The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 2: What Craziness is Going on There?

Many – if not most – events shown in The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch docuseries might seem improbable, but the mysteries and bizarreness are based on true stories, at least anecdotal accounts from former and current owners or inhabitants. Throughout its four-season run, viewers follow a team of researchers to discover, document, analyze, and unveil the culprits behind all the strange events happening in the ranch. The team has so far done a pretty good job at the documenting part, but not as much as solving the puzzles. Find out everything you need to know about The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 2

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 2
For the uninitiated, Skinwalker Ranch is one of the most well-known UFO and paranormal hotbeds in the United States. There have been dozens of reports claiming encounters with extraterrestrial phenomena of various natures, sightings of shapeshifting creatures from Navajo’s folklore, apparitions of portal-shaped bright lights with a black figure walking through them, frequent cattle mutilations done in surgical-precision manner, and electromagnetic disturbances of unknown sources. The researchers making records of those anomalies are put together by the ranch owner, Brandon Fugal.

The series’ first season works like a crash course to introduce viewers to the reported peculiarities of the ranch. Aerospace engineer and astrophysicist Dr Travis Taylor comes on board, supposedly to provide some skeptical perspectives throughout the investigative journey. While Taylor never really rules out the possibilities of unexplained incidents, he makes clear of his doubts that everything happens as often as the lore suggests. Given Taylor’s educational background, with two PhDs in optical science and aerospace engineering, his presence along with the atmosphere of skepticism, brings quite a promise of true scientific discoveries.

As The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Season 2 kicks off, the skeptic gradually becomes a strong proponent of UFO’s presence and paranormal activities in the area. Following multiple interviews with witnesses, discussions with the team members, and strange experiences of his own in Skinwalker Ranch, Taylor now turns into a UFO believer and teases the likely existence of skin-walkers: the bulletproof shapeshifting witches from Navajo’s folklore. His change of stance from a skeptic to a tub-thumper indirectly sends a message to viewers that if even a rocket scientist can testify to the otherworldliness of Skinwalker Ranch, anybody else should.

Since the first episode, the series has been all about taking a technical approach to the investigation. Taylor and the team want to convince viewers of the seriousness of the endeavor. They use modern technologies to glimpse every mystery and a cool-looking bunker-like office where the team can discuss any finding in the field. All individuals involved in the investigation appear to be consumed and perplexed by the slightest unusual incident like electronic devices going haywire, magnetism in dirt, and phone batteries suddenly losing charge.

Skinwalker Ranch in the Uinta Basin is indeed historically a place of strange incidents. Reports of UFO encounters, mysterious lights in the sky, unidentified objects in broad daylight, and appearances of creepy animals have been coming out of the area since decades ago. Some places are hotbeds for UFO hunts (such as Area 51 and Roswell), while others are famous for paranormal activities (like St. Augustine and Eastern State Penitentiary) but Skinwalker Ranch has them all in one place.

Admittedly, it’s hard to determine which parts of the show are real and what they scripted for dramatization purposes. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is entertainment so you cannot expect everything to be strictly for scientific discoveries. The need to draw more viewers, ratings, and profits will always motivate certain parts. Such a blend of investigative journey and reality TV is not uncommon. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is like The Curse of Oak Island (also aired of History Channel) in many respects. Each of them features a team of experts to unveil the mystery of a specific place historically known to hold secrets. They have high production value and follow more or less the same format.

As for the discovery itself, the first two seasons of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch captured quite a lot of strange incidents but the team still could not form conclusive answer to any of them. Viewers caught instances of mysterious objects appearing only to disappear again and lights flashing in horizon, but not a single peculiarity observed in the show was the smoking gun everybody wanted to see. The suspense and the promise of answers, instead of concrete evidence of skin-walkers and aliens, keep the series rolling for more episodes. There is nothing with that; the whole point of the docuseries is to spark curiosities and generate greater interest from the public in learning more about the ranch, alien phenomenon, and perhaps some paranormal inquiry. The journey to find the truth is just as exciting as the destination itself.

We think The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch (Season 2) is merely an informative show, rather than a true investigative effort, to tell viewers about what “might be” the answers to the mysteries. Despite its predictable inability to produce conclusive results, the show still makes for an entertaining view with some credible guest stars and plenty of cliffhangers at the end of just about every episode. Whether the series will eventually solve every strange case in the ranch is another matter.

Have you watched The Secret of Skinwalker Season 2? Is there any specific case you find most intriguing and worth further investigation? We’d love to hear from you.

Other things you might want to know:

Why is the Skinwalker Ranch also known as the Sherman Ranch?

The Sherman family lived in the ranch for about two years until Robert Bigelow purchased it for $200,000. Bigelow then sold it to Brandon Fugal, the current owner, reportedly for $4.5 million.

Did the Sherman family experience strange things too in the ranch?

Yes, they did. In fact, it was the accumulation of strange incidents that led the family to sell the property. Terry Sherman claimed to have encountered a creature matching the description of a skin-walker, the shapeshifting witch from Navajo’s legend. Another peculiar incident also happened to some of their cows. One of them was dead with a hole cut in its left eyeball and there was no sign of any other wound or injury. Another dead cow had the same cut and a 6-inch hole in the rectum.

Has there been any concrete evidence to support claims of aliens and skin-walkers in the property?

So far there is no cold hard evidence that links directly to extraterrestrial phenomenon or the presence of strange creatures in Skinwalker Ranch. All the bizarre stories are based on anecdotal accounts.

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