King Kong vs Godzilla Toys: The Coolest Monster Merchandise For You

Nothing says apocalypse better than King Kong vs Godzilla or some other giant angry monsters attacking Earth and getting into a fist fight. But when my kid wants to play with these monsters, what then?

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of King Kong vs Godzilla toys everywhere. Godzilla, as a franchise, is a property of Japan-based Toho Co., Ltd, whereas films featuring King Kong are owned by several major studios including Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., and Toho as well.

As for the toys and other merch related to the characters, they are sold under various brands. Some of the best to grow your collection are below:

king kong vs godzilla toys: bandai

Bandai Godzilla Movie Monster EX

Whether you are a new enthusiast still dabbling your way around the franchise or a seasoned collector, it is always good to opt for a classic merchandise. In that case, the Bandai Godzilla Movie Monster EX should be in your shopping list. The 7-inch vinyl toy is based on the monster’s 1968 old-school look, first seen in Japanese kaiju film Destroy All Monsters. The action figure is as basic as it can get, and the skin texture is mostly similar to that of a tree bark. It is neither articulated nor well-detailed, but it makes up for all those drawbacks with rigidity and sturdiness.

S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla 2019

If antiquated design is too much of a struggle to like and you want a refreshed style instead, an action figure from newer age should fit the bill just right. The “Godzilla 2019,” from the Articulation Series of S.H.MonsterArts, is crafted to mimic the monster as it appears in children’s nightmares. Every detail you see on the action figure – from the facial expression to coloration and from poses to proportion – is based on the 2019 film Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Since the design process (of the toy) also used the film’s 3D data of the creature, it’s very close to being a scaled-down replica. It stands 6.3-inch tall, and is packaged with an interchangeable lower jaw for an atomic-breath action.

king kong vs godzilla toys

NECA 1962 Godzilla

An even older look of the monster, the NECA 1962 Godzilla action figure is based on how the giant lizard appeared on King Kong vs. Godzilla, released nearly six decades ago in Japan. The two monsters had never crossed path again until last year when Legendary Pictures, in collaboration with Warner Bros., released Godzilla vs. Kong. The only outdated aspect of the toy is the styling; on everything else, it is a modern action figure with 30 points of articulation (including tail) and a detachable “heat ray blast” part. NECA 1962 Godzilla stands 6-inch tall. It is not the biggest or tallest, but imposing enough nonetheless.

Bandai Godzilla Movie Monster EX: Mechagodzilla

As if a fire-breathing giant reptile with horn-like fins all along the spine to the tip of the tail is not scary enough, there is robotic version of the monster known as Mechagodzilla. In its 1974 debut, the robot was characterized as an extraterrestrial entity, but in subsequent films it became a manufactured weapon to defend against the real monster. The robot was featured in Godzilla vs. Kong, too. An action figure based on the most recent version of Mechagodzilla would be cool, yet one that depicts the original work is beyond reproach. Among the best examples of such is the Bandai Godzilla Movie Monster EX: Mechagodzilla.

king kong vs godzilla toys: graphic novels

Kingdom Kong and Godzilla: Dominion

First thing first, “Kingdom Kong” and “Godzilla: Dominion” are not action figures or toys. They are graphic novels of which the stories take place before the events in Godzilla vs. Kong; think of them as a set of prelude or prequel to the film. Kingdom Kong takes you on a treacherous adventure with a group of military operatives on Skull Island before a dangerous expedition into the Hollow Earth. Godzilla: Dominion gives a glance into the monster’s life as it searches for a new home in the aftermath of Godzilla: King of the Monsters. There is even a mention of Ancient Kong, albeit in a flashback, chronicling the incident that started the feud between the two monsters. You can buy them separately, but it is better to treat them as a set.

king kong vs godzilla toys: kong with battle axe pop vinyl

Kong with Battle Axe – Godzilla vs. Kong

It seems like there’s always an interesting Funko action figure of any franchise now. Unlike a typical merchandise of its kind, everything from the company doesn’t always try to look realistic – or faithful to the original version. Take the Kong with Battle Axe for example; it sounds like a frightening name although the actual figure makes the otherwise terrifying character almost adorable. Yes the toy comes with red eyes, battle scars across the chest, an axe with a handle made of bone, and is looking wrathful, but the overall effect is the exact opposite. Much of the adorability is due to the diminutive 4.25-inch height.

MonsterVerse – Godzilla vs. Kong – Kong with Battle-Axe

Now if you compare the figurine from Funko with the Kong with Battle-Axe from MonsterVerse, you’ll immediately notice the contrasting feel between them. Each has red eyes, scars in the same body area, and is holding a battle axe. That said, the MonsterVerse’s Kong is much more intimidating. One small difference is the facial expression in which this version flaunts a scream to reveal its pointy teeth. Also, it is 6-inch tall. The axe is detachable and part of Kong’s right upper arm reveals a wide battle injury.

S.H.MonsterArts Kong from Godzilla vs. Kong

This version of Kong by S.H.MonsterArts materializes from the 3D data used in the latest film in the franchise, Godzilla vs. Kong. The figure imitates Kong’s actual bone structure, meaning the articulated parts allow for more natural poses. Whether you want to display Kong as a desk ornament or actually play with it to recreate scenes from the movie, proper articulation design makes sure that Kong never appears gawky from any angle. Even the muscles, especially in chest and abdomen area, are more prominently featured in the figure. The package also includes a battle axe, an optional head, and three pairs of optional hands. Height is 5.7-inch.


For monster designers working in the movie industry, animated films give a wider room for creativity. Just about everything you see in the creature is built on screen. The only limit is the artists’ imagination (and production budget). Godzilla in any modern CGI-based movie is alarmingly menacing enough, and the animated version of the monster is nightmarish. Based on the 2021 animated film Godzilla Singular Point, an action figure known as Godzillaultima boasts a striking presence thanks to the combination of detailed enraged expression and slightly disproportionate ratio between body height and tail length. While the body itself stands 165mm, the tail alone measures 440mm long. Package includes swappable fire-breathing mouth and two unpainted mini-figures.

Mega Punching Kong

Godzilla might be King of the Monsters, but Mega Punching Kong by Playmates Toys would tower over most action figures of the former. Standing at 13-inch tall while holding a massive axe, which looks like a weapon of the Stone Age, there are not many things it cannot crush. It is packaged with a mini figure Monarch soldier made to be tiny in comparison. Mega Punching Kong has glowing red eyes and emits roaring noise.

Toho Classic 6.5” Monsters – King Kong

Kong is, in essence, an imaginary and extensively scaled-up version of gorilla. Merian C. Copper, the creator of the creature, wanted King Kong to be a gorilla monster with a face half-human half-beast. Taking that into account, the Toho Classic 6.5″ action figure is true to the original purpose. The chest area has minimum fur, and the facial structure resembles a human. The vinyl replica features realistic paint treatments and points of articulation for playability value.

king kong vs godzilla toys: skull crawler

MonsterVerse Godzilla vs. Kong 15cm Skull Crawler Action Figure

The archenemies of Kong in Skull Island, the Skullcrawlers, have insatiable appetite due to heightened metabolism. They are quick despite having no hind limb. With a serpent-like tail powerful enough to lift and fling Kong in combat. Skullcrawlers are highly aggressive and armed with two rows of razor-sharp teeth. To help you recreate battle scenes from the franchise, MonsterVerse’s 15cm Skullcrawler action figure should not be left out. It comes with a small HEAV for the giant freakish reptile to use as a projectile.

MonsterVerse Godzilla vs. Kong 2″ Mini Monster 6 Pack

Depending on how you see it, the Mini Monster 6 Pack can be a starter set or the ultimate collection. The pack contains Godzilla, Kong, Skullcrawler, Hellhawk, Behemoth, and Warbat. Also each is 5cm tall. Every figure is based on the latest Godzilla vs. Kong film. They’re small enough to display together as a set without taking up much space on a cabinet. But also in good details that you can appreciate them as individual pieces.

Which of these King Kong vs Godzilla toys are your favorite? Which of these will you add to your collection?

We’d love to hear from you!

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