The Stranger Things Merch Store: Where to Buy Anything and Everything About Netflix’s Top Show

The fourth and latest season of Stranger Things, which premiered on May 27, 2022, broke the record of Netflix’s viewership with 1.15 billion hours streamed over the following week. By the end of May to early June, the show also became Netflix’s Top 10 in 93 different countries. The popularity of the latest season actually boosted the viewership of previous seasons as well. With such fame, business is booming in the Stranger Things Merch Store. Some of the most recommended items people are buying are as follows:

Stranger Things: The Official Store

The official Stranger Things merchandise store is not limited to one location. It moved from one big city to another all over the United States and beyond. Not so long ago, you could find the stores in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. All three have now moved to Dallas, Miami, and Paris.

It is unlike any typical merchandise store. In addition to offering exclusive show-related items and memorabilia, visitors have the chance to engage in various themed activates from exploring Hawkins Lab to recreating scenes from the episodes. Visitors are encouraged to make a reservation beforehand, for it comes with exciting benefits such as:

·      Priority access to the Stranger Things universe through an immersive experience. The access is provided at no additional cost.
·     Exploration into realistic remakes of well-known locations as seen in the series.
·      Themed shopping with a large variety of Stranger Things merchandise integrated into scene locations.
·      All sorts of strange moments throughout the experience, interactive activities, and photo ops.

Through the immersive experience, visitors have the chance to relive the Stranger Things adventures with main characters like Dustin, Lucas, Will, and of course El. The visitors are the stars of the show and will discover their own powers. Thanks to the visual effects created by 3D Universal Studios, guests can take part in original Stranger Things storyline on a telekinetic escape room ride.


Netflix Shop – Stranger Things
stranger things merch

Apart from the official physical stores, Netflix Shop offers a more traditional straightforward online purchase experience. The shop sells merchandises not only from Stranger Things, but also from many other popular shows and films as Squid Game, Peaky Blinders, The Adam Project, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

When it comes to Stranger Things, fans are spoiled with various products ranging from an $8 Chief Hopper ornament to the $4,700 Eddie’s Warlock Guitar. Most of the merchandises are apparel and footwear, although there are a few decorative items too. If you are outside the United States, bear in mind that all items are displayed in U.S. sizes.

The Netflix Shop accepts more than 35 payment options. Major payment methods like PayPal, American Express, and Visa are available in over 100 countries. Every purchase is handled and processed by Global-e, the vendor in partnership with Netflix. Some items may not be available for purchase depending on your location.


Stranger Things Fans Store
stranger things merch

Based in Ireland, the Stranger Things Fans Store offers comprehensive categories including but not limited to Figures & Toys, Workout Gear, Decoration, Accessories, Clothing, and Smartphone Cases. Many products listed in the store are the same as what you will find in the Netflix Shop, but there are price differences. Certain products are on sale, with a 15% discount (some are 40% off!) for every order from $100 up.

Think of the online Fans Store as an alternative to the previous brick-and-mortar stores. The website says “high quality and beautiful design,” but it doesn’t give any explicit information whether the products are official merchandises. If authenticity is important to you, make sure to confirm the matter before making a purchase.



The obvious go-to online shop is Amazon. When you are at the homepage, simply enter “Stranger Things” as a search query and you will be presented with hundreds (if not thousands) of show-related merchandise. The page displays every available product from all categories, for example Toys & Games, Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Home & Kitchen, and Novelty & More.

You can also sort the products based on the brand. There are more than 20 brands listed including Netflix, LEGO, and Mattel Games among others. Many of the clothing products (graphic tees, hoodies, clothing and accessories) are sold by “Amazon Merch on Demand,” which means the items are manufactured or printed when a buyer places the order. Products in the category include free Prime delivery and returns.


More Options
stranger things merch

Apart from the aforementioned options, Stranger Things merchandise is available in just about every major online store. Typical options include:


At the moment there are more than 1370 products listed under the “Stranger Things” page in Target. All the usual items like clothing, home decoration, and toys are available. For the clothing category, Target offers unique products designed by fan-artists like Monique Aimee, Cymone Wilder, Raul Urias, and Travis Knight. The designs are produced only in limited numbers.

Stranger Things Shop

For a true “made by fans for fans” shopping experience, look no further than the Stranger Things Shop. You can still find plenty of official products in the store, but the main focus of the company is on the creativity side of the business.


Another excellent alternative is Redbubble, an online store for print-on-demand products and fan-submitted artworks. Here you can find anything from stickers to clothing, from stationery to throw blankets. There are thousands of unique designs to give you the biggest bragging right.

Are you a Stranger Things fan? Do you have any of the cool merch that represents the show? Let us know what you’ve bought over the years. We’d love to hear from you.

Other things you might want to know about.

What is the playlist for Stranger Things Season 2?

This is the playlist on Spotify for Stranger Things Season 2:

Baba O‘Riley   The Who
Things Can Only Get Better   Howard jones
Material Girl   Madonna
Cold as Ice   Foreigner
She’s Got You   Patsy Cline
R.O.C.K. In the U.S.A.   John Mellencamp
Neutron Dance    Pointer Sisters
Can’t Fight this Feeling    REO Speedwagon
Wake me up Before You Go-Go   Wham!
My. Bologna    “Weird Al” Yankovic
Moving in Sterio   The Cars
Never Surrender  Corey Hart
Lovergirl   Teena Marie
Workin For a Livin   Huey Lewis and the News
We’ll Meet Again    Vera Lynn
Never Ending Story   Gaten Matarazzo, Gabriella Pizzolo

Who are the 10 best and funniest characters in Stranger Things?

According to these 10 characters gives us plenty of laughs as we watch Stranger Things. 

1. Argyle-Surfer Boy Pizza’s Funniest Employee
2. Eddie-Leader of the Hellfire Club
3. Murray-Karate Master
4. Robin-The Coolest Person to ever be in band
5. Hopper-The Grumpiest Police Chief you ever could meet
6. Lucas-A Quick Thinker and a Smooth Talker
8. Erica-The Funniest member of the Sinclair Family
9. Steve-He’s a pretty darn good babysitter
10. Dustin-The Funniest person in Hawkins

Go to to read more details on these 10 characters.

Gift Guide for Stranger Things

According to here are some great gifts for any Stranger Things fan.

1. MAC x Stranger Things Cosmetics Collection-Ulta Beaury
2. Stranger Things: World’s Turned Upside Down Book-Amazon
3. Stranger Things Pouch-Amazon
4. Stranger Things Upside Down Capsules-Amazon
5. Stranger Things Lokai
6. Stranger Things Poster-Etsy
7. Gap x Stranger Things Teen Graphic T-Shirt-Gap
8. Stranger Things Season 4 Funko Pops-Walmarta
9. Demogorgon Phone Stand-Amazon
10. Demogorgon mini Planter-Amazon
11. Stranger Things: Soundtrack-Target
12. Creel House Earrings-Etsy
13. The Hellfire Club Bathing Duo-Lush
14. Lite Brite Stranger Things Special Edition-Amazon and Walmart
15. Attack of the Mindflayer Card Game-Walmart
16. Soft Plush Throw Blanket-Amazon
17. Thinking Cap-Amazon
18. Running up that Hill song shirt-Etsy
19. Brickhearz Demogorgon and Eleven-Amazon and Walmart
20. Surfer Boy Pizza Do Not Disturb Sign-Amazon
21. Surfer Boy Pizza Coach’s Jacket-Boxlunch
22. Welcome to California Earring Set-Boxlunch
23. Hawkins High School Basketball Jersey-Boxlunch
24. Hellfire Club shirt-Amazon
25. Hawkins Middle School AV Club sweatshirt-Amazon
26. Demogorgon Lawn Sprinkler-Amazon
27. Demogorgon Dog Costume-Etsy
28. Stranger Things Creatures Zip Wallet-Boxlunch
29. Stranger Things Denim Vest-Hot Topic
30. Surfer Boy Pizza Pint Glass-Amazon 
31. Hawkins High Mini Backpack –
32. Camp Know Where Merch-Amazon
33. Scoops Ahoy Beverage Boats-Amazon and Walmart

Go to good to read more about each of these products. Happy Shopping!