Black Mirror Season 3: A Season Harbouring Some Of The Best Episodes

Black Mirror Season 3 was the first to bring 6 fresh new episodes to the series, each with its own subject and turmoil. Subjectively, this season has brought us some of the best episodes and most intense moments. Premiering in 2016, the season achieved a new bar for the series, something which has tried to be matched in the next 3 seasons. Find out more about Black Mirror Season 3 here!

Black Mirror Season 3


Black Mirror Season 3


In the not-so-distant future, social status is determined by constant social media interactions and ratings. Lacie Pound lives in a society where people are obsessed with their online presence and strive for high ratings. Lacie, determined to increase her score, receives an invitation to her childhood friend Naomi’s wedding, who is highly rated and influential. To attend the wedding, Lacie must travel by plane, and her social rating becomes crucial for securing a seat. However, a series of unfortunate events and interactions cause her rating to plummet, leading to a chain of increasingly disastrous consequences. As Lacie’s desperation to raise her score intensifies, she becomes more and more artificial in her interactions, ultimately leading to an emotional breakdown.

Black Mirror Season 3


An adventurous traveller named Cooper arrives in London and seeks to earn some money to fund his return flight home. He signs up to participate in a secretive and advanced virtual reality gaming experiment for a company called SaitoGemu. Cooper’s mind is connected to the game, which aims to create personalized horror experiences by extracting his deepest fears. As the simulation progresses, Cooper finds himself in a series of terrifying and increasingly realistic situations. However, the lines between reality and the game start to blur, and he becomes trapped in a nightmarish loop where he cannot distinguish what is real.

Shut Up And Dance

Kenny, a young man, falls victim to a malicious hacker who gains control of his computer’s camera, capturing compromising footage of him. The hacker blackmails Kenny, threatening to release the video to his contacts unless he completes a series of tasks. Along with others facing similar predicaments, Kenny embarks on a disturbing and dangerous journey to follow the hacker’s instructions. As the story unfolds, the audience becomes aware of the various shameful secrets of the characters involved. The episode takes unexpected turns, revealing the dark and unsettling consequences of their actions and the lengths they go to protect their reputations and privacy.

San Junipero

Set in both the present day and a virtual afterlife called San Junipero, the story follows Yorkie and Kelly, two women who meet in a beach town and form a deep connection. San Junipero allows people to experience an idyllic life after death, regardless of their age at the time of death. As their bond grows, they must confront their fears and uncertainties about the implications of this digital afterlife. Yorkie, who has been in a coma for decades, grapples with the idea of eternal life in San Junipero, while Kelly is hesitant due to her previous experiences with love and loss.

Men Against Fire

In a post-apocalyptic world, soldiers like Stripe utilize an advanced military implant called MASS, which enhances their senses and combat abilities. The soldiers’ primary mission is to exterminate mutated humans known as “roaches,” who are seen as a threat to society. During a mission, Stripe’s implant malfunctions, and he discovers the horrifying truth behind the military’s operations. The “roaches” are not the monstrous creatures they appear to be; they are ordinary people whom the implant manipulates, making them appear dangerous.

Hated In The Nation

In London, society is heavily influenced by social media trends. When a series of seemingly unrelated deaths occur, Detective Karin Parke and tech-savvy Blue Coulson begin investigating. The victims are connected by the use of a specific hashtag that trends on Twitter before their deaths. As the investigation progresses, the detectives uncover a dark conspiracy involving autonomous drone bees, a creation initially meant to help with pollination. These bees have been turned into deadly weapons, targeting individuals based on public votes influenced by the hashtag.

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What is the most disturbing Black Mirror episode?

Here are some of the most disturbing Black Mirror Episode:

  • Shut Up and Dance
  • The National Anthem
  • Playtest
  • White Bear

What was the point of Shut Up and Dance Black Mirror?

Shut Up And Dance is a clever twisting story about the lesser of two evils and the topic of blackmail and hackers. Although to some viewers the ending sent the whole story into a lack of necessity, instead it exclaims the horrors of the hacker world.

Why did Black Mirror get Cancelled?

Black mirror was once cancelled due to production cost but has now recently released its sixth season.

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