Apocalypse Chic: Styling Your Wardrobe with Post-Apocalyptic Jackets

Assuming the dead rise from the grave and hunt down every living human being for fresh intake of flesh and blood, post-apocalyptic jackets with plenty of horn-shaped ornaments can provide an additional layer of protection against zombies’ teeth and claws. When you are hiding in an underground bunker as the world burns for months on end in the aftermath of an all-out war, a hardy jacket can keep you comfortable all night and day while you are waiting to climb to the surface again. And in the overly challenging cold of nuclear winter, a well-built insulated coat maintains steady temperature for your body to keep on going through the harsh wasteland.

Post-Apocalyptic Jackets

The point is that jackets come in a large variety of shapes and forms. Be that as it may, you may have to put aside personal style preferences when choosing post-apocalyptic jackets because your choice can greatly affect your chances of survival. The good thing is that you don’t have to completely neglect stylishness in favor of functionality; the two important elements will blend easily if you know what you’re doing.


Following a doomsday event, there is just not enough people in the world to maintain the power grid. In other words, you no longer can rely on your thermostat to maintain steady temperature. Even the fanciest buildings and houses in town lack electricity, let alone any ordinary dwelling. To deal with unfriendly fluctuating temperatures, please make sure your post-apocalyptic jacket is backed with proper layering underneath. If done properly, the jacket should keep you warm when the wind is freezing cold yet you can easily take it off in case you are sweating profusely during hot scavenging days under scorching sun.

Your base layer has to be moisture-friendly, meaning it offers just enough sweat-absorbing property. At the very least, you can stay dry and comfortable underneath the jacket even if the surrounding air is as treacherous as it can get. Add a mid-layer to act as an additional protective shield against the cold. There is no need to overdo this piece because it should not be placed in direct contact with the extreme breeze. The jacket is your first line of defense, which will blunt most of the bone-chilling effects of below-zero air. It must be weather resistant and equipped with dozens of pockets to hold every single scavenged item.

Tattered Aesthetic

Now that the layering part is done, it is time to make the jacket look period-appropriate. The post-apocalyptic era still lies in the future. Whether or not the future is near or far remains unanswered. What we do know is that only the survivors – hardened by obstacles, barely inhabitable Earth, and near-death experiences – will roam the era. Those who managed to get through the challenges have turned rough around the edges; their jackets should reflect their stories. Distressed garments and frayed edges with exposed seams look exactly right.

Post-Apocalyptic Jackets

In case you have a post-apocalyptic convention coming soon, make the time and effort to transform the jacket accordingly. A good deal of elbow grease and a piece of sandpaper will do the job well. If necessary, destroy the jacket enough and then fix it with whatever fabric you can find. Repeat the process until it looks like something you just dug up from the grave. The idea is that almost nothing survives in a post-apocalyptic world intact and pristine. Since you cannot find the right materials and tools to fix it up brand new, the ruined aesthetic is the best it can be. Think of the patches and holes as battle scars as if the jacket took plenty of near-miss hits with arrows, scorch marks, and countless knife cuts.

The only color for a post-apocalyptic jacket is dark with an accent of dirt. Dazzling colors are for modern civilizations of the past. Muted hues like grays, blacks, and browns are fashionable any day of the week and they can blend effortlessly with the desolate wasteland filled with rubble and ash.

Acceptable Accessories

Just because it is the post-apocalyptic era, it doesn’t mean you are allowed to neglect the importance of accessories. In a constant battle against cannibals, nuclear winter, zombies, and whatnot, having the right baubles can give you either a true advantage or inevitable death. A simple fashion statement like a spike bracelet or necklace made of 9mm bullets can have a huge effect. Not only do the accessories add flair, but they also send a strong warning message to those who want to do you harm.

We think the basic rule of a post-apocalyptic jacket is that it should appear like it has been with you through years of struggle in the wasteland. After countless victories, defeats, and blood splatters, the jacket can only be described as a dirty, stained light armor. Post-apocalyptic jackets have to say something about the owners’ experiences and often represent their characteristics.

Do you prefer factory-made or handcrafted post-apocalyptic jackets? Which post-apocalyptic game/movie characters have the best jackets? We’d love to hear from you.

Other Things You Might Want to Know:

Jackets are excellent post-apocalyptic tops, but what about the bottoms?

Leather pants would be the first choice, but vintage motorcycle pants or military pants should be fine.

If you have to wear something other than jackets, what would it be?

Any kind of leather garment will do. However, you might want to look at more alternatives such as a roost deflector, military overcoat, or Kevlar.

Should you carry weapons as well?

Yes, you should. You might not be able to find gun stores within a ten thousand mile radius in a post-apocalyptic world. The best thing you can do is bring reasonably-sized edged weapons. Baseball bats or a piece of iron pipe can sometimes improve the look better than guns do.

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