The Long Dark: The Features that Make this First-Person Survival Game

“The Long Dark” is a first-person survival video game developed and published by Hinterland Studio. It was released in 2017 for various platforms, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is set in the aftermath of a geomagnetic disaster that has caused widespread power outages and disrupted technology. Here are some key features from the hit survival game “The Long Dark”!

Key Features

Survival Gameplay:

The game places a strong emphasis on the realistic needs of the character. Players must monitor their hunger, thirst, fatigue, and overall condition, making decisions that prioritize survival in a harsh, post-apocalyptic environment.

Supplies such as food, water, and medical items are limited, forcing players to scavenge and ration resources carefully. This adds a strategic layer to the gameplay, as every decision can significantly impact the character’s chances of survival.

Harsh Weather Conditions:

The game features a dynamic and unforgiving weather system. Players must contend with sudden blizzards that reduce visibility, harsh winds that affect movement, and temperature changes that can lead to hypothermia. Weather becomes a formidable adversary, adding a layer of unpredictability to the gameplay.


The wildlife in the game is not merely a backdrop but an active part of the ecosystem. Wolves and bears roam the landscape, posing threats to the player. Understanding and navigating animal behaviour is crucial, as encounters can turn deadly if not approached with caution.


Crafting in “The Long Dark” is a dynamic process that requires players to make the most of the resources they find. This involves repairing clothing, crafting makeshift tools, and creating essential items for survival. The crafting system reflects the improvisation and adaptability necessary in a world where traditional technology has failed.

Story Mode:

The story mode provides a compelling narrative that unfolds as players explore the world. It introduces characters, reveals the backstory of the geomagnetic disaster, and adds a layer of mystery to the overall experience. The narrative elements are woven seamlessly into the survival gameplay, creating a more engaging and immersive experience.

Art Style:

The game’s art style is both visually stunning and contributes to the atmospheric tension. The stark, minimalist design captures the desolation of the frozen wilderness, enhancing the feeling of isolation and vulnerability. The lighting and environmental details add to the overall sense of immersion.


The permadeath mechanic adds a significant level of risk to the gameplay. Each decision, whether it’s facing off against a wolf or deciding when to rest, carries weight. This high-stakes approach intensifies the survival experience, making each playthrough a unique and challenging journey.

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Other things you might want to know:

Is it worth it to buy The Long Dark?

For an immersive survival game, The Long Dark is worth the buy.

Should I play The Long Dark story mode or survival?

The Story mode provides an actual story besides the survival features, whereas the survival mode is a sandbox survival game.

Is The Long Dark a long game?

Around 20 hours long.

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