The Daevabad Trilogy: A Middle Eastern Take on the Sci-fi Genre

The Daevabad Trilogy has received critical acclaim for its intricate world-building, complex characters, and engaging plot. It blends elements of Middle Eastern folklore, history, and mythology to create a rich and immersive fantasy experience.

The City of Brass

Set in an enchanting world inspired by Middle Eastern mythology, “The City of Brass” introduces readers to Nahri, a young woman living in 18th-century Cairo. Nahri possesses healing abilities she doesn’t fully understand.

Nahri’s life takes a drastic turn when she accidentally summons Dara, a fearsome djinn warrior, during one of her cons. Dara reveals that Nahri is part of a world she never knew existed, one filled with powerful magical beings.

Together, Nahri and Dara journey to Daevabad, the legendary city of brass, where djinn royalty reigns. Along the way, they encounter dangers and political intrigues that challenge their beliefs and loyalties.

In Daevabad, Nahri discovers her true heritage and becomes embroiled in the conflicts between different djinn factions. She must navigate a complex web of allegiances while uncovering the secrets of her past.

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The Kingdom of Copper

In the second book, “The Kingdom of Copper,” tensions in Daevabad reach a boiling point as power struggles between the ruling families escalate.

Nahri finds herself torn between her loyalty to her people and her growing affection for Dara, whose mysterious past threatens to unravel their relationship.

Meanwhile, Ali, the prince of Daevabad, grapples with his sense of duty and justice as he seeks to protect the marginalized shafit (mixed-race) population from oppression.

Old rivalries and betrayals resurface, threatening to tear the city apart. Nahri, Dara, and Ali must navigate a treacherous landscape of politics and magic to secure the future of Daevabad.

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The Empire of Gold

In the final instalment of the trilogy, “The Empire of Gold,” Daevabad faces its greatest threat yet as a powerful enemy emerges, threatening to destroy everything Nahri, Dara, and Ali hold dear.

As the city braces for war, Nahri grapples with her newfound powers and the weight of her responsibilities as a leader. Dara confronts his past and must choose between his loyalty to Nahri and his desires.

Ali finds himself caught between his allegiance to his family and his commitment to justice, forcing him to make difficult decisions that will shape the fate of Daevabad.

Against a backdrop of epic battles and ancient magic, Nahri, Dara, and Ali must unite their fractured city and stand together against the forces that seek to tear them apart.

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Other things you might want to know:

Is The Daevabad Trilogy worth reading?

It’s a good fantasy series with sci-fi plot twists and gut-wrenching endings

How many books are in The Daevabad Trilogy?

3 books

Is The Daevabad Trilogy finished?

The trilogy is a finished one

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