to take the reigns and appoints Armin as the new commander.  In an Epic, tense scene, Hange is able to take down several titans constantly burning from the hot steam.  In a last-ditch effort, Hange sees that the flying boat is still not fixed, so she goes for more and more titans.  This eventually leaves Hange blowing up into a huge fireball and dies, a hero who could live up to her predecessor Erwin.  The flying boat is able to finally leave.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3

Chapter 2 –  Sinners

With limited fuel, the scout’s group journey to Eren.  Mid-flight, both scouts and warriors commune on how to resolve Eren’s plan whilst resolving the angst they had between the two parties. Eren brings the subjects of Ymir into the paths dimension, explaining that in order to stop the Rumbling, they must end his life.

Back on the boat, Falco, who has recently received the jaw titan, reveals to Annie that his titan could in fact fly, a factor that will have a key role later on.

Refugees from Liberio, including Annie’s dad for example, escape to Fort Salta, a base high up on a cliff edge.  Above the fort, several blimps fly in the direction of Eren to perform a bomb barrage on the Rumbling and Eren.  A Materialized beast titan, formed off Erens’s bones, takes down all the blimps with one attack, resulting in an unsuccessful Marley attack.

A refugee then spots an object flying through the clouds, which was revealed to be the flying boat housing the scouts and warriors.  In an epic final scene, the scouts and warriors drop down from the flying boat in order to reach Eren.  Reiner turns into the Armoured titan and charges into the Beast titan, destroying its connection to Eren’s titan. 

In the final moments, we see the scouts ready to attack.  Armin speaks the final words to Eren saying “Once we drag you out of there, In what way are you free?”, a tense omen for what’s to come.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3

An Amazing Resolve

It’s evident that Part 3 did not stray away from the action-packed, intense notion that makes Attack On Titan such a fan favourite in the Anime community.  Scenes like Hange’s last fight, and the final scene of the special drive this even more, paired with great sound design and soundtrack, it’s left a desire for more titan action.

Hange’s Last Ditch Effort

Since season 3, Hange has had a remarkably tough responsibility since being named Commander of the scouts.  Erwin, Hange’s predecessor, was calculated and driven to find out the secrets of the titans and the world around Paradis.  Unfortunately dying too early, Erwin left Hange to hold the responsibility of the scouts, but now scouts who wanted to venture out to the mainland and confront the people who endangered their homeland.

The world of Attack On Titan is rarely on anyone’s bucket list, so it’s no surprise the stress and anxiety the leader of the scout regiment could hold.

Upon offering to hold off the Rumbling whilst the others fixed the flying boat, Hange said to Levi: “You understand, right, Levi? My turn’s come at last… Don’t stop what I’ve got going.”  Levi stops Hange with the scout’s gesture and says: “Give your heart”.  This is important for two reasons, both Levi and Hange understand that this life is limited and harsh at that and that Levi respects Hange enough to say the line, something he had never said before.  This caused unimaginable relief for Hange knowing she had finally risen up to the level of Erwin’s leadership.

During Hange’s final fight, we see how skilled a fighter Hange really is, something which is not shown all that much during the earlier series.  Hange handled the scientific side of the scouts, so this fight finally allowed her to let off some steam, steam which merged itself with the steam of the Rumbling force.

Two-Time Successor

When one leader dies another must fill their spot.  And so does Armin.  Erwin’s presence seeps through each and every part of this episode.  Armin questions why he was chosen to eat Berholdt and take on the Colossal titan instead of Erwin, questioning his own self-worth and right as a leader.  Upon being appointed as Commander of the Scouts by Hange, these questions were essentially amplified tenfold.  However, anyone in that situation would realise that it was no time to have these doubts, especially with the catastrophe upon them.

Armin has always shown strong traits of leadership, and where Erwin always looked for any possible way to get answers, Armin still seeks a peaceful resolution.  Upon the flying boat journey, Armin lays down tactics to go against Eren and creates resolutions between the scouts and warriors.

In the final action scene, we see Armin lead the charge towards Eren and in the final moments, we see Armin in the foreground, a representation of him being the newly appointed Commander and foreshadowing his stronger resolve for Part 4.

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Other things you might want to know about:

Is aot season 4 Part 3 coming?

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3 is already out on streaming sites and was released on March 4th 2023.  There is no current release date for the dubbed version.

How many episodes are there in aot season 4 Part 3?

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3 will not have several episodes, instead, it is one special episode with a run time of one hour.

Is AOT s4 Part 3 the last?

The last few chapters of the final season will be split into 2 parts.  Part 3 is already out and Part 4 will be released sometime in the second half of 2023.

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