Shift Book: The Second Entry Into The Silo Book Series

The Silo Book Series is the lesser-known predecessor to the new Silo TV show. The second book, “Shift” stars as a prequel to “Wool” and the TV show further progressing the world-building of the series. Here are the plot details of the second book: “Shift”.

Shift Plot

Part 1: First Shift – Legacy

Set in the distant past, this part follows the life of Donald Keene, a young congressman who is chosen by powerful figures to be part of a secretive project. Donald is placed in charge of the construction and establishment of the silos, which will eventually become the refuge for humanity. As he becomes more deeply involved in the project, he discovers the true reasons behind the creation of the silos and the shocking sacrifices made to ensure their secrecy.

Shift Book

Part 2: Second Shift – Order

Jumping forward in time, this section introduces us to a new set of characters, including Solo, a maintenance worker in Silo 17. Solo becomes suspicious of the silo’s strict rules and starts to uncover hidden information about the outside world. His discoveries lead to a series of events that expose the corrupt leadership within the silo and the lengths they are willing to go to maintain control.

Part 3: Third Shift – Pact

This part focuses on Jimmy, a young boy growing up in the silos. As he matures, he becomes increasingly aware of the oppressive nature of their existence. He forms a close bond with Juliette, the future sheriff from “Wool.” Together, they begin to question the authorities and seek a way to escape the confines of the silo.

Part 4: Fourth Shift – Order

Returning to the story of Donald Keene, we see his continued involvement in the political machinations that led to the construction of the silos. As he becomes more disillusioned with the project, he risks everything to expose the truth to the world above.

Part 5: Fifth Shift – Legacy

The final part of “Shift” ties together the various timelines and characters as the mysteries of the silos and their purpose are unveiled. The story culminates in a series of revelations that shed light on the events leading up to the world described in “Wool.”


The prequel feels claustrophobic and constrictive as humanity is forced underground and force-fed medication to forget the destruction inflicted on friends and loved ones. By bringing the story back to fewer than 40 years in the future, Howey creates a starkly believable and terrifying apocalypse.

Express Book Reviews – Jon Coates 4/5

Hugh Howey’s prequel to the bestselling Wool impresses with its evocations of anxiety and claustrophobia

The Guardian – Jessica Holland

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Other things you might want to know:

Is Shift a sequel to Wool?

Although Shift is the second book after Wool, chronologically it is a prequel.

What is the story of Dust by Hugh Howey?

As the story begins, the silo’s inhabitants have become aware of the truth about their world, the history of the silos, and the harsh reality of the outside environment. The knowledge of what lies beyond the silo’s walls has led to a power shift within the society, with various factions vying for control and different ideas about how to proceed.

What order should I read the Silo series?

Wool, Shift, Dust, and then the spin-off books.

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