From TV Series Season 2: A Plot Twist That Changes Everything

Premiering in 2022, the From TV series marks in new Sci-fi horror show in which a small town is terrorized by nightly monsters. Although the theme is not a completely original idea, From has a diverse and detailed set of characters, each with their own backstories and reasons for the things they do. It’s extremely hard to make a series with enough uniqueness and creativity the more we go on, however From has spurred on enough audience attention to have a sequel series and more. Here is an episode-by-episode run-through of From TV Series Season 2!


From TV Series Season 2
Strangers in a Strange Land

A passenger on a bus alerts the residents about danger, leading to efforts to protect passengers and secure a nearby building. Donna attempts to convince the bus driver of the danger, resorting to shooting out a bus tire when the driver ignores her, causing some passengers to flee. Jade discusses the significance of symbols in a journal with Ethan. Jim, Tom, and two passengers embark on a rescue mission for Tabitha, but the house collapses, trapping them. Victor and Tabitha explore tunnels, narrowly escaping creatures that awaken inside. With the assistance of an unknown person, Boyd climbs out of a mineshaft and discovers a ragged man chained to a wall, who requests Boyd to end his life.

From TV Series Season 2
The Kindness of Strangers

Boyd refuses to carry out Martin’s request to end his life and instead attempts to free him. Martin warns Boyd that the creatures in the forest are just the beginning of the danger. Suddenly, a music box on the ground begins playing by itself, and Martin, in the last act, transfers some worm-like parasites to Boyd before passing away. Boyd then finds himself back in the ominous forest.

Meanwhile, Kristi endeavours to reconnect with Mari, her girlfriend and a fellow bus passenger. During the night, Donna compels most of the bus passengers to seek refuge in a diner, while outside, the creatures ruthlessly hunt down and kill anyone they find, including Tom, who remains trapped under the collapsed house, while Jim can only watch in horror.

Boyd eventually escapes the forest and reunites with Victor and Tabitha, who have sought shelter in an old trailer.

From TV Series Season 2

The episode starts by picking up the morning after the slaughter of the newcomers on the bus. The survivors are all shaken and traumatized, and Kenny and Ellis find Kelly, one of the busgoers, with a rod through her head. She is dying, and Boyd is forced to pull the rod out, which kills her. Kristi is devastated by Kelly’s death, and Ellis decides to get married to Fatima sooner rather than later. Tabitha sees two little girls in her visions, and Kenny hears something in the basement of the church. The episode ends with Boyd and Donna talking about what happened in the woods.

This Way Gone

The survivors are still reeling from the events of the previous episode, and they are divided about what to do next. Some, like Boyd and Kenny, want to stay and fight, while others, like Kristi and Mari, want to leave. The group is also divided about the mysterious little girls that Tabitha has been seeing in her visions. Some believe that they are real, while others believe that they are just a figment of Tabitha’s imagination.


Sara takes the initiative to speak with the townspeople she previously harmed due to her actions, and Ethan confronts her. Meanwhile, Jade seeks further information from Victor about the man in the photographs, requiring her to perform a lullaby on the violin. In parallel, Tabitha endeavours to connect with the children she encounters in her visions.

Pas de Deux

Donna is compelled to initiate covert rationing measures at Colony House, but the secret doesn’t remain hidden for long. Meanwhile, the parasites within Boyd become more potent, pushing him to seek a solution when Ellis sustains a severe injury and requires a blood transfusion.

Belly of the Beast

Boyd’s nightmarish ballerina experience inexplicably extends its reach to Mari and Elgin. Kristi performs an autopsy on a deceased monster in an attempt to identify a vulnerability that the townspeople can use against the other monsters. Fatima receives unexpected medical information, and Kenny confides a secret in Kristi.

Forest for the Trees

Jim and Randall begin to suspect that the town’s secrets run deeper than they initially thought, and Randall’s growing paranoia takes a hazardous turn. Tabitha encourages Victor to delve deeper into his past memories. Bizarre dreams haunt the town in the aftermath of the monster’s demise.

Ball of Magic Fire

The cicadas take flight, making it unsafe for anyone to rest peacefully, whether it’s day or night. Tensions escalate at Colony House, leading Boyd, Jim, Donna, and Randall to spend a night in the RV when they are unable to return to town before nightfall when the monsters emerge.

Once Upon a Time?

Donna retrieves Randall, who is in a coma-like state along with Julie and Mari. Sara tells Boyd that he accidentally released the entity causing this and they need to destroy the music box responsibly. They search the forest but only find ruins.

Ellis and a pregnant Fatima get married, and Boyd is inspired by Ellis’s words about finding light in the darkness. Boyd takes a torch from his encounter with Martin and returns to the forest ruins. He ends up in a prison where Julie, Mari, and Randall are being tortured by an unseen force. Boyd decides to destroy the music box despite a vision of Abby warning him it won’t help. When he smashes it, the three captives wake up, seemingly ending the threat.

Jade explores creature-free tunnels and sees a vision of eerie children chanting towards a symbol.

Victor takes Tabitha to a tree that transports her to a tower. She believes the eerie children are kept here. The Boy in White apologizes and pushes her out a window. Tabitha wakes up in a hospital, realizing she’s escaped to the outside world.

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Other things you might want to know:

Is there a 2nd season to the series from?

Yes, From TV show has now got two seasons.

Is there a from Season 3?

From Season 3 has been greenlit for a loose 2024 release.

Where can I watch From – Season 2 UK?

You can watch From in the Uk on Sky Go and Now TV.

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