The 100 Bellamy: True Leader of the Arkers? Who are His Love Interests? What Happens to Him?

If there is one thing firmly consistent about The 100 it’s the tendency to deliver shock value, at times at the cost of character development. Lexa is a prime example of such an inclination with her premature (borderline ridiculous) demise in Season 3 Episode 7. Bellamy Blake falls victim to the same exercise as well. While it is true that he remains an important character until the last season, the decision to kill him off is often seen by viewers as a disappointing anti-climax to a well-developed arc. To understand more about the character, here is the season-by-season journey of Bellamy Blake from The 100.

The 100 Bellamy

Season 1

At first, Bellamy Blake (Octavia’s brother) takes his place as the leader of the original 100 delinquents when they land on Earth. As they realize the presence of aggressive Grounders nearby, he has no hesitation to return the favor. On the other hand, Clarke is willing to seek for a peaceful resolution between the conflicting parties. Bellamy has to accept the inevitability that he needs to work with her despite their differences.

Season 2

Starting in Season 2, The 100 Bellamy begins to change drastically through many ordeals and fights for survival. Following an all-out violent conflict with the Grounders, most delinquents fall into the hands of the Mountain Men of Mount Weather. The Mountain Men want to harvest the bone marrow from the Delinquents and Grounders to gain immunity against radiation. Without the transfusion, they cannot survive the world outside of Mount Weather. Bellamy, who has now teamed up with Clarke and some Grounders, infiltrates the facility to save the hostages. He and Clarke make the difficult decision to irradiate the facility and kill every single Mountain Man.

The 100 Bellamy

Season 3

In Season 3, Bellamy finds a new ally in the form of Charles Pike. He is now a guard at Arkadia and despises the restrictions placed on the camp by the Grounders. The death of his love interest, Gina Martin, by an assassin from the Ice Nation, also seems to cloud his judgment. When some 300 Grounders stand guard to protect Arkadia from the Ice Nation, Bellamy carries out a plan to kill them all. Bellamy is unable to stop Pike from executing Octavia’s lover, Lincoln. The event shatters his relationship with his sister.

Season 4

As the second nuclear apocalypse is coming, Bellamy helps Raven and the others repair the Alpha Station. He is then captured by the people of the Ice Nation under the command of King Roan. He learns about Octavia’s supposed death during the captivity. Clarke and Roan reach an amicable agreement, and Bellamy is released. Upon returning to Arkadia, he realizes that Octavia is alive, although she still refuses to reconcile. Bellamy is part of the group that escapes to space when the nuclear apocalypse happens.

Season 5

At the beginning of Season 5, Bellamy is depicted as having a relationship with Echo, who refers to him as her “boyfriend.” Bellamy, Echo, and the others return to Earth and find Clarke alive. Now that the Eligius prisoners are waging war against everyone else, Bellamy spends most of his time trying to come up with a peaceful agreement between the conflicting parties. McCreary, one of the prisoners, eventually triggers an explosion that destroys Earth but not before Bellamy and Clarke once again escape to space. After spending 125 years in cryogenic sleep, he wakes up to see that Earth still has not recovered from the blast. Jordan Green, son of Monty and Harper, shows Bellamy and Clarke that his parents discovered an inhabitable planet for survivors. Echo would be the last of two love interests for Bellamy.

Season 6

Bellamy is on an expedition into the Sanctum, which turns out to be an inhabitable moon. Bellamy and his crew discover that the original inhabitants use other people’s bodies as avatars, while their minds are stored in a chip. Technology allows them to live forever. With help from Gabriel Santiago, Bellamy saves Clarke from Josephine Lightbourne, who uses Clarke’s body as a host. He again thinks Octavia is dead after seeing her being stabbed by Hope Diyoza. Octavia is not dead but has been taken to a place called Temporal Anomaly.

Season 7

Bellamy is also taken through the Temporal Anomaly – a wormhole that connects multiple planets and moons in the Milky Way – by a religious military group called the Disciples of a Greater Truth. He makes an attempt to save her sister on Planet Bardo. His friends, including Clarke, think Bellamy is killed in an explosion but actually, he is only transported to Planet Ethera. During his time on the planet, Bellamy is converted into a fanatic follower of the Disciples. Clarke kills Bellamy.

We think Bellamy from The 100 needs a different and better fate at the end of the series. The character’s role in the series takes a deep dive into nonentity throughout the final season. It also remains largely unexplained how Bellamy can transform into a religious fanatic within just two months of obscurity. In the end, Bellamy Blake appears as a totally different person from the character viewers have followed since the beginning of the series. He can be a true leader of the Ark in the absence of Clarke, but the series chooses a questionable death over a well-deserved farewell for him. Much like what happens to Lexa in Season 3, it does not matter if characters must die, but how they die can be a big difference between a satisfying arc and a disappointing demise.

Did you like Bellamy Blake until Season 7? Why do you think he can easily convert into a zealot in the final season? We’d love to hear from you.

Other things you might want to know:

What is the nature of the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke?

They are parts of the original 100 delinquents sent to Earth as an experiment to gauge the habitability of the planet. True cooperative work between them happens in Season 1 Episode 4, but a true friendship only begins to develop in Episode 8. In the final season, the two become enemies and the relationship ends when Clarke kills Bellamy.

Who portrays Bellamy in The 100?

Bellamy is portrayed by Bob Morley, who is married to Eliza Taylor (Clarke) in real life.

What is Bob Morley up to now?

When he was still in The 100, Bob Morley completed a director’s workshop and ended directing the episode “Ashes to Ashes” (Season 6 Episode 11). After the show ended, Morley appeared as Half-Life in the ABC’s series The Rookie. Morley and Taylor will appear together in the upcoming sci-fi thriller I’ll Be Watching.

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