Wasteland Warrior Wardrobe: Women’s Post-Apocalyptic Clothing Essentials

Clothes are the most easily noticeable expression of the society adorning them. But when the society collapses in the post-apocalyptic world, what would people wear then? Fashion trends are not a matter to take lightly in a post-apocalyptic story, in which the cataclysmic event has already happened sometime in the past and survivors understand they should know a thing or two about staying safe and as comfortable as the circumstances allow. Nothing is a random pick from the wardrobe; every piece of clothing comes with real purpose. While we are not ones to judge anybody’s fashion sense and taste, let us say with confidence that the ordeals of life slither indiscriminately through everything in the wasteland, including wardrobe choices. Putting survival-first into perspective, women’s post-apocalyptic clothing essentials should be neither more sophisticated nor less complex than those of any other group in the society. Be that as it may, no one says you cannot look good while protecting yourself from zombies and radiation.

Women's Post-Apocalyptic Clothing

Thick Leather Jacket

Suppose the undead come brandishing their poisonous teeth, a thick leather jacket can give you an adequate first line of defense against every bite. It should be good enough to stop their claws from scratching your skin, too. Make sure you choose one with a quilted lining for added comfort. The best thing is that leather will gradually break-in so that it will not get in the way each time you need to be swift.

Radiation Coverall

The next time people explain to you about how an exposure to gamma ray may turn you into a raging green behemoth, tell them that some movies are simply not based on facts. Truth be told, such an exposure just kills you before something else happens to your body. Get familiar with a type of personal protective equipment called Demron, which basically is radiation-shielding fabric known for its ability to block just about every ionizing radiation out there, including X-rays, gamma rays, and beta particles. Moreover, it absorbs and neutralizes radiation at the molecular level. With all the protective properties, the material is flexible and lightweight. It is expensive, but only because it is good.

Goose Down Parka

When the next Ice Age is finally here, it might be too cold for a leather jacket to be suitable, yet a radiation coverall is likely an overkill either. Instead, wear something that is indeed perfect for the occasion, like a goose down parka. Choose one with an outer synthetic layer to repel water/moisture and an inner layer made of feathers or fur. Make sure your parka is actually designed to withstand at least the climate of Antarctica, so you should be fine anywhere else even during nuclear winter.

Women's Post-Apocalyptic Clothing

Bulletproof Polo Shirt

“With a great price comes a great polo shirt.” For a little less than $5K, you can get your hands on bulletproof polo shirts designed by Miguel Caballero – given he also survived the apocalypse and continues to sell his products. You have three options: one is strong enough to resist shots from a 9mm gun and a 40 S&W, another is made to withstand a submachine gun, and the other model keeps you safe from bullets coming out of an Uzi. Keep in mind the price might increase during post-apocalyptic times.

Heavy Raw Denim

When the going gets tough, heavy raw denim gets going. A pair of pants made of low tension slack weave denim promises durability regardless of what you’re going through. As long as it is heavier than 15 ounces, it would be a mainstay in your wardrobe; you will not likely need any other pair of pants for years.

Flame-Resistant Camo Pants

Quite a lot of marauders are known to use flamethrowers, not only as threats but actual weapons of choice. A post-apocalyptic world is mostly a lawless land. Some survivors just couldn’t care less about the society and want to take everything they can get, even if they have to kill for it. Against murderous scavengers and savages in a seemingly endless desert, flame-resistant camo pants can make the difference between hopeless resistance and some real chance of survival.

Combat Boots, Lightweight

One thing is certain: high heels are not meant for the post-apocalyptic world. Leather boots are reliable, but nowhere near as comfortable as lightweight sneakers. What you need is footwear that combines the best of both worlds; a pair of boots made to last and is light enough because sometimes you must sprint to safety instead of standing fast.

Women's Post-Apocalyptic Clothing

We think that women’s post-apocalyptic clothing essentials should merge the elements of survival and self-expression. The former focuses on safety, durability, and practicality, whereas the latter mainly concerns superficial aspects such as patterns and colors – although both can also blend perfectly as in the case of camo pants, which help avoid attracting too much attention on yourself.

In a post-apocalyptic world, can style be more important than functionality and reliability when it comes to fashion choice? What is the most distinguishable aspect between men and women’s post-apocalyptic clothing? We’d love to hear from you.

Other Things You Might Want to Know:

What is the origin of post-apocalyptic clothing?

Science fiction literature, video games, and films are the biggest inspirations. In most of them, the fashion trend is often characterized by resourcefulness, functionality, and ruggedness.

What are the most important elements of post-apocalyptic clothing?

Aesthetically-pleasing outfits will not do you any good in a post-apocalyptic world. Safety and practicality should be the only factors to determine whether or not any particular article of clothing is good enough to improve your chances of survival.

Will people need fashion accessories, too?

Again, the accessories should be purposeful. For example, it is better to wear goggles than sunglasses because you don’t want to drop them in the middle of a fight against marauders, and a solar-powered wristwatch is more practical than a luxury timepiece.

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