The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch: Where to Watch Online and Explore the Enigma

According to Brandon Fugal, the current owner of Skinwalker Ranch, the property has the highest frequency of strange phenomena like documented UFO sightings, electromagnetic anomalies, and instances of unexplained cattle mutilations; Fugal even goes as far as describing Skinwalker Ranch as the most scientifically studied paranormal hotspot. Find out more about “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” TV series here!

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch is located in the Uinta Basin, where reports of UFO sightings have been popping up since the 1950s. The property has changed hands multiple times over the decades, and yet different inhabitants and even neighbors likely share the same stories of strange things happening in the area. However, only in the 1990s when the Sherman family bought the land that the public paid attention to the mysteries. Terry Sherman once claimed to have encountered a bulletproof animal matching the description of a skin-walker, the terrifying shapeshifting creature from Navajo folklore.

The alleged appearance of skin-walkers in the area has its roots in the Navajo culture. Skin-walkers are believed to be evil witches, which according to the legend, were sent long ago by the Navajo tribe to terrorize the Ute people during a time of conflict. Back in the day, the Ute people settled in a piece of land eventually bought by the Sherman family in 1994. Rumors have it the skin-walkers still haunt the area today.

There might be some truth to the claims regarding alien visitation and the magical skin-walker’s presence. Among the most commonly cited proof was the discovery of a completely disembowelled cattle with no trace of blood – and yes, it was not an isolated incident. Past and current owners have come across the same peculiarity. Some neighbors said they had seen a cow getting struck by a lighting but there was no evidence of scorched dirt. Others shared a story of how a car mysteriously moved in the desert without leaving behind tire tracks. Reports of flying saucers and inexplicable sudden bright lights in the sky are pretty common too.

Investigations to unravel the “otherworldly” incidents in the 512-acre property have been adapted to the TV series “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” on the History Channel. In the show, a team of investigators use modern technology to analyze every peculiarity and try to make sense of it.

The Theories

Just like most other reports regarding strange incidents of extraterrestrial nature and unlikely creatures (such as Yeti, Chupacabra, or Bigfoot), there is a barrage of theories following every story. With shape-shifting animals and UFOs in Skinwalker Ranch, we can summarize the opinions surrounding every bizarre account into four groups:
  • Alien Presence: the most popular theory by far is that Skinwalker Ranch has become a place for anomalies because an extraterrestrial lifeform (or more) does make regular visits to the area. It is also the most easily accepted because the theory should explain many strange phenomena like unidentified flying objects, bloodless surgical-precision cattle mutilation, and electromagnetic disturbances.
  • Parallel Universe: aliens do not actually visit Skinwalker Ranch, but they appear in the sky above the area because the property is the spot where an interdimensional portal stands. For sure, it sounds as farfetched as they may come, but at least it should explain why the bright lights sometimes look like gateways leading to another universe. And you should expect to see a lot of strange things around a wormhole.
  • Hallucinations: according to neuroscientist Michael Persinger, changes in geomagnetic activity for example tectonic shifts and seismic disturbances may affect the temporal lobes and trigger hallucinations. Increased geomagnetic activity in the Uinta Basin has the potential to cause the human brain to go haywire because of subtle geological changes deep underground.
  • People Lie for Money: it remains unclear how much the Sherman family paid for the property, but they sold it after just two years of ownership for $200,000 to Robert Bigelow, who then secured a whopping $22 million in funding from the government to study all reported anomalies in the area. In 2016, Skinwalker Ranch became the property of Brandon Fugal, who turned it into a popular TV series on the History Channel.

Money seems to be always in play in Skinwalker Ranch, but it doesn’t mean the claims of bizarre incidents are untrue either.

Skeptics are persistent that there is not even a single piece of hard evidence to prove a report of any unusual incident on the property. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch documentary series brings together professionals and experts in their respective fields to share opinions, findings, and analysis on past and new claims of peculiarities whether pertaining to UFO sightings, cattle mutilation, or electromagnetic disturbances.

We think The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch series still has revealed little thus far. However, the ranch receives so much exposure thanks to the show which might generate an even greater interest from the public and further investigation by independent parties. Some parts of the show are likely scripted but there is little reason to say that the research itself is not real.

Have you watched any episodes of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch? Is it the UFOs or the skin-walkers that spark your curiosity the most? We’d love to hear from you.

Other things you might want to know:

Are UFOs real?

For many decades, reports or claims of UFO sightings have been largely regarded as some type of quackery until the government declassified documents (2021 and 2022) filled with hundreds of such incidents. Since then, people who claimed to have seen unidentified flying objects (or had encounters with otherworldly experiences) no longer receive the undeserved ridicule and plain dismissal. UFOs are real, but they don’t always point to extraterrestrial origin.

Who is Dr. Travis Taylor?

One of the leading researchers featured in The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is Dr. Travis Taylor, who served – for a brief period – as a chief scientist for the government’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.

Where to watch online?

You can watch all four seasons of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch online on various platforms including History Channel, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, and Vudu.

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