Black Mirror Season 2: Artificial Intelligence, Politics and Public Humiliation

Black Mirror is an experimental Sci-fi series which delves into different stories revolving around technology and the world around us. Black Mirror Season 2 followed the instant hit of Season 1 with another 3 episodes delving into “too close to home” futures. Although the season has one of the most disliked Black Mirror episodes to date, the season continues to carry on the widespread popularity of the series. Find out all about Black Mirror Season 1 here!

Black Mirror Season 2


Black Mirror Season 2

Be Right Back

Martha and Ash are a loving couple, but tragedy strikes when Ash dies in a car accident. Grieving and unable to move on, Martha discovers a service that uses artificial intelligence to replicate the deceased based on their digital footprint. Tempted by the chance to have Ash back in her life, Martha signs up for the service. Initially, she interacts with a chatbot imitating Ash’s personality, but as the AI becomes more sophisticated, it can simulate his voice and mannerisms. The line between the virtual Ash and reality blurs, creating a complex emotional struggle for Martha as she grapples with the true nature of her loss and the implications of this technology on human connections.

Black Mirror Season 2

White Bear

Victoria wakes up with no memory of who she is or how she got there, pursued by mysterious individuals. She discovers that nearly everyone around her is filming her on their phones but seems unwilling to help. She is drawn to a symbol known as “White Bear” and encounters Jem, a fellow survivor. Jem reveals that the town’s population is under the influence of a signal that erases their memories every night, forcing them to relive the same events repeatedly. As Victoria uncovers the truth about her past, she realizes she is part of a sadistic public punishment spectacle, where the populace watches her suffer through a distorted sense of justice. However, a twist awaits her as the episode takes an unexpected turn, challenging the audience’s perception of morality and punishment.

The Waldo Moment

Jamie, a failed comedian, voices a profane cartoon character named Waldo. Waldo is a satirical figure mocking politicians and the political system. As a publicity stunt, Waldo becomes a candidate in a local by-election. To Jamie’s surprise, Waldo gains unexpected popularity, resonating with disillusioned voters who see him as an outsider representing their frustrations. As the campaign progresses, Jamie finds himself entangled in a complex political game, where Waldo’s irreverence and unpredictability blur the lines between fiction and reality. Jamie must confront the consequences of his creation as it becomes evident that Waldo’s rise to power could have profound and unpredictable consequences on the political landscape.


White Christmas

Two men, Matt and Joe, find themselves stranded in a remote cabin during the holiday season. To pass the time, they share their past experiences with an AI program that simulates human consciousness, allowing them to relive their memories in real time. As their narratives unfold, the episode delves into themes of loneliness, deception, and the ethical implications of technology. “

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Other things you might want to know:

What is the most disturbing episode in Black Mirror?

Here are some of the most disturbing Black Mirror Episode:

  • Shut Up and Dance
  • The National Anthem
  • Playtest
  • White Bear

What order do you watch Black Mirror in?

Black Mirror is made up of several unique episodes that do not closely relate to each other. You can watch in any order and still experience the series the same.

Why was Black Mirror cancelled?

Black mirror was once cancelled due to production cost but has now recently released its sixth season.

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