Most shows, books or movies merely entertain us and toss in an occasional gem of wisdom in the form of a quotable quote. But some of them are loaded with such gems! The Hunger Games immediately comes to mind, so we’ve gone through the videos and books to see what we could find. Below are 21 of the more famous Hunger Games quotes.


“It Takes Ten Times Longer To Put Yourself Back Together Than It Does To Fall Apart.”

“You Don’t Forget The Face Of The Person Who Was Your Last Hope.”

hunger games quotes: you don't forget

“As Long As You Can Find Yourself, You’ll Never Starve.”

“Gale Gave Me A Sense Of Security I’d Lacked Since My Father’s Death. His Companionship Replaced The Long Solitary Hours In The Woods. I Became A Much Better Hunter When I Didn’t Have To Look Over My Shoulder Constantly When Someone Was Watching My Back…Being Out In The Woods With Gale…Sometimes I Was Actually Happy.”

“I Am Not Pretty, I Am Not Beautiful. I Am As Radiant As The Sun.”

hunger games quotes: i am as radiant as the sun

“Happy Hunger Games!”

hunger games quotes: happy hunger games

“You’ve Got About As Much Charm As A Dead Slug.”

hunger games quotes: charm as a dead slug

 “Some Walks You Have To Take Alone.”

hunger games quotes: some walks

“My Nightmares Are Usually About Losing You. I’m Okay Once I Realize You’re Here.”

hunger games quotes: nightmares

“Stupid People Are Dangerous.”

hunger games quotes: stupid people are dangerous

“But Our Lives Aren’t Just Measured In Years. They’re Measured In The Lives Of People We Touch Around Us.”

“Remember, We’re Madly In Love, So It’s All Right To Kiss Me Anytime You Feel Like It.”

With One Sweep Of My Arm, I Push Her Behind Me, “I Volunteer!” I Gasp, “I Volunteer As Tribute!”

“I Always Channel My Emotions Into My Work. That Way, I Don’t Hurt Anyone But Myself.”

“May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.”

“It’s The Worst Torture In The World, Waiting When You Know There’s Nothing You Can Do.”

“They’ll Either Want To Kill You, Kiss You, Or Be You.”

“Nobody Decent Ever Wins The Games.”

“Your Job Is To Be A Distraction So People Forget What The Real Problems Are.”

“Hope, It Is The Only Thing Stronger Than Fear. A Little Hope Is Effective, A Lot Of Hope Is Dangerous.”

So, what do you think? Do you like them? Or do you know about some better ones? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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Other things you may wonder about…

Was The Hunger Games ever banned?

The books were banned from libraries and schools country wide for being “anti-ethnic, anti-family, having offensive language, occult and satanic, and having violence.” It was third on the list on the American Library Associations banned books list for 2011. In American high schools it’s one of the most common books that are banned. 

Other popular books that have banned in past years are The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, and James their Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. 

What does holding up 3 fingers mean in The Hunger Games?

In the movies it represents solidarity in the dystopian world where there is an all-powerful tyrant that rebels are fighting for freedom. In Thailand it was used after a coup in 2014 and was later banned.  It has also been used to stand for solidarity and resistance by Myanmar protesters. 

What is the rating of The Hunger Games movies?

It is rated PG-13 because of intense violence and disturbing images that involve teenagers. It’s about a competition were 24 teens are forced to fight to the death until only one is still alive. 

How are The Hunger Games books rated?

Scholastic books rates the books as grade 5.3 and the age range is 11-13. There have been concerns by parents that the books are centered around violence. There is graphic violence throughout the books and much of the plot of all the books focuses on “the games,” which involves children killing children.