11 Best Sci-Fi Movies on Amazon Prime Video for a Popcorn-Eating Escape

Ready to begin your next sci-fi cinematic marathon? Not sure where to start or which movies to consider? We’ve got you covered with a list of the 11 best sci-fi movies on Amazon Prime for a whirlwind popcorn-eating escape. Check them out:

Sci-Fi Movies on Amazon Prime: the terminator

The Terminator (1984)

James Cameron’s breakthrough film, The Terminator (1984), tells the adventure of people fighting against a powerful cyborg from the future. With robots, time travel, and evil artificial intelligence, the film is as sci-fi as you can get. It has a classic premise where the world in the future is controlled by a super computer known as SkyNet, and SkyNet has launched an all out attack on humans with intent to destroy everyone on the planet. Our future looks bleak, and there’s only one person who can challenge SkyNet’s metallic grip on the existence of humankind: John Connor. To deal with Connor, SkyNet sends an advanced cybernetic organism (the Terminator) into the past to hunt down and kill Sarah Connor before she gives birth to John, the future leader of the resistance.

Sci-Fi Movies on Amazon Prime: the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005)

Starting as a radio show on BBC 4, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005) chronicles the journey of Arthur Dent (portrayed by Martin Freeman) and Ford Prefect (Mos Def) through intergalactic space. Throughout the adventures, the two companions encounter all sorts of sci-fi hits, from fascinating futuristic gadgets to strange-looking inhabitants of distant planets. As it turns out, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a travelogue for a publisher which Prefect works for as a columnist. He’s there to warn Dent that the Earth will be destroyed and to save him from oblivion.

Sci-Fi Movies on Amazon Prime: heavy metal 2000

Heavy Metal 2000 (2000)

The original 1981 animated cult classic film Heavy Metal was bold, influential, and perhaps unashamedly sexist. The follow-up film Heavy Metal 2000 probably leans too much on the sexist part, but it does not stray far from the cult classic approach. It has a simple plot where a hero and villain are fighting over the greatest prize of them all: immortality. B-movie actor Julie Strain provides not only the voiceover for the leading character, but likeness too. Admittedly, Heavy Metal 2000 is not as well-made as the original and was panned by the critics. That said, it’s still enjoyable without being compared to its predecessor. It wouldn’t be a cult-classic if everyone liked it.

Sci-Fi Movies on Amazon Prime: archive

Archive (2020)

With advanced artificial intelligence technologies, it’s possible that someday people can bring back the dead by transferring the consciousness of the deceased into a robot. The fascinating premise is explored in Archive (2020) when George Almore (portrayed by Theo James) creates not just one, but two androids, named J2 and J3, in an attempt to reunite with his deceased wife, Jules. It is a massive success, but the two androids apparently develop different characteristics despite being based on the same person. Much like real human beings, the robots have serious interpersonal issues.

Sci-Fi Movies on Amazon Prime: infinity chamber

Infinity Chamber (2016)

The entire premise of Infinity Chamber (2016) is contained within a prison cell where Frank Lerner interacts with an A.I. called Howard. One of the biggest selling points of the film is its unique venture into the sci-fi genre. Infinity Chamber strays from the typical overused sci-fi story lines by bringing out new and interesting revelations like why Frank is confined, the true purpose of the AI, and his escape plan, as they are introduced through interesting twists. It’s a complex Indie gem loaded with impressive tricks.

Sci-Fi Movies on Amazon Prime: coherence

Coherence (2013)

Not every great sci-fi movie is a big budget production with mind-blowing CGI. The 2013 psychological thriller Coherence is a perfect example. The entire movie is shot in one location and the exchanges between the characters are mostly improvised dialogues. It looks like just another bottle movie at the beginning, but the atmosphere takes a sharp turn when a comet passes overhead that causes a power outage. The psychological horror takes off as every character experiences a time-loop and they begin to question whether they’re still in the real world or an alternate reality.

The History of Time Travel (2014)

A sci-fi movie about time travel often embraces plotline complexity that intertwines paradoxes and parallel universes. The 2014 film The History of Time Travel presents its storyline in a fictional documentary format, which allows for more cohesive narrative. It presents the accounts and records of various experts about the world’s first time machine along with the consequences of traveling through time. Many things in the world today could turn out to be the unintended results of time travel.

The Vast of Night (2019)

Despite the absence of menacing aliens, the looming threat of an apocalypse, and expensive CGI, the 2019 film The Vast of Night captures a proper thrilling nuance of sci-fi horror without making a mess of itself. If you also consider the low-budget production factor, it’s a wonder that simplicity can pack so much punch. The story begins with a strange audio frequency, the source of which is unclear. The Roswell-era atmosphere gives a proper shroud over the mystery. It turns out that the radio transmission may come from an unidentified flying object that the government says doesn’t exist.

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Kirk is in command, Spock is his first officer. The premise is almost overused where the crew of the Enterprise ventures into a forbidden zone somewhere in space to save a species from extinction. It even uses the same Star Trek ingredients for making the previous shows: some jokes, arguments, spaceship battle, firefight, and a warp-speed chase. Despite the dated plotline, the glistening visuals and fast-paced storytelling gives the film everything it needs. Add to that an impressive cast, and Star Trek Into Darkness is a most satisfying look at a sci-fi great.

Arrival (2016)

When extraterrestrial beings visit Planet Earth, someone must try to communicate with them. Everything that follows, however, puts Arrival (2016) among the best sci-fi films by today’s standard. It’s not merely about striking CGI, but a full package of emotion-provoking moments delivered flawlessly by an assembly of established names like Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker. It touches the topics of empathy, motherhood, and ethics in dealing with the unknowns. 

Chronicle (2012)

It may be refreshing to watch a superhero movie where the heroes do not need to engage in open battle with mighty villains. Chronicle (2012) is about three friends, who acquire telekinetic powers beyond their understanding. Instead of using the newly obtained abilities to eliminate injustice, they wield the powers to cope with their own personal problems. It’s a unique take on the superhero theme without losing the strong drama and action that also runs the film.

These are our favorite sci-fi movies on Amazon Prime Video. What do you think? Are they your favorites too? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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Other things you may want to know about.

What is science fiction?

The world of sci-fi involves a futuristic life based on science. Technological advances make this imaginative, advanced world possible. The genre uses science to guide the plot, characters, and setting.

What are the choices of popcorn you can eat while watching a sci-fi movie?

Butter, movie goers (which means extra buttery), kettle corn, salt and vinegar, caramel, popcorn and candy, lite popcorn, air popped, and microwave. There are other choices, I’m sure!

So far in 2022, what are the best sci-fi movies?

According to screenrant.com the best sci-fi movies so far are Jurassic Park: Dominion, Don’t Worry Darling, A24’s Everything Everywhere All at Once and After Yang.