Check Out Star Wars Anime—Star Wars: Visions Every Episode of Season 1 Explained

The anthology series, Star Wars: Visions, shows undisputed proof that the franchise, even beyond its canonical storylines, can deliver stunning entertainment for fans old and new. One can say the animated series is a testament of how vast and exciting Star Wars is becoming under Disney.

Each of the nine episodes still revolves around the battle between the light and dark sides of the Force, but in a refreshingly captivating way. All episodes in Season 1 hit the screen the same day on September 22, 2021. A brief recap of the episodes follows. 

star wars visions: the duel


A Sith Lord known as Ronin and her minions invade a small village in feudal Japan. Apart from the Sith who calls herself a “dark lord,” no other characters are named. A wanderer gets involved in the battle, leading to an all-familiar lightsaber duel against the dark lord. It turns out the wanderer is no stranger to the power of the Force either. He is able to block a lightsaber attack from Ronin with nothing but his bare hands. At this point everyone thinks the wanderer is a Jedi, but he also wields a red plasma blade lightsaber. 

star wars visions: tatoonine rhapsody


A Jedi Padawan, Jay, somehow managed to escape the Clone Wars. On the run, he came across a rock band guitarist named Gee. The Padawan ends up as the lead vocalist of the band. While it is quite apparent that the guitarist is of an alien species Hutt, the vocalist isn’t aware of his absconder status. Almost every time they perform, a bounty hunter with some henchmen comes to interrupt their gig. It is not just a run-of-the-mill bounty hunter hired by a humdrum boss; he is the legendary Boba Fett sent by Jabba the Hutt. Eventually Gee reveals he is hunted because he refuses to join Jabba’s crime syndicate.

star wars visions: the twins


The remnants of his loyal followers summon the power of the Dark Side to carry out the late emperor’s plan. They raise a pair of Force-sensitive twins, Am and Karre, to help establish order to the galaxy. The twins should channel their Force to a super-weapon meant to threaten rebellious planets. On the day the super-weapon is supposed to fire a destructive laser of unimaginable scale, Karre comes to his senses and confronts his twin sister. Karre steals the large crystal that powers the weapon. A battle ensues during which the crystal is split in two; each twin has one. Am is finally defeated and her crystal shatters.

star wars visions: the village bride


Izuma and his band of bandits have reprogrammed old battle droids, which used to be part of the Separatist movement, to hold the villagers hostage. Haru (the village chief’s daughter) and her fiancé Asu feel like they must surrender themselves to save the villagers. F used to be a Jedi Padawan before her master was killed during the Great Jedi Purge. An explorer known as Valco explains the situation in the village to F, who naturally becomes involved in the conflict. The two end up being the heroes of the episode. 

star wars visions: the ninth jedi


At a time when Jedi Order is mostly a story of past generations, the suspicious Margrave Juro summons seven Jedi to a remote corner of the galaxy with the promise of providing each with a lightsaber. Ethan is the only Jedi who has already received his lightsaber. Juro assigns a sabersmith named Lah Zhima to finish the construction of the weapons.

When the day comes, Juro and Zhima are nowhere to be found, only Juro’s droid is there. The gathering Jedi grow suspicious that the whole thing could be a scheme of a Sith. Kara, the daughter of Zhima, comes to deliver the finished lightsabers. As the story unravels, Ethan is the only true Jedi, whereas the rest of them are Sith in disguise. The droid also is the real Juro. An epic battle soon happens. Kara, who turns out to be another Jedi, teams up with Ethan and Juro to defeat the Sith. 


A curious droid called T0-B1 lives with his rather mysterious maker Professor Mitaka. The droid doesn’t initially know that the professor is a Jedi in hiding. Dreaming to be a Jedi himself, the droid looks everywhere to find a kyber crystal with which he can forge a lightsaber. The true identity of the professor comes to the surface when the droid accidentally sends an alert to a Sith Inquisitor who ends up killing the professor. Now in possession of Mitaka’s old lightsaber hilt, the droid soldiers-on with his research and figures out if he is actually powered by a kyber crystal. T0-B1 can therefore wield the lightsaber and avenge the death of his creator.


The episode is about what happens when a peace-loving Jedi and a trigger-happy Padawan bump into an obvious adversary. A dark disturbance at a remote village on an isolated planet sparks the investigative nature of Jedi Tajin. Along with his Padawan Dan, they discover the presence of an elder on a mountaintop. Dan climbs the mountain and discovers that the elder used to be a Sith. Dan is no match to the elder, but thankfully Tajin arrives before it’s too late. Even after the Tajin kills the elder, he warns the Padawan that a Jedi is ideally a pacifist. It is like a prologue to The Phantom Menace.


Yasaburo is the clan leader on the planet Tao. Ocho is his biological daughter. Lop is a former slave left stranded by the Empire. Ocho convinces her father to adopt Ocho into the family – a request Yasaburo is happy to oblige. As the Empire grows stronger, Tao becomes a target for exploitation. Yasaburo and Lop have the desire to defend the planet, whereas Ocho leans toward cooperating with the Empire. Such interpersonal conflict turns Ocho from a bright friendly girl into a resentful rebellious one. She betrays her own family and sides with the Empire, leaving Yosiburo no choice but to entrust Lop as his successor, giving her the family sword: a lightsaber. A duel between sisters takes place and only ends when Ocho has to run for her life. Lop is now on a mission to bring back her sister.

star wars visions: akakiri


Jedi Tsubaki has been haunted by a prophetic vision of someone dying right in front of him. He is asked by Misa, an old love and a princess overthrown by her dark-side Aunt Masago, to go with her to the palace with the help of sidekicks Senshuu and Kamahachi (apparently the inspirations for C-3PO and R2-D2 characters in the films). Before they can do anything, Masago’s henchmen take them into custody. Masago wants Tsubaki to join her as an apprentice, but he refuses. Angered by the response, she orders masked guards to subdue him. Here is where the vision materializes; Tsubaki kills all the masked guards, but one of them is Misa concealed under a uniform.

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Who are the best Star Wars Visions characters?

According to here are the best characters that are refreshing, fun, and compelling. Many of the characters are new, with a few favorites in the episode “Tatooine Rhapsody”. Check out for more information on these characters. 

10. TO-B1

 9. Val of

 8. Karen

 7. The Elder

 6. Lop

 5. Gee

 4. F

 3. The Ronin

 2. Margrave Juro

 1. Lah Kara

What is Star Wars: Visions? states that Visions is a “series of animated short films celebrating the Star Wars galaxy through the lens of the world’s best anime creators. This anthology collection will bring ten fantastic visions from several of the leading Japanese anime studios, offering a fresh and diverse cultural perspective to Star Wars.” Check out for more information on Visions.

Is Star Wars: Vision canon?

Star Wars Vision is not considered canon, at least not yet. The producer (Kanako Shirasaki) and the executive producer (James Waugh) said it might “influence the next generation of creators.” They stated that the stories have the Star Wars backdrop but are not connected to the franchise, and that over time the stories may become part of the timeline. Not being Canon has freed the writers to tell their stories. Visions is already creating a buzz and inspiring other works.  Check out for other information about Star Wars: Vision.