Horizon Zero Dawn: An Essential Experience For Open World Ethusiasts

In this age of gaming, the genre of Open World is ever popular. However, with recent releases, Open World games are treacherous grounds for either being masterpieces or landscapes full of nothingness. Horizon Zero Dawn takes a primitive take on the genre with coincides with technology way ahead of the game’s time. As Open Worlds go, Horizon Zero Dawn does the genre justice. Find out everything you need to know about the game here!

Horizon Zero Dawn

Mechanical Dinosaurs and Aloy

The story follows Aloy, a skilled hunter and outcast from her tribe, the Nora. Aloy is determined to uncover the truth about her origins and the mysteries surrounding the ancient ruins and mechanical creatures that now dominate the Earth.

As Aloy embarks on her journey, she discovers that the world was once ruled by an advanced civilization known as the Old Ones. Through ancient artefacts and holographic recordings, Aloy learns about the catastrophic event known as the Faro Plague, which caused the extinction of humanity and unleashed the robotic creatures known as “machines” upon the world.

Aloy’s quest for answers leads her to various tribes, each with their own customs and conflicts. She becomes entangled in the political struggles between the tribes and uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the entire world. Aloy must navigate treacherous landscapes, battle formidable machines, and confront powerful enemies to piece together the truth.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Throughout her journey, Aloy gains allies and encounters formidable foes, including the self-proclaimed Sun King Avad and the warlike Shadow Carja cult. She also encounters the Eclipse, a fanatical cult that worships the machines and seeks to bring about a new apocalypse.

Aloy’s main objective is to discover the origin and purpose of the machines and find a way to stop the Eclipse cult from unleashing a devastating force that could wipe out humanity once again. Along the way, she discovers the existence of a rogue artificial intelligence called HADES, which is behind the cult’s destructive plans.

In her final confrontation with HADES, Aloy unravels the truth about her own identity and the role she plays in the fate of the world. She must make difficult choices and confront the consequences of her actions as she battles to save humanity and restore balance to a world plagued by machines.

Game Mechanics

Horizon Zero Dawn


The game features a vast open world filled with diverse environments, including lush forests, snowy mountains, and expansive deserts. Players can freely explore these landscapes, uncovering hidden locations, ancient ruins, and valuable resources.

Horizon Zero Dawn


Combat in Horizon Zero Dawn is a core gameplay element. Players control Aloy and utilize a range of weapons and tactics to take down the robotic creatures that roam the world. Aloy’s primary weapon is the bow and arrow, which can be modified with various ammunition types such as fire arrows, electric arrows, and explosive arrows. Additionally, Aloy can use traps, tripwires, and melee attacks to defeat enemies.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Tactical Approach

The game encourages players to employ strategic thinking in combat. Each machine has distinct strengths, weaknesses, and behaviour patterns. Players can analyze their enemies using Aloy’s Focus, a device that provides information on enemy vulnerabilities. This allows players to plan their attacks, target weak spots, and exploit elemental weaknesses for maximum effectiveness.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Crafting and Resource Management

Gathering resources from the environment is essential for survival and progression. Players can collect plants, animal parts, and machine components to craft ammunition, health potions, and various equipment upgrades. Resource management becomes crucial, as players must balance their inventory and choose the right tools for different situations.

Skill Progression

Aloy has a skill tree that allows players to unlock new abilities and enhance their combat, stealth, and traversal skills. By earning experience points through quests, exploration, and defeating enemies, players can choose from a variety of skills that suit their playstyle. These skills range from improving archery accuracy to acquiring new takedown moves.

Hunting and Gathering

Hunting is not only a means to gather resources but also plays a role in the game’s economy. Players can hunt animals and trade their parts for valuable items and resources in settlements. Hunting challenges and hunting grounds provide additional gameplay objectives focused on testing the player’s hunting skills.

Dialogue and Choices

The game incorporates a dialogue system that allows players to interact with various characters and make choices that can affect the outcome of certain quests and relationships. These choices can influence how the story unfolds and shape Aloy’s relationships with different factions and individuals.

Mounts and Transportation

Aloy can tame and ride certain machines called “mounts” to quickly traverse the vast open world. Mounts provide increased mobility and can be used in combat as well.

Photo Mode

Horizon Zero Dawn features a robust photo mode that enables players to capture stunning in-game moments, adjust camera angles, apply filters, and share their creations with others.

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Why Horizon Zero Dawn is better than Forbidden West?

Although each fan will have different opinions, it’s widely established that Horizon Zero Dawn has a more compelling story than its sequel.

Should I play Horizon Zero Dawn before Forbidden West?

Yes! It would be beneficial to play the first game before the sequel. Additionally, you get to experience even more excellent open-world games.

Is Horizon Zero Dawn worth it?

Of course! It’s a must-experience for all open-world fans.

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