Doom 2016: A Polished Reboot of the Beloved Doom Series

“Doom” (2016) is a first-person shooter developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is a reboot of the classic “Doom” series, known for pioneering the first-person shooter genre. Here are some key aspects of the game.

Setting: The game is set on Mars, primarily within the UAC (Union Aerospace Corporation) research facility, where the organization has been conducting experiments with Hell energy. The experiments have led to a demonic invasion, turning the facility into a nightmarish hellscape.

Protagonist: Players assume the role of the Doom Marine, a silent and powerful protagonist who wakes up in a sarcophagus on Mars. As the player progresses, it becomes evident that the Doom Marine has a history with the UAC and Hell, and he is determined to stop the demonic invasion.

Objectives: The primary goal of the Doom Marine is to thwart the demonic forces and close the Hell portal that has been opened on Mars. Along the way, he encounters Olivia Pierce, a high-ranking UAC scientist who has made a pact with the demons in pursuit of power and knowledge.

Key Plot Points:

  1. The Awakening: The Doom Marine awakens on Mars to find the facility overrun by demonic forces. He quickly equips himself with his iconic Praetor Suit and begins his mission to stop the invasion.
  2. Olivia Pierce’s Betrayal: The player learns that Olivia Pierce, the head of UAC’s Lazarus Project, has intentionally unleashed the demons upon the facility in her pursuit of harnessing Hell’s power. She believes that merging with the demons will bring about a new era for humanity.
  3. The Crucible: The Doom Marine pursues Olivia Pierce and obtains the Crucible, a powerful energy weapon of ancient origin. The Crucible becomes a key tool in closing the Hell portal.
  4. Navigating Hell: As the Doom Marine progresses, he traverses through Hell itself, battling demonic hordes and confronting powerful demon lords. The journey takes him to various locations within the infernal realm.
  5. Closing the Portal: The ultimate objective is to reach the Well, a source of immense demonic energy that sustains the portal between Mars and Hell. Using the Crucible, the Doom Marine succeeds in closing the portal, putting an end to the demonic invasion.
Throughout the game, the narrative is delivered sparingly, with a focus on action and gameplay. The Doom Marine’s relentless pursuit of demons and the closing of the Hell portal are the central elements of the story, creating a backdrop for the game’s intense and fast-paced combat. The emphasis on environmental storytelling and in-game lore allows players to uncover additional details about the Doom Marine’s history and the events that led to the demonic incursion.

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How scary is Doom?

Doom 2016 is very gritty and gory and may seem scary to some players.

What year did Doom 2016 come out?


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For marketing purposes, the first episode of Doom 1993 was released for free.

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