Unveiling the Collectors’ Gems: The 100 Show Memorabilia

The 100, a popular post-apocalyptic sci-fi TV series, has garnered a massive global fanbase over the years. Fans and collectors alike are drawn to the show’s compelling storyline, complex characters, and unique dystopian setting. As the series gained prominence, so did the demand for collectors’ items from The 100. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most coveted The 100 show memorabilia, how to find them, and whether they hold any monetary value.

The 100 Show Memorabilia

1. Iconic Props and Costumes

The 100 boasts an array of iconic props and costumes, each holding a special place in the hearts of fans. One such item is the flame, a sophisticated AI device that plays a crucial role throughout the series. Collectors highly seek after the flame’s replica or even its concept art.

Similarly, key character costumes like Clarke Griffin’s Grounder attire or Commander Lexa’s iconic war paint have become highly collectable. Fans often seek screen-used or production-worn items to get a piece of the show’s authenticity.

2. Limited Edition Merchandise

Besides props and costumes, The 100 has spawned a variety of limited edition merchandise, designed only for fans. From action figures to art prints, they produce these items in limited quantities and often feature fan-favourite characters and scenes from the show.

Collectors can find such merchandise on the official online store, during fan conventions, or from licensed retailers. Snatching up these limited editions can be an exciting challenge for ardent fans.

3. Trading Cards and Collectible Card Games (CCGs)

Trading cards and Collectible Card Games based on The 100 have become increasingly popular among fans and collectors. These cards often feature images of characters, memorable scenes, and significant events from the series. Some rare cards may contain autographs or pieces of screen-used props embedded in them, adding to their allure.

Collectors can find these cards through official channels, specialized trading card shops, or online marketplaces catering to collectable card enthusiasts.

4. Signed Memorabilia

One of the most prized possessions for any collector is an autographed item from their favorite TV show. The 100 is no exception. Autographed posters, scripts, or photos signed by the cast and crew can hold tremendous sentimental and monetary value.

To find signed memorabilia, fans can attend official signings at conventions, participate in charity auctions hosted by the cast, or explore reputable online auction sites.

Are They Worth Any Money?

The value of The 100 show memorabilia can vary significantly, depending on several factors. Rarity, demand, condition, and authenticity are crucial determinants of an item’s monetary worth.

1. Authenticity and Certification

Authenticity is paramount to the value of any collectible item. To ensure the legitimacy of an item, collectors should look for official holograms, certificates of authenticity, or reputable provenance from the seller.

2. Demand and Popularity

Items related to popular characters or pivotal plot points often carry higher demand and, subsequently, a higher price tag. Fan-favorite characters like Clarke, Bellamy, or Octavia may fetch a premium in the collectors’ market.

3. Condition

The condition of the memorabilia plays a significant role in its value. Pristine, well-preserved items are likely to command a higher price than those showing signs of wear or damage.

4. Limited Edition and Rare Items

Limited edition items, especially those with a low production run, are more likely to appreciate in value. Similarly, rare items or pieces that were part of exclusive promotions or events are highly sought after by collectors.


The 100 show has left an indelible mark on its fans, with many seeking to own a piece of the series they hold dear. From iconic props and costumes to limited edition merchandise and autographed memorabilia, the collectors’ market for The 100 offers a plethora of options.

While some items may hold significant monetary value, it’s essential for collectors to focus on their passion for the show and its characters. Building a collection of The 100 show memorabilia should be exciting, connecting fans from around the world who share the same appreciation for this captivating post-apocalyptic universe. Happy hunting!

How about you? What’s your favorite The 100 show Memorabilia? We’d love to hear from you.

Other things you might want to know:

How much did a prop “Grounders’ War Club” from “The 100” sell for at auction?

The prop “Grounders’ War Club” from “The 100” sold at auction for $450. They used it in multiple episodes and gained popularity among fans, driving its final price to a significant amount.

What was the price of an original costume worn by Clarke Griffin in “The 100”?

An original costume worn by the lead character, Clarke Griffin, in “The 100,” sold for $850. The costume’s inclusion of distinctive elements from key scenes contributed to its desirability and subsequent high auction price.

How much did a signed poster featuring the main cast of “The 100” fetch in a charity auction?

A signed poster featuring the main cast of “The 100” was auctioned off for a staggering $1,200. The charity auction generated immense interest, and fans were willing to pay a premium for this rare and collectible item, all for a good cause.

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