21 Thrilling Books on the Zombie Apocalypse by Indie Authors

For sure a clash between human civilization and an undead outbreak sounds familiar as it has been explored many times by well-known writers, and there are thrilling books on the zombie apocalypse by indie authors you probably haven’t heard of before. We love indie authors here at S.A.W.E.! Actually, we love all science fiction/horror authors. Check out the books we found on dealing with a zombie apocalypse:

Rise of the Dead by Jeremy Dyson

Blake is a statistician whose life is all about equations and formulas; everything can be calculated and compiled into data. As mundane as it might seem, the world he knew was much better than it is today. The dead have woken from the grave and begun targeting the living. 

The Darkest Days by R.L Blalock

Officer Wyatt Ward never forgets the motto he learned years ago in the academy: to protect and serve. His life takes a drastic turn for the worse when the people he is sworn to protect have transformed into mindless monsters. Not only are they aggressive, but they are also infectious. 

Broken World by Kate L. Mary

Vivian is going to California to see her daughter. Redneck brothers Angus and Axl allow her to hitchhike to the city. In California, the population has been largely wiped out by a deadly virus. A billionaire comes to the scene and tells them that the only safe place is in the middle of Mojave Desert.

A Place Outside the Wild by Daniel Humphreys

Walls and fences have been able to keep zombies at bay. The once threatening flocks of the undead are now weak predators waiting for their demise. Human civilization now can hope for a better world after an apocalypse. They fail to realize that old-fashioned interpersonal conflicts can be more lethal than their insatiable enemies.

Undead On Arrival by Justin Robinson

Glen Novak is counting the last hours to his death. He is convinced that an undead bit him a while ago, which means he will soon turn into a walking corpse. In an isolated small community, there is no cure lying around. He intends to use every second remaining to fight back.

Zombie Boy by K.S. Hall

Unlike any other zombies in the world, Aiden has no desire eat human flesh. In fact, he remains sensible enough to make friends with some non-zombie kids. He may hold the key to human survival amidst a zombie apocalypse. The CDC, where his father works, is going to take him for an examination.

Zombie J.R. Angelella

Most of 14-year-old Jeremy Barker’s life he has been raised by a dysfunctional family, and he’s been an ardent fan of zombie movies. His mother is a drug addict, his brother is obsessed with sex, and pops is nowhere to be found. One day, Jeremy discovers a strange homemade video of a man about to undergo a surgical procedure. Things turn bizarre from that moment on.

The Last Kid on Earth and the Zombie Parade by Max Brallier, Douglas Holgate

It is good thing that zombies are disappearing. Survivors can now go back to their daily activities without fear of the undead eating their brains. Jack Sullivan doesn’t believe the monsters are leaving for no reason. He keeps hearing noises as if someone is about to summon them to return. 

Everything I Know About Zombies, I Learned In Kindergarten by Kevin Wayne Williams

For a child living in one foster home to another, safety and stability are hard things to come by. Letitia Johnson knows the experience all too well. When a zombie outbreak finally happens, Letitia, along with her sister and other kids, hide in a school bathroom. They will come out five days later to a strange post-apocalyptic world.

Deadbreak by Jorge Sanchez 

Over the course of three years running and hiding from zombies, Jeremiah has learned a lot. His skillset now includes melee combat, looting, archery, and preparing rodents for dinner. His only companion is a dog, and together they are determined to reach the Pacific coast and build better lives. 

White Trash Zombie Apocalypse by Diana Rowland

Angel Crawford has a tough life. Apart from dealing with her alcoholic father, she also has to navigate her way through the zombie mafia and industrial espionage on a daily basis. All her troubles turn from bad to worse when zombies, both real and fake, overcrowd the streets.

The River Dead by Scott L. Smith

Zombie Apocalypse by Indie Authors: the river dead

A bubonic plague forced human civilization to adapt to new reality. They survived the pandemic but now a zombie outbreak once again puts their wits to the test. There is no guarantee the old system will work against the flesh-eating undead rising out of the Mississippi River. 

The Remaining by D. J. Molles

Zombie Apocalypse by Indie Authors: the remaining

A deadly bacterium attacks a human brain, eating away all signs of humanity. The only thing left untouched inside the skull is human’s prehistoric instinct. The disease is believed to have infected 90% of the population. Captain Lee Harden stays in the basement, waiting for the right time to step out and reclaim the planet.

Bloodthirsty by Sylvester Barzey

Zombie Apocalypse by Indie Authors: planet dead

There doesn’t seem to be anything good in the life of Catherine Briggs. The world is now infested with killer clowns and zombies, somebody or something stole her car, and she is alone. Catherine wants to find her family, but at the same time she is aware of the dangers lurking around every corner. 

Nurse Alissa vs. the Zombies by Scott M. Baker

Zombie Apocalypse by Indie Authors: nurse alissa

Until the very moment Boston is infested with zombies, Nurse Alissa had a normal life working at the Mass General Hospital. The world around her crumbles when patients and employees at the ER turn into the living dead. Escaping the hospital is tough enough, but the city outside is an even bigger killing zone.

Seeking Asylum (Sanctuary #1) by S.M. Olivier

Zombie Apocalypse by Indie Authors: seeking asylum

When the news breaks that a new strain of virus can transform healthy decent people into violent killers, a family must immediately abandon their holiday plan and take a trip to the Sanctuary. An undeniable bleak new reality lies ahead, and life as everybody knows it is no more. 

Refuge Found (Sanctuary #2) by S.M. Olivier

Zombie Apocalypse by Indie Authors: refuge found

A sequel to Seeking Asylum, the survivors at the Sanctuary are not yet completely safe. When they are not fighting the undead, there is always something about the living to trigger a conflict. Now a war happens at two fronts: against the zombies and the living breathing monsters that are people themselves. 

It All Started (Zournal #1) by R.S. Merritt

Zombie Apocalypse by Indie Authors: zournal

Waking up after a terrible hangover, Steve looks out the window and sees a field of dead bodies. He goes back to bed, thinking it is only a nightmare. The next time he takes a glance at the world outside his bedroom, the view is worse than before. Now that the hangover has mostly gone away, he picks up a sword and gets ready to face everything.

Cabello: Mineau by Grea Alexander

Zombie Apocalypse by Indie Authors: cabello

People live long in Saintsville, Texas. In the past 10 years, no more than five people under the age of 70 have died. Strange things happen during the last few weeks as people young and old die under unusual circumstances. Someone kills them without leaving any trace behind. 

Shadowchild by Matthew Williams

Zombie Apocalypse by Indie Authors: shadowchild

A long time ago in the 1600s, something strange made a visit to Feckenham. All sorts of troubling stuff happened following the encounter, to the point where no history book even dared to tell about it. Marie thinks eerily similar unfortunate events are happening again, but no one believes her.

London’s Burning by J. S. Strange 

Zombie Apocalypse by Indie Authors: london's burning

Smith has just lost his parents, turning his past rich happy life into a struggle for survival. As the zombie virus ransacks the city, Smith and other survivors have to reach the Thames before it is too late. However, the journey to the river is much more perilous than he imagines.

Zombies. OMG, they can be such a pain! The big question is, which are better to read about: fast zombies or slow zombies? What do you think? Drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

Other things you might want to know about.

What foods might you need to survive a zombie apocalypse?

According to pbs.org there are several things to think about when contemplating how to make it through a zombie apocalypse. Besides the food, you may want a basic can opener, a pocketknife, a backpack with tons of areas for storage, and many Ziplock bags. Think about where you might be sleeping. How long will you need to be in hiding? Grab many pairs of socks and some very sturdy boots. But after running yourself ragged all day or night, you will need food and water. Here is a list to help you stay alert and strong.

Bottled water

Energy/Cereal/Granola Bars


Peanut butter

Canned meat

Hot dogs

Beef jerky

Fruits and vegetables

Dried fruit

Tomato paste


Herbs and spices


How to survive a zombie apocalypse

According to mddionline.com there have been studies in universities to determine how one can survive a zombie apocalypse using the zombie outbreak as a fictional disease that would turn its hosts into “deadly vectors.” According to the team at Cornell University, using the same mechanics and techniques as in modern disease modeling, it would take about four weeks for most of the United States to be infested. The models stated that the remote areas of Montana and Nevada would be free of zombies, so heading to those places would be the safest. 

Here’s a list of what you would want in your zombie apocalyptic kit.

  1. Water (one gallon per person per day)
  2. Food (non-perishable items)
  3. Medications
  4. Tools and supplies (utility knives, duct tape, battery powered radio, etc.)
  5. Sanitation and hygiene items
  6. Clothing and bedding
  7. Important documents
  8. First aid supplies

What DIY projects would help you survive a zombie apocalypse?

According to makeuseof.com these projects could help you survive a zombie outbreak. 

–Survival solar gadget-it’s a solar-powered battery pack featuring a bright LED wide-angled torch to light your way and to send a SOS signal.

–Ultimate survival watch-it can be a compass, whistle, fire starter, a knife blade, and can tell you what time it is when you’re being chased by zombies.

–Survival phone-the solar gadget will keep it charged.

–Cheap LED torch-a good torch will light your way and can double as a weapon.

–Laser Rifle-powerful enough to shoot through metal.

–DIY Quadcopter Drone-allow you to conduct an aerial surveillance of places you intend to go.

–Emergency lamp with one AA battery-keeps the light from attracting attention of the zombies.

–UV Light Trap for Insect Collecting-you may have to forage for food.

–Survival Whistle-helps you find each other.

–Pocket Alcohol Stove-efficient portable cooking stove.

–Water-Purifying Solar Distillery-can produce up to a gallon of clean, ready to drink water daily.