Emori in The 100: The Grounder Outcast Who Found Her People 

Portrayed by Luisa d’Oliveira, Emori undergoes a powerful character arc in The 100 as she transcends rejection to find her place. Introduced as a crafty but distrustful outcast, Emori evolves into a selfless heroine driven by love and loyalty.

Outcast Turned Scavenger

We first meet Emori in Season 3 when she encounters Murphy while scavenging technological relics in the nuclear ruins of Endayah. Shunned for her mutated hand, Emori learned to survive through cunning and deception. 

Initially using Murphy for her gain, Emori warms to finding someone equally damaged who doesn’t judge her. Their playful banter gives way to genuine affection. But Emori remains hesitant to trust after a lifetime of rejection.


From Scavenger to Rebel 

In Season 4, Emori joins Skaikru in standing up to ALIE. Her technical expertise aids Raven in defeating the AI and forging new bonds. Emori also develops a sisterly friendship with Otanza.

When Skaikru turns on her, Murphy becomes Emori’s only family. Their shared status as outcasts strengthens their devotion as they work together to survive Praimfaya. Emori’s arc shows her transcending self-interest to become part of a loyal team.

Evolving Perspective in Space

During 6 years in space after Praimfaya, Emori gains a new perspective by being welcomed into the Spacekru family. She develops a talent for spacewalking, finding purpose in maintaining their home and life support.

Back on the ground, reconnecting with her brother Otanja helps Emori recognize how much she’s grown. Defending her new family and people against Primefiya reaffirms Emori’s sense of belonging. She becomes a vital team member, replacing self-reliance with sacrifice. 

Three Reasons We Love Emori:

1. She represents overcoming rejection  

As a Grounder “Frikdreina” outcast, Emori is inspired by finally finding unconditional love and acceptance.

2. She adds technical genius

Emori’s impressive mechanical skills make her an MVP of the group in executing clever hacks and repairs.

3. She evolves into a hero

From cynical scavenger to selfless friend, Emori’s maturation into a courageous team player is rewarding to see.

Emori’s dramatic personal growth throughout the show makes her especially compelling. By breaking free of her past as an outcast, she emerges as both a lovable character and the ultimate underdog success story.

Other Things You Might Want to Know:

How did Emori become so tech savvy?

Growing up scavenging old technology, Emori learned hands-on how to dismantle, assess, and repair advanced equipment.

What is Emori’s role in Season 7?

In the final season, Emori joins the fight against the Disciples and their quest for the “Last War” by decrypting useful intel from Bardo technology.

Who does Emori share the closest bond with?

Emori and John Murphy develop the deepest connection as kindred spirits. Their romance endures against all odds.

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