10 Post-Apocalyptic Horror Books: A Future Too Scary to Imagine

Post-apocalypse and horror combine into a sub-genre called Post-Apocalyptic Horror in which scares are placed in a future of devastation. There is a massive following for this subgenre through media like books and movies. So, here are 10 of the best Post-Apocalyptic Horror books out there right now!

Post-Apocalyptic Horror Books

“The Road” by Cormac McCarthy:

McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel follows a father and son as they navigate a desolate, post-apocalyptic landscape. The story is a bleak and haunting exploration of survival, love, and the human spirit in the face of unimaginable devastation.

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Post-Apocalyptic Horror Books

“World War Z” by Max Brooks:

Presented as an oral history of the global war against the undead, “World War Z” chronicles the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The novel provides a chilling and thought-provoking look at how humanity copes with the collapse of civilization.

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Post-Apocalyptic Horror Books

“The Stand” by Stephen King:

King’s epic novel unfolds after a deadly flu pandemic wipes out most of the world’s population. As survivors grapple with the remnants of society, a battle between good and evil emerges in a post-apocalyptic America.

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Post-Apocalyptic Horror Books

“Station Eleven” by Emily St. John Mandel:

Mandel’s novel weaves a narrative that spans before, during, and after a devastating flu pandemic. “Station Eleven” explores the interconnected lives of its characters and the enduring power of art and culture in the face of collapse.

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Post-Apocalyptic Horror Books

“The Dog Stars” by Peter Heller:

Set in a world ravaged by a flu pandemic, “The Dog Stars” follows Hig, a pilot who, along with his dog and a survivalist neighbour, tries to make a life in the remnants of civilization. The novel combines poetic prose with the harsh realities of survival.

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“The Girl with All the Gifts” by M.R. Carey:

In a world overrun by zombie-like creatures, a young girl with unique abilities may hold the key to humanity’s survival. “The Girl with All the Gifts” explores themes of identity, morality, and the nature of humanity in a post-apocalyptic setting.

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“Zone One” by Colson Whitehead:

This novel follows a “sweeper” tasked with clearing out the remaining zombies from Lower Manhattan after a plague has devastated the world. “Zone One” blends horror with social commentary, offering a unique perspective on the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

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“The Postman” by David Brin:

In a world ravaged by war and plague, a lone wanderer discovers a postal worker’s uniform and takes on the role of a postman. Using the power of communication, he inadvertently becomes a symbol of hope in a desolate and dangerous landscape. “The Postman” explores themes of rebuilding society, resilience, and the impact of small acts of kindness in a world torn apart.

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“The Day of the Triffids” by John Wyndham:

In this classic novel, a man wakes up in a world where a majority of the population is blind due to a meteor shower. Meanwhile, deadly, mobile plants known as Triffids pose a new threat to the remnants of human civilization.

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“The Reapers Are the Angels” by Alden Bell:

Set in a world overrun by zombies, this novel follows a young girl named Temple as she navigates the dangers of the post-apocalyptic landscape. “The Reapers Are the Angels” is a lyrical and haunting exploration of survival and humanity.

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Have you read any of the books listed? What is your favourite Post-Apocalyptic horror novel? We’d love to hear from you.

Other things you might want to know:

What is an apocalyptic horror?

A subgenre of science fiction, science fantasy or horror fiction involving global catastrophic risk

What is the difference between post-apocalyptic and dystopian?

Dystopian paints a setting in a future society with points of history to tie in events in the story whereas post-apocalyptic sees a world after a disastrous event.

What is extreme horror novels?

Horror novels that goes beyond the boundaries of “taboo”.

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