FREE Gog Sci-Fi Games Everyone Can Play That Will Help You Relax

When it comes to digital games distribution services, most people probably recognize Steam more than they do GOG. Although the platforms are not vastly different from each to other, the latter offers better options for classic games with actual ownership; some games are available for download at no cost at all. If you are fan of sci-fi, the following GOG free games could be your gateway to the immersive digital world.

Ultima Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams

The second installment of the Ultima Worlds of Adventure series, the Martian Dreams game take to you to 1893 on Mars. A massive space cannon, carrying some of the most precious cargo ever from Earth, is stranded in space. George Washington, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Emma Goodman, Vladimir Lenin, Grigori Rasputin, Nikola Tesla, Mark Twain, and Theodore Roosevelt are among those aboard the ship. It is your job to rescue the expedition and save history.

Tyrian 2000

You have just discovered a huge rock formation on planet Tyrian. Buried beneath the rock formation is a priceless mineral known as Gravitium. No one but Microsol, the terraforming company, is supposed to know anything about it. You are now a wanted man, on the run from a resourceful evil corporation. Tyrian 2000 offers old-school vertical-shooter gameplay mechanics. It is easy to learn but hard to master.


Within the Andromeda galaxy, the people of planet Zile are preparing for an all-out invasion of the nearby planet Ytima. Instead of waiting for the attack to come, the Ytimians plan to deploy the elite squad Stargunner and strike first. The element of surprise might just give the squad a chance to cripple the enemy’s strongholds. Stargunner is a scrolling-shooter game featuring dozens of spacecraft designs and more intense 30+ boss-level missions. 

Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius

Captain Kayto Shields embarks on an interstellar mission aboard the Sunrider to save the galaxy from the evil intent of People’s Alliance for Common Treatment. The mission starts as a revenge mission to liberate Cera, his home planet, from the grip of the Alliance. As the Sunrider travels deeper into space, the captain unravels a bigger mystery. Mask of Arcadius is a turn-based strategy game in which you need to manage a pilot squadron and improve your vessel to defeat the enemy.

Bio Menace

free gog sci fi games: bio menace

Hordes of mutants suddenly appear out of nowhere and threaten to take over the world. CIA Agent Snake Logan is on a mission to uncover the mystery and bring the evil mastermind to justice. You will embark on a journey across the world to kill monsters and rescue hostages from harm. As you make progress, you will come across secret areas, special bonuses, powerful weapons, and big bosses. 

Beneath a Steel Sky

free gog sci fi games: beneath a steel sky

A click-adventure game with cyberpunk visuals and a gripping science fiction story, Beneath a Steel Sky follows the journey of Robert Foster in a vast dystopian city. The oppressed civilians spend much of their lives in tower blocks, whereas the rich and corrupt build their palaces underground. In this urban hell they call Union City, Foster needs to find a way to liberate the people and perhaps discover how he ended up here to begin with.

Flashout 3D: Enhanced Edition

free gog sci fi games: flashout

To celebrate the release of the brand new VR-enabled Flashout 3 in September, the original Flashout 3D is back with a twist. Dubbed the Enhanced Edition version, it has been remastered for better graphics and improved with additional features. The classic anti-gravity racing fun is here to stay. Upgrade your ship with guns and rockets to defeat the opponents. Win races, unlock circuits, and carve your way to become the galaxy’s best racer.


free gog sci fi games: cayne

Hadley wakes up in a part of STASIS universe, not knowing where she is. In a state of panic, she scrambles all around the room to find an exit door. However, it is not as easy as cranking the handle to break free. Before she can find a way out, she needs to solve a lot of tricky puzzles and beat the horrors around every corner. It is a game that will put your deductive skill to the test.

Quake II RTX

free gog sci fi games: quake

Somewhere in space, your ship has just landed on a planet with heavy military-grade fortifications. With only few men to help, you must devise a method to go through the fortress and cripple the war machine inside. The fate of humanity depends on this mission. Failure is not an option. The game is a playable demo of Quake II. It doesn’t have all the levels and multiplayer support, for which Quake II: Quad Damage is required.

Terraformers: First Steps on Mars

free gog sci fi games: terraformers

You are part of a pioneering expedition to Mars to see if the planet is viable for human settlement. The long journey to terraforming the planet starts now. Like creating a new civilization, you must exploit any available resources and develop a colony. First Step on Mars is a stand-alone version of the Terraformers. You don’t need the latter to play the former, for free. 

Time Loader: First Memories

free gog sci fi games: time loader

Get a taste of the innovative physics-based Time Loader platformer game with First Memories. The playable demo comes free of charge. The game takes you back to the 1990s as a small toy robot. You are here not by accident, but carrying out an important mission to prevent a catastrophe. It is a challenging expedition in which you must solve intricate puzzles through an entirely new perspective. The game can get a little frustrating at first, but it gets easier and more satisfying as you acquire upgrades and power ups.

The Riftbreaker Prologue

free gog sci fi games: rift breaker

As the name says, The Riftbreaker Prologue tells the story before the events of the main game. You take the role of Captain Ashley Nowak, the Riftbreaker – an elite commando wearing a powerful robotic suit. It is your job to strengthen the base and defend it from the relentless hordes of alien monsters. 

Shadow Warrior Classic Complete

A nice blend of sci-fi and fantasy, Shadow Warrior puts you in the shoes of Lo Wang, a top-notch assassin and mutant exterminator. There is no shortage of formidable adversaries in the Land of the Rising Sun. After you take down some undead sumos, there is always another menace ahead. The controversial Shadow Warrior is brought to you by the creators of Duke Nukem 3D.

We love video games no matter where you play them or on which device. What a great way to waste time and still feel like a superhero if you win. Which Gog sci-fi game is your favorite? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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