Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn: A Historical Adventurer Proving Themselves

Aloy is the main protagonist of the hit Open World series Horizon. However, her backstory is rooted in the first game, unravelling how closely she is connected to the varied world around her. Open Worlds can suffer from a lack of character or reliability to the person we play while exploring the landscape. However, Aloy is an excellent example of a character that breaks this limitation with a detailed backstory and a story that explores her morals and decisions. Find out all about Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn here!

Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn


Determined and Tenacious: Aloy’s defining characteristic is her unwavering determination. She possesses an unyielding drive to uncover the truth about her origins and unravel the mysteries of the world around her. No obstacle or challenge is too great for her, and she consistently displays an indomitable spirit and a refusal to give up.

Intelligent and Curious: Aloy is highly intelligent and possesses an insatiable curiosity. She constantly seeks knowledge, eagerly exploring her surroundings and examining every detail. She is an adept problem solver, utilizing her analytical skills to decipher complex situations and uncover hidden truths.

Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn

Brave and Fearless: Aloy fearlessly faces dangerous situations and formidable enemies. She demonstrates remarkable courage, never hesitating to protect herself or those she cares about. Even in the face of overwhelming odds, Aloy remains steadfast and resolute, facing adversity head-on.

Compassionate and Empathetic: Beneath her tough exterior, Aloy possesses a deeply compassionate and empathetic nature. She is driven by a strong sense of justice and fairness, always striving to help others and make a positive impact on the world. Aloy’s empathy enables her to form meaningful connections with the people she encounters, often going out of her way to understand their perspectives and assist them in their struggles.

Independent and Self-Reliant: Aloy is fiercely independent and self-reliant, owing to her upbringing as an outcast. She is resourceful and adapts quickly to different situations, relying on her skills and knowledge to survive. Her self-reliance is complemented by her determination to forge her path and make her own choices, refusing to be bound by societal expectations or limitations.

Resilient and Resolute: Aloy possesses remarkable resilience, bouncing back from setbacks and disappointments with unwavering resolve. She endures physical and emotional hardships without losing sight of her goals, constantly pushing forward in the face of adversity.

Quick-Witted and Sarcastic: Aloy has a sharp wit and often employs sarcasm as a defence mechanism. She is quick to make clever and sardonic remarks, providing moments of humour and levity amidst the game’s darker themes. Her wit adds depth and charm to her character, making her relatable and engaging.

From Day One

Aloy was born into the world of Horizon Zero Dawn in a mysterious and post-apocalyptic setting. She was found as a baby by a man named Rost, who was also an outcast from the Nora tribe. Rost took Aloy under his wing, raising her as his own and teaching her the ways of survival in the harsh and dangerous world.

Growing up as an outcast, Aloy faced constant rejection and discrimination from the Nora tribe. The circumstances surrounding her birth and the identity of her parents remained shrouded in mystery, and the Nora tribe refused to provide her with any answers. Determined to uncover the truth about her origins, Aloy developed a strong sense of independence and a relentless desire for knowledge.

As she grew older, Aloy honed her skills as a hunter and warrior, guided by Rost’s teachings. She became an exceptional archer, utilizing her precision and agility to navigate the treacherous lands and defeat the robotic creatures that roamed the world. Aloy’s natural curiosity and intelligence allowed her to quickly grasp the intricacies of the ancient technology scattered throughout the ruins, enabling her to harness their power and gain an advantage in her journey.

Aloy’s journey begins when she sets out to participate in the Proving, a ritual competition held by the Nora tribe that would grant the winner a chance to speak with the All-Mother, a mysterious entity revered by Nora. Through her determination and remarkable skills, Aloy emerges victorious, earning the opportunity to uncover the truth she has sought for so long.

Why Aloy Is A Compelling Character

Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn

Well-Developed Personality:

Aloy is a complex and multi-dimensional character. She possesses a unique blend of traits, including determination, intelligence, bravery, compassion, independence, resilience, and wit. This complexity makes her relatable and allows players to connect with her on an emotional level.

Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn

Strong Character Growth:

Throughout the game, Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn undergoes significant character growth. She starts as an outcast, facing rejection and discrimination, but through her journey, she learns to believe in herself, discovers her true identity, and becomes a powerful force for change. Her growth arc is well-crafted, showing her development from a skilled hunter to a leader and saviour of the world.

Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn

Empathy and Compassion:

Aloy’s empathy and compassion set her apart. Despite her difficult upbringing, she consistently shows kindness and understanding towards others. She helps those in need and seeks justice for the oppressed. Her compassion allows players to see her as a hero who fights not only for her own goals but also for the betterment of society.

Agency and Independence:

Aloy is a fiercely independent character. She makes her own decisions, follows her path, and challenges the status quo. She doesn’t conform to societal expectations and refuses to be limited by her circumstances. Aloy’s agency and independence empower players, making her an inspiring role model.

Engaging Backstory and Motivations:

Aloy’s backstory is intriguing and drives players’ curiosity. Her search for answers about her origins and the mysteries of the world creates a compelling narrative. Her motivations are relatable and give her journey a personal touch, making players invested in her story.

Skill and Competence:

Aloy is highly skilled and competent in combat. Her archery skills and ability to take down formidable enemies demonstrate her expertise. Players enjoy the satisfying gameplay experience of controlling a capable and badass character like Aloy.

Authentic Voice Acting:

Aloy’s voice acting, performed by Ashly Burch, brings the character to life. Burch effectively conveys Aloy’s emotions, making her dialogue and interactions feel authentic and adding depth to the character.

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Who does Aloy fall in love with?

If you play your choices right, Aloy can create a deeper relationship with a character from Horizon Forbidden West: Seyka

Who is Aloy’s face model?

Hannah Hoekstra.

Did they change Aloy face?

Considering the 6 month time difference between the two games, then Aloy’s face has changed in small details.

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