Unraveling the Value of Resident Evil Memorabilia: A Collector’s Guide


The Resident Evil franchise has been an iconic part of pop culture for decades, captivating audiences through video games, movies, and TV shows. As fans immerse themselves in the gripping survival horror universe, many yearn to own a piece of its history as memorabilia. In this blog, we will delve into the world of Resident Evil collectibles, explore their worth, and offer tips on how and where to find these precious relics.

Resident Evil Memorabilia

The Allure of Resident Evil Memorabilia

From the moment Resident Evil first graced our screens in 1996, they had unleashed something extraordinary. The game’s innovative gameplay, intriguing storyline, and terrifying monsters set the stage for its explosive success. As the franchise expanded to include movies and TV shows, the fan base only grew, and with it, the allure of Resident Evil memorabilia.

Understanding Memorabilia Value

The value of Resident Evil memorabilia can vary depending on several factors. Rarity and condition play a pivotal role in determining an item’s worth. Items associated with significant events or prominent characters in the franchise tend to command higher prices. The age of the memorabilia can also be a crucial factor, as older items may become increasingly scarce.

Top Resident Evil Memorabilia Items and Their Value

1. Original Resident Evil Game (PlayStation 1): The game that started it all, particularly in pristine condition with its original packaging, can fetch several hundred dollars, or even over a thousand, in the collectors’ market.

2. Limited Edition Collectibles: Special editions of games, movies, and merchandise, such as limited-edition figurines or steel book editions, can be highly sought after and worth several hundred dollars each.

3. Autographed Items: Memorabilia signed by key individuals involved in the franchise, such as the game’s creator Shinji Mikami or lead actors from the movies, can command a premium, often ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on the significance of the signature.

4. Movie Props: Authentic props used in Resident Evil movies can be especially valuable, depending on their importance in the films and the condition they are in. These can reach prices in the thousands.

5. Collectors can cherish Original Artwork: concept art, promotional posters, and original illustrations related to the franchise, with prices ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

Where to Find Resident Evil Memorabilia

1. Online Marketplaces: Websites like eBay, Etsy, and specialized collector forums offer a vast selection of Resident Evil memorabilia. However, exercise caution when purchasing from individual sellers to ensure authenticity.

2. Comic-Con and Fan Conventions: Events like Comic-Con often host booths selling various pop culture collectibles, including Resident Evil memorabilia. These events also provide an opportunity to meet other collectors and gain insights into the market.

Resident Evil Memorabilia

3. Specialized Collector Stores: Some stores exclusively cater to pop culture memorabilia and may carry Resident Evil items. Visit these stores or check their online catalogues regularly for new additions.

4. Auction Houses: Occasionally, rare and valuable Resident Evil memorabilia can be found in auction houses. Take part in these auctions with caution, as bidding can quickly escalate.

5. Estate Sales and Thrift Shops: On rare occasions, collectors may stumble upon valuable items at estate sales or thrift shops. Keep an eye out for any related merchandise during your visits.

Tips for Aspiring Collectors

1. Do Your Research: Educate yourself about the franchise’s history and the items you’re interested in. This knowledge will help you spot genuine pieces and avoid scams.

2. Verify Authenticity: When purchasing high-value items, seek authentication certificates or conduct expert appraisals to ensure their legitimacy.

3. Protect and Preserve: Properly store and display your memorabilia to maintain its condition and maximize its long-term value.

4. Connect with the Community: Engage with fellow collectors through forums, social media groups, and events to gain insights and expand your collection.


Resident Evil memorabilia offers fans an opportunity to connect more deeply with the franchise they love and own a piece of its rich history. Whether it’s a vintage game or an autographed poster, these collectibles hold immense sentimental and financial value. Aspiring collectors should tread carefully, but with passion, dedication, and the right knowledge, they can embark on an exciting journey to build a collection that embodies the essence of Resident Evil. Happy hunting!

Other things you might want to know:

Are there specific Resident Evil memorabilia items that hold more value than others?

Yes, certain Resident Evil memorabilia items hold more excellent value due to their rarity, significance, and demand among collectors. Some of the most sought-after items include:

a) Limited Edition Collectibles: Special editions of games, movies, and merchandise, such as limited-edition figurines or steel book editions, often have a higher value because of their exclusivity.

b) Autographed Items: Memorabilia signed by key individuals involved in the franchise, such as the game’s creator Shinji Mikami or lead actors from the movies, can command a premium.

c) Original Artwork and Props: Authentic concept art, promotional posters, and props used in the Resident Evil movies are cherished by collectors for their uniqueness and connection to the franchise’s history.

How can you ensure the authenticity of Resident Evil memorabilia before making a purchase?

Authenticity is paramount when investing in Resident Evil memorabilia. To ensure you’re getting genuine items, follow these steps:

a) Do Your Research: Familiarize yourself with the specific item you want to purchase, including its design, packaging, and relevant authentication features.

b) Seek Certificates of Authenticity (COA): Look for items that come with official certificates of authenticity issued by reputable third-party authentication companies. These COAs provide confidence in the item’s legitimacy.

c) Expert Appraisals: When dealing with high-value items, consider getting expert appraisals or consulting specialists who can verify the authenticity of the memorabilia.

d) Buy from Reputable Sources: Purchase from trusted sellers, reputable auction houses, or official merchandise stores to reduce the risk of buying counterfeit items.

How can you best preserve and display your Resident Evil memorabilia collection?

Preserving and displaying your Resident Evil memorabilia is essential to maintain its condition and showcase its value. Consider the following tips:

a) Storage: Store items in a cool, dry, and dust-free environment, away from direct sunlight, to prevent fading or damage.

b) Protective Cases: Invest in protective cases and sleeves designed specifically for collectibles like action figures, games, and posters to prevent wear and tear.

c) Acid-Free Materials: When framing or mounting posters or artwork, use acid-free materials to avoid discolouration or damage over time.

d) Rotating Displays: To prevent prolonged exposure to light and reduce the risk of damage from handling, rotate your displayed items periodically.

e) Temperature and Humidity Control: Keep the display area at a stable temperature and humidity level to prevent warping or deterioration.

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