The Biggest Starship in Star Wars And 16 Other Amazing Star Wars Space Vehicles

In between the biggest Starship in Star Wars, The Supremacy, and Grievous’ elusive Soulless One, there are over 250 different vehicles in the whole canonical storyline of the franchise. We’ve chosen some of the coolest of them. Check them out.

Biggest Starship in Star Wars: the supremacy

The Supremacy

Let us start with the terrifyingly gargantuan mega-class Star Destroyer called The Supremacy, featured in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. At more than three times the size of the Executor, the seemingly unbeatable Supreme Leader Snoke’s starship is an impressively drawn piece of design with a wingspan of 60 km. That said, the gigantic starship meets its demise when the relatively small yet bullet-shaped Raddus cuts it through.

Biggest Starship in Star Wars: executor


While The Supremacy may be an overkill, the Executor is probably just right to showcase the power of the Empire, at 19,000 meters long. If you landed it in the New York City, it would take up nearly the entire land area of Manhattan! Immense size apparently doesn’t make it invulnerable. In Return of the Jedi, a little nudge from a Rebel pilot knocks the Executor out of balance, crashing into the Death Star.

Biggest Starship in Star Wars: fulminatrix


With enough firepower to take down an entire squadron, it is no surprise the Fulminatrix dominates space. Stretching to 7,700 meters long, it’s a gentle behemoth of the First Order. Despite having more than two dozen cannons and two orbital guns, the Fulminatrix doesn’t stand a chance against a lone Resistance bomber. In fact, it lasts for less than 15 minutes in The Last Jedi.

Biggest Starship in Star Wars: trade federation battleship

Trade Federation Battleship

A frightening symbol of total destruction in The Phantom Menace, the Trade Federation Battleship has a unique crescent-shape design. It is a base for thousands of starfighters and countless weapons aiming in all directions. The commanders prefer to stay reclusive in their chambers and let the droids handle the operation of the starship. 

Biggest Starship in Star Wars: millennium falcon

Millennium Falcon

No starship in the Star Wars universe (and probably the whole sci-fi franchise for that matter) is more popular and recognizable than the Millennium Falcon. Both the first and second owners of the ship, Lando Calrissian and Han Solo, have done a series of extensive modifications to make it the quickest, nimblest, most evasive starship in space. Once again, it is the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. 

Biggest Starship in Star Wars: x wing starfighter

X-wing Starfighter

Equipped with two torpedo launchers and four laser cannons, the X-wing Starfighter has proven to be an agile aggressive opponent in the face of the mighty Empire. Small size and aerodynamic configurations give the Starfighter every advantage it needs during a dogfight. In the hands of a Force-sensitive pilot, like Luke Skywalker, the X-wing is capable of inflicting irreparable damage to the Death Star.

Biggest Starship in Star Wars: y wing starfighter

Y-wing Starfighter

It is true that Luke gets the biggest credit for the destruction of Death Star in A New Hope, but it’s only fair to remember the presence of a squadron of Y-wing vessels in the scene too. In the aftermath of the bombing, at least one evades the blast intact. The Y-wing has always been a true workhorse, taking parts in countless combats against ground targets and capital ships. 

Biggest Starship in Star Wars: b wing starfighter

B-wing Fighter

Among the strangely designed vehicles in Star Wars, the B-wing takes the throne as the most ungainly of all. It is a brilliant piece of engineering that the command-pod comes equipped with an advanced gyroscopic control, allowing the cockpit to stay upright at all times, even when the starship is upside down in unlikely angles. It may not be the most agile starship, but its firepower makes for an effective defense. 

Biggest Starship in Star Wars: tie fighter

TIE Fighter

The undisputed representative of the Imperial’s domination in the sky is the TIE fighter. Every battle station and Star Destroyer has a fleet of this starship ready for dogfights. TIE fighter is a single-seat starship designed to be lightweight, fast-paced opponent of the X-wing. The original model leads to other designs in the family including TIE Bomber and TIE Interceptor.

Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter

One TIE Fighter deserves a distinction thanks to the pilot, Darth Vader. It is an experimental design known as TIE Advanced x1. Armament includes cluster missiles, two laser cannons, and the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy: Darth Vader himself. The Dark Lord of the Sith takes part in many battles over the course of the Galactic Civil War in the starship. 

TIE Interceptor

Measuring at 9.6 meters in length, the starship with bent wings is called a TIE Interceptor, the next generation Imperial TIE Fighter. The new model is faster (this alone would make it enough of a highlight) and equipped with better weapons. TIE Interceptor is a prominent starship during the Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi. 

TIE Silencer

Another version of the TIE, dubbed the Silencer, is bigger but more aerodynamic than the Interceptor. It is a 17-meter long starship, and when piloted by Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi, capable of slithering through space like a hot knife cuts butter. While it has everything to do with Ren being the descendant of a brilliant pilot, the TIE Silencer also deserves credit for being an awesome ship.

A-wing Fighter

Boasting a faster top speed than even the TIE Interceptor, the 9.6 meters long A-wing Fighter is a primary twin-engine starship for Resistance and Rebels pilots in Return of the Jedi and The Last Jedi. The streamlined cockpit and arrowhead design are paired with pivoting laser blasters on the wingtips. Although the design is no longer new, the A-wing remains a formidable starship in the battle against the First Order. 

Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter

Unlike most starships in the Star Wars galaxy, the Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter is designed specifically for the Force-sensitive. It has no pilot-assistance system because it will only interfere with Force-triggered maneuvers. The starship is meant to be as fast as the Force will allow, turning like a dart to every direction in any angle, inflicting damage to the enemies then evading retaliatory fire. In short, a Jedi can pilot it with nothing but mind power.

Tantive IV

Nothing comes close to Tantive IV when it comes historical importance. It is the first starship introduced in the Star Wars galaxy. Darth Vader in the Imperial Star Destroyer intercepts and overtakes the ship without much difficulty. Leia reclaims the ship later on, but it finally takes its last flight during the Battle of Exegol. 

The Ghost

As the only starship in the entire galaxy to come equipped with an all-around cannon turret, The Ghost easily stands out in space. It makes a debut appearance in Star Wars Rebels, piloted by Hera Syndulla. Other armaments include forward and rear laser cannons. Inside The Ghost is a secondary shuttle that can function as a starfighter – useful when you can fly across Imperial sensors undetected.

Soulless One

With such a cool-sounding name, it is almost blasphemy not to include General Grievous’ starfighter in the list. The Soulless One features six laser cannons in total, with respectable agility and speed to escape a serious chase. In fact, the heavily-modified and impervium-armored starship is exceptionally good at escaping a battle; it earns the nickname “Spineless One.”

We love the cool and amazing starships that feature in the Star Wars movies. Which one is your favorite? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

Here are some other things you might want to know about.

What are some of the best Star Wars spaceships?

According to there are many spaceships to love. Here are their 25 best.

  1. X-wing
  2. TIE Fighter
  3. Millennium Falcon
  4. Super Star Destroyer
  5. Y-wing
  6. B-wing
  7. Snoke’s Supremacy Flagship
  8. Slave I
  9. The Ghost
  10. Jedi Starfighter
  11. Lambda-classT-4a Shuttle
  12. N-1 Naboo Starfighter
  13. Kylo REN’s Upsilon-class Command Shuttle
  14. Ebon Hawk
  15. Scimitar Sith Infiltrator
  16. Inderdictor Star Destroyer
  17. Solar Sailer
  18. The Fireball
  19. Clawcraft
  20. Zonama Skelton Shuttle
  21. Outrider
  22. Sun Crusher
  23. Outbound Flight
  24. Hammerhead-class Cruiser
  25. The Ravager

Here’s some great trivia about characters and their ships.

Darth Vader-Executor

KYLO Ren-Finalizer

Palpatine-The Eclipse

Anakin-The Resolute

Snoke-The Supremacy 

Darth Maul-Sith Infiltrator

Luke Skywalker-Harix

Count Dooku-Solar Sailer

Obi-Wan-Delta 7

General Grievous-Soulless One

Princess Leia-Tantive IV

Jango Fett-Slave I

Admiral Raddus-The Produndity

Han Solo-Millennium Falcon

What are some facts about The Millennium Falcon?

According to there are 9 little known facts about this junkiest spaceship in the Star Wars galaxy. 

  1. It’s from Han Solo’s home planet.
  2. The Falcon is a Corellian YT-1300.
  3. It was Chewie who requested the iconic Dejarik table.
  4. Han won the Falcon from Lando.
  5. The Falcon was used by a secretive Republic Group under the moniker Stellar Envoy.
  6. The Falcon was briefly in the hands of the Empire.
  7. Han’s first trip in the Falcon was to Kashyyyk.
  8. Han once used the Falcon to kidnap Leia.
  9. Lando won the ship back but gave it to Han to impress an important EU figure.

Check out for more information on these little-known facts.