Akira Characters: A Cyberpunk Setting Full of Interesting Characters

Akira is a renowned cyberpunk manga series and an animated film directed by Katsuhiro Otomo. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, known as Neo-Tokyo, where the city is recovering from the destruction caused by a mysterious explosion that occurred years earlier. Here is a list of Akira characters that roam Neo-Tokyo!

Akira Characters

Akira Characters

Shōtarō Kaneda

  • Kaneda is one of the main protagonists of the story.
  • He is a young, brash motorcycle gang leader known for his red leather jacket and iconic red motorcycle.
  • Kaneda becomes deeply involved in the events surrounding Tetsuo and the mysterious power known as Akira.

Akira Characters

Tetsuo Shima

  • Tetsuo is Kaneda’s childhood friend and another key character in the story.
  • He starts as a member of Kaneda’s motorcycle gang but gains immense psychic powers after a motorcycle accident.
  • Tetsuo’s transformation and struggles with his newfound abilities are central to the plot.

Akira Characters


  • Kei is a young revolutionary and freedom fighter who becomes a significant character in the story.
  • She has a strong-willed and independent personality, actively opposing the government and its experiments.

Akira Characters

Colonel Shikishima

  • Colonel Shikishima is a high-ranking officer in the government.
  • He plays a prominent role in trying to control the unfolding events, especially in relation to Tetsuo’s powers.

Akira Characters

Ryūsaku (Ryu)

  • Ryu is a friend and fellow gang member of Kaneda and Tetsuo.
  • He gets involved in the turmoil of Neo-Tokyo and provides insight into the early stages of the story’s mysteries.

Doctor Ōnishi

  • Doctor Ōnishi is a scientist involved in the government’s secret experiments related to psychic abilities.
  • He plays a pivotal role in understanding the origins and implications of Akira’s power.


  • Takashi is one of the psychic children who escaped from government experiments.
  • He possesses powerful psychic abilities and is central to the plot’s mysteries.


  • Kiyoko is another of the psychic children who escaped from government experiments.
  • She, like Takashi, has unique psychic abilities.


  • Masaru is the third of the psychic children who escaped from government experiments.
  • He has his own distinctive psychic powers that become significant in the story.


  • Kaori is a supporting character and Tetsuo’s girlfriend.
  • Her presence in Tetsuo’s life adds depth to his character and the emotional aspects of the story.

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Other things you might want to know:

Why is Akira called Akira?

‘Akira’ has the meaning along the lines of ‘Understanding the truth’.

Who is the main protagonist of Akira?

Shōtarō Kaneda

Who are the three kids in Akira?

Kiyoko, Takashi, and Masaru

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