Cherry 2000: A Post-Apocalyptic Movie with a Robotic Message for Us All

There are only so many commercially successful mixed-genre movies, but unfortunately, Cherry 2000 is not one of them. Its listed Box Office revenue was a meagre $14,000 against a production budget of $10 million. One of the biggest problems was that even the production studio had difficulties specifying the genre; it would be difficult to promote any film well if the studio had no idea where to sell it. Cherry 2000 had too many things under its sleeves. There were the post-apocalyptic theme, romantic elements, comedic nature, western, action-adventure, and even cyberpunk. In a 1987 film, such a hybrid-genre approach proved to be too much of a hassle. The ambiguity became a hurdle in bringing the film to the mainstream audience.

Back in the day, most (if not all) theaters had their reluctance to show the film. Cherry 2000 finished production in 1985. Due to all the confusion in the marketing department, the film hit theaters in 1987 outside the United States. Only in February 1988 did the American audience have their first glance at it through the home video market.


Cherry 2000 tells the story of Sam Treadwell, a happy man who has finally found the love of his life in a blonde female cyborg. Everything seems to go well at home for him. The cyborg, known as Cherry 2000, is always waiting for him to come home and says only nice things about him. She prepares his favorite meals for dinner and is ready to have sex. Needless to say, Treadwell is madly in love with his artificial wife. Following a vigorous sex session on the kitchen floor, Cherry suffers from catastrophic damage as her circuitry is exposed to water overflowing from the dishwasher.

Treadwell could simply buy another cyborg and start anew, but he insists on getting an identical replacement instead. Unfortunately for him, Cherry 2000 is an old model and the only available similar cyborgs are stored in a post-apocalyptic wasteland known as Zone 7, ruled by the psychotic Lester. Determined to once again live with his beloved cyborg, Treadwell hires a skilful bounty hunter named Edith Johnson to help him find an exact copy of his beloved Cherry 2000. Much of the film revolves around their journey to the warehouse in the zone while avoiding capture. The blend of post-apocalyptic, romance, action, adventure, comedy, sci-fi, and cyberpunk can be quite messy.

Pure Nonsense

Before the rise of artificial intelligence with smartphones, smart homes, or smart cars, the idea of having a romantic relationship with a robot was as farfetched as it may come. In Cherry 2000, the main reason that Treadwell prefers the cyborg to real women is the potential legal ramification of a sexual encounter with the latter.

Set in the future year of 2017, the film essentially depicts the near impossibility of having naturally consensual sex. Female agencies are all over the place, with lawyers representing the best interests of modern women in a society full of lustful men. Each time a man meets a woman in a public place and wants to have a sexual relationship with her, the man has to sign a contract indicating everything that is consensual and otherwise. As with other agreements signed in the presence of a lawyer, the contract is legally binding. It is not easy if the women actually carry video tapes to showcase samples of their sexual encounters in the past.

Treadwell is not the only man with difficulties having a relationship. The increasing complexity of social interactions leads him to the simple purchase of an android mate. In the 1980s, the film is a dark satire that highlights America’s hunger for filing and winning legal litigation over everything in life, including sex. The easiest workaround, at least in Treadwell’s case, is to get a female cyborg of his own. There is not much realism in the film; it is pure fantasy with a touch of cyberpunk and comedy, among other things.


To some extent, the premise becomes even more relevant today with the increasing intensity of feminist narratives surrounding consent and the MeToo movement. The prevalence of artificial intelligence, more specifically sex robots, make the message obvious. Cherry 2000 is arguably relevant to today’s society flooded with technology-based dating and VR-enabled social media.

Sex robotics, just like Cherry 2000, is a mainstream technology in the film, but not in the real world of the 1980s. Today, everybody can order and buy parts for mechanical sex dolls easily in public. There is no shady deal or secret purchase from the dark corner of the Internet. They are perhaps novelty items, but not as out-of-place as most people think.

The film comedically gives a message that emotional labor is only for real women. With a smart plot setting, the bounty hunter Treadwell hires to look for a replacement cyborg is also a real woman. As Johnson leads her employer to the dangerous Zone 7, she takes the role of a guide to teaching Treadwell about the importance of emotional connections with other people. The idea of true human romance eventually prevails as Johnson earns affection and respect from Treadwell.

It seems Cherry 2000 may be more popular today than it ever was when it hit the theaters so many years ago. Have you seen it? Do you want to? Let us know what you think if you watch it. We’d love to hear from you.

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