Everything You Need to Know About Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Episodes, Characters, and What to Expect in Season 2

With the destruction Tipoca City and the cloning facilities on Kamino, the stage is set for the upcoming Star Wars Bad Batch – Season 2. Here is everything you need to know about the next installment of the series. 

The Clone Wars Spin-off and Sequel

From the beginning, The Bad Batch is intended to be a sequel to (and a spin-off from) The Clone Wars. Much of the story that unfolds in the first season connects to the prequel. In fact, the final season of The Clone Wars has several episodes to introduce what or who the “Bad Batch” is.

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The first season of The Bad Batch focuses on a gang of misfit elite troopers known as Clone Force 99. Unexpected genetic mutations give them the capability of free will as opposed to a complete submission to the Grand Army of the Republic. As a result, they can choose to disobey Clone Protocol 66 (Order 66) which identifies all Jedi as traitors and makes them punishable by death. As the title suggests, Clone Force 99 is far from being the ideal clone troopers – at least from the perspective of the Galactic Republic. The Bad Batch tells the tales of their journey across the galaxy to find a purpose for their rebellious nature.

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Season 1

The main focus of the first season is on the story of Clone Force 99 consisting of Hunter (the leader), Tech (the geek), Wrecker (the bruiser), Echo (the cyborg), and Crosshair (the marksman). As soon as Darth Sidious issues Order 66, everyone disobeys except Crosshair. Season 1 is about the confrontation between the other four members and their peculiar comrade. The “wayward” clones are eager to join the Rebellion, but at the same time they have to consider their chances of survival in the war against the mighty Galactic Empire.

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The disobedience compels them to abandon their allegiance with the Galactic Empire and leave Kamino. Just before they escape, they take an experimental female clone named Omega. Unlike the rest of the forced-aged clone troopers, her source DNA material is unmodified, which means she grows up at normal pace. It is only plausible the Bad Batch will learn much about personality development, nurture, and the upbringing of an individual through their sidekick. Whether or not Omega will grow up to be another iteration of Boba Fett remains to be seen.

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Events of Star Wars: The Bad Batch begin in a period approaching the end of the Clone War, which takes place immediately after Order 66 is issued in Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. 

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Season 2

It takes sixteen episodes of the first season for the series to properly establish itself as part of the Star Wars canon without being too similar to The Clone Wars. Season 2 is scheduled to air its first episode in September 2022. While the premise remains the same as the previous season, the continuation of some major plot-lines sounds promising.

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Reunion with Crosshair

Clone Force 99 will almost certainly meet new enemies and have to deal with new problems during their various missions to perilous locations. A reunion with Crosshair is expected as well. Notable additions to the upcoming season include Admiral Rampart and Captain Rex with their updated armor styles and colors.

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Loyal Trooper

Crosshair tells his comrades that his inhibitor chip has been removed. The procedure should allow him to disobey Order 66 just like the rest of the Clone Force 99. Jennifer Corbett, the head writer of the series, says that Crosshair maintains his allegiance with the Galactic Empire despite the removal.

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Uncertain Future

The persistent allegiance can be quite problematic. Crosshair often reminds his brothers that good soldiers follow orders, but the timing cannot be more inappropriate. A plan is already in place to get rid of all clone troopers in favor of stormtroopers in the near future. It is unlikely the Empire will value Crosshair’s service as much as his loyalty. 


All the main characters including Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, Echo, and Crosshair along with other clones are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Omega is voiced by Michelle Ang. It is bewildering how Baker is able to give a distinctive vocal texture for each major figure and a subtle difference for every other clone. Commander Cody (portrayed by Temuera Morrison in his first appearance in Revenge of the Sith) and Gungi (a Wookie Jedi) will appear too. 


The fate of all clones in the transitional period of total replacement is likely revealed in the upcoming season. Implications of such major changes to the galaxy, especially how the replacement plan affects the Bad Batch, will also come to surface. Season 2 basically continues the story following the destruction of cloning facilities on Kamino.

Self-cloning Experiment

The final scene of the first season shows chief scientist Nala Se at an Imperial outpost. There is massive speculation surrounding the experiments that Emperor Palpatine is about to clone himself (the project does materialize after his death in Return of the Jedi and as depicted in the novelization of The Rise of Skywalker). Nala Se probably is the one who sets the groundwork for the scheme.

Not the End

Following their escape from Kamino in Havoc Marauder, the Bad Batch has no choice but to make some big decisions to prepare for the journey and potential struggles, ahead. The end of the first season is not the conclusion of the story. The real journey of Clone Force 99 starts in Season 2. 

The Bad Batch is one of our favorite Star Wars TV shows. The animation is realistic, and the stories have interesting plotlines and strong characters. Which of the Star Wars TV shows is your favorite? Tell us about it. We’d love to hear from you.

Other things you might want to know about.

What is the meaning of the Bad Batch?

They are a special squad of misfit clones with special abilities that makes them different from their clone brothers. The Bad Batch includes Omega, Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, and Crosshair. 

Why are they called the Bad Batch?

According to dorsideoftheforce.com they get their name because they aren’t like the other clones. They are also known as Clone Force 99. They were genetically manipulated to have desirable skills and to have their own appearances and not look like Jango Fett and the other clones. 

Who performs the Bad Batch voices?

One man who has loved Star Wars since he was a kid. His name is Dee Bradley Baker and he is an actor and a voice artist. Check out ew.com for more information on him.